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Stress analysis of the tree root of an aircraft engine turbine wheel
Čepica, Vojtěch ; Svoboda, Miroslav (referee) ; Chromek, Lukáš (advisor)
The main focus of the bachelor thesis is stress analysis of the tree root of an aircraft engine turbine wheel. First part is dedicated to the issue of aircraft engine and various kinds of mounting the rotor blades. Next chapters of the thesis involve the calculation itself. The known equatations have been used in case of analytical calculation whereas the ANSYS Workbench program based on final element method has been used for the numerical calculations. Finally I compared both approaches in conclusion of the thesis.
Risk analysis of siphon pipes
Outratová, Markéta ; Svoboda, Miroslav (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The master’s thesis discusses siphon pipes that are used to collect groundwater. The goal of work is to define the most frequent undesired events that may appear on siphon pipes, and verifying the individual springs. The work is addressed in accordance with the metodology of risk analysis WaterRisk. The content of the work is a summary of the hydraulic of siphon pipes and their use in practice, hazard identification, defining the most frequent undesired events and consequences on siphon pipes, and their verification in the spring in a particular case study.
Technical audit of the water supply system
Sovák, Zdeněk ; Svoboda, Miroslav (referee) ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the technical audit of a water supply system. The subject of the thesis is the preparation of a case study. The aim of the thesis is to describe the problems of the water supply system in the locality of interest and to propose appropriate measures to improve the existing situation.
Mobile Belt Conveyor
Svoboda, Miroslav ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Jonák, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this word is to design belt conveyor to transport tiny aggregate, soil and small rubble and performance 60 t/h, 3.5 meters height difference and the distance between the axis of drums 8 meters. This work also contains a description of the basic parts of the conveyor, functional analysis according to ISO 5048 and the design of the main dimensions of the conveyor and conveyor drive. This thesis consists of the technical reports and drawings.
Vibration measurement and analysis on parts of machine tools
Svoboda, Miroslav ; Šubrt, Kamil (referee) ; Kroupa, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of the Master‘s Thesis is the measurement and analysis of vibrations on the machine tool parts using a vibration sensor. This work also contains an overview of the current knowledge regarding the issue of the vibrations and the vibration diagnostics, measurement itself and analysis of the measured vibrations.
Problems of the crack near the bimaterial interface
Svoboda, Miroslav ; Klusák, Jan (referee) ; Profant, Tomáš (advisor)
Subject of this work is resolving problems of linear crack mechanics, description of stress and deformations in the vicinity of the top of the concentrator with plane elasticity theory in orthotropy materials. First part is engaged in basic relations in crack mechanics. Second part is engaged in numeric-analytic algorithm for determination of stress singularity of crack perpendicular to interface of two materials. Third part is focused on testing algorithm on specific configuration of material and tension of crack in bimaterial interface. In the conclusion, numeric results and impact of mechanic qualities of materials with crack perpendicular to their interface are evaluated.
Problem of the crack terminating at the bimaterial interface
Svoboda, Miroslav ; Ševeček, Oldřich (referee) ; Profant, Tomáš (advisor)
The objective of this diploma thesis is the stress-strain analysis of the crack terminating at the orthotropic bi-material interface suggested as the plane problem of the linear fracture mechanics. The first part is engaged in basic relations of the linear fracture mechanics. The second part is focused on the singularity exponent evaluation for the crack impinging and generally inclined with respect to the bi-material interface. It follows the determination of the generalized stress intensity factors applying the analytical-numerical approach represented by the finite element analysis. The last part of this work is focused on the testing of algorithms applied to the specific crack and bi-material interface configurations. A conclusion discusses the influence of the bi-material mechanical properties and the angel of the crack inclination to the obtained numerical results.
Hardness of Drinking Water
Kubešová, Kateřina ; Svoboda, Miroslav (referee) ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor)
In the introductory part of this bachelor thesis deals with a research focusing on the hardness of water in general and as an indicator of quality of drinking water. Technical point of view is included and the role that the substances which cause hardening have on health is discussed. In the following part, there is an overview of water hardening and softening technologies. Finally, there are two consumables. In the first case, it is a hard-water consumer, in the second case there was a request for the distributed water to be harder.
Effects of forest management on forest biodiversity
Dušátko, Martin ; Svoboda, Miroslav (advisor) ; Bače, Radek (referee)
Forests host approximately 80 % of species of all terrestrial organisms. Human pressure on forest ecosystems drastically increased during 20th century and poses a constant threat to global biodiversity. The aim of this thesis is to summarize current knowledge of the effects of forest management on organisms and to identify underlying mechanisms. The oldest forms of forest management techniques were coppicing and coppicing with standards which enable relatively high biodiversity of species of early successional stages. Transition to classical intensive forestry caused shielding vegetation from the sun and decrease of heterogeneity. In recent decades some further intensification of management is practiced by using fast growing trees, but awareness of the need to establish sustainable forestry conditions strenghtens. Managed forest contrary to natural one has substantially lower average age of trees, it shows spatial homogeneity and old and dead trees, elements that are tied to high diversity of organisms, do not occur. Species composition of woods changes often. Anthropogenic management also disrupts and weakens the natural disturbation regimes. In many economically developed countries forests have been fragmented for a long time and in vastly forested areas that have persisted to the 20th century massive...

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