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Analysis of the Financial Situation of a Company Using Time Series
Šimonová, Kamila ; Svoboda, Michal (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
This master’s thesis covers analysis of financial performance of company Jessgrove Central Europe s.r.o through analysis of time lines. Theoritical part is focused on definition of basic terms relating to analysis of time lines and regression analysis. In practical part, current situation of the Company is analysed. The conclusion brings own suggestions to improve current financial situation of the Company.
Personal Specifics of Leading of High-tech Companies
Svoboda, Michal ; Stejskalová, Pavla (referee) ; Rašticová, Martina (advisor)
The Master´s thesis deals with specifics of personal leadership or management in companies with advanced technologies, called high-tech. Using questionnaire investigation in addition to structured interview is analyzed situation in personal area in the high-tech company . Theoretical part defines high-tech sector, describes activities and purpose of personal unit and modern conception of development of human resources. Below is entertained about influence of corporate culture on the strategy of human ressource development. Furthermore there are mentioned elements of leadership including theory of generation and diversity management. Practical part involves analytical and recommendation part, including variants
The influence of cobalt additive on parameters of positive electrode for Ni-Cd accumulators
Svoboda, Michal ; Svoboda, Vít (referee) ; Špičák, Petr (advisor)
The Master´s thesis deals with description of the influence of cobalt additive on positive electrode parameters for Ni-Cd accumulators. Trough the use of Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance are analysed the effects which decline effective life of positive electrode during accelerated cycling. Theoretical part describes important characteristics of Ni-Cd accumulators, the working principle and effects which are in progress on positive electrode during cycling. The next part deals with description of system EQCM and the pricnciples of doping active mass with cobalt additive. Practical part consists of EQCM system calibration and electrochemical measurements. The principal aim is detection of the influence of cobalt additve on active mass during cycling in different electrolytes. From the results of measurements is set the optimal amount of cobalt additive.
Srovnávací reklama a její příklady v praxi
Svoboda, Michal
Svoboda, M. Comparative Advertising and Examples in Practise. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2016. Bachelor thesis analyse the issue of comparative advertising and its setting in a marketing context. The thesis is intended primarily for companies and their marketing departments and also for advertisers who are considering the creation of comparative advertising. The aim is to inform readers about this issue and also create appropriate recommendations that summarize gained knowledges. Readers can get to know some examples of comparative advertising and specific views of consumers on comparative advertising.
User Interfaces for Editing Transfer Functions
Svoboda, Michal ; Maršálek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Krajíček, Václav (referee)
Visualization of volume data is nowadays still actual theme in computer graphics. The reason is a significant role of volume data in fields such as medicine, biology or simulation of physics experiments. In order to create informative visualizations of volume data, it is necessary to create so-called "transfer functions" that maps input values to a displayable quantity. Creating transfer functions is often difficult and lengthy process. Often considerable expertise is also required from the user. The aim of this work is to design user interface for creating and editing transfer functions, which would work as intuitively as possible. The basic requirement is a direct interaction between transfer function and displayed data. The result of this work is user interface, which does not put high demands on specialized knowledge of the user.
Analysis of the mechanism of action of metallacarborane inhibitors of HIV PR
Svoboda, Michal ; Konvalinka, Jan (advisor) ; Obšil, Tomáš (referee)
English Abstract Shortly after the identification of HIV as a causative agent of AIDS, an aspartic protease was identified in the viral genetic information. The very same time protease has become one of the dominant therapeutical targets in AIDS therapy. The introduction of protease inhibitors into the antiretroviral therapy has led to a significant improvement in the quality and length of life of HIV patients. However, the virus is still able to effectively prevent the impact of an inhibitor via generating inhibitor-resistant mutated protease variants. Thus, there is a constant need for novel types of inhibitors that would be capable of effectively blocking these resistant variants and simultaneously not supporting the development of novel resistant viral strains. One way to identify such inhibitors could be searching for compounds interacting with the enzyme at different sites than the active cavity, via the mechanisms of noncompetitive or uncompetitive inhibition. The group of compounds called metallacarboranes - inorganic compounds consisting of carbon, boron, hydrogen and metall ion - were shown to exhibit such an activity against HIV-1 protease. However, for further optimization of these inhibitors, detailed biophysical investigation of the enzyme-inhibitor complex is needed. This work focuses on the...
Analysis of the Tennis Serve from the perspective of the receiving player
Svoboda, Michal ; Carboch, Jan (advisor) ; Kočíb, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Analysis of the Tennis Serve from the perspective of the receiving player Objectives: To determine whether it is possible for the receiving opponent to estimate the direction and type of tennis serve based on the server's toss. Methods: The indirect method was used in the form of video surveillance to meet the objectives. The analyzed group consisted of five professional tennis players, who were exposed to the research model game situation. All five servers were recorded by a high speed camera in the area of the receiving player; radar was used to measure the ball speed. The key point for evaluation was the moment of release of the ball from the server's hand, the highest reached point of the ball and the moment when the ball was hit by the racket. The analyzed results were presented in the form of tables and graphs; from the statistical methods, the arithmetic average was used mainly. Results: This research focused on anticipating the tennis serve from the perspective of the receiving player. Overall, we observed five players, who served first from the right side and then the left side into the dedicated opponent's receiving area marked by lines. We established a research question whether it is possible to estimate the direction and type of serve based on the server's toss. When comparing...
Criminal offences dangerous pursuing and dangerous threatening
Svoboda, Michal ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (advisor) ; Šelleng, Dalibor (referee)
113 Criminal offences dangerous pursuing and dangerous threatening Abstract This thesis aims to analyse especially the criminal law perspective of the crimes of dangerous pursuing and dangerous threatening. A criminological perspective is also included in the text. Therefore, sanctioning and connected issues as the seriousness of these crimes and their social harmfulness can be analysed. Based on this analysis, it is then assessed whether the current legislation is sufficient to be able to effectively prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. The content of this work is divided into two main parts, where the first part is devoted to the criminal law aspects and the second part is then devoted to the criminological aspects. The first part deals with issues related to the legislation, where all the features of these crimes are analysed in detail. The thesis also discusses the issue of the classification of these crimes in the system of the criminal code and possible alternatives. The issue of sanctioning the perpetrators of these crimes is also discussed in detail, where not only punishments and protective measures are analysed, but also substantive and procedural alternatives to punishments are assessed. The last chapter of the first part deals with a comparison of the legal regulation of these crimes in...
Analysis of methods, organizing forms and evaluation of personality and social development in education and training programmes of primary and secondary schools
Svoboda, Michal ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Lazarová, Bohumíra (referee) ; Slavík, Jan (referee)
Doctoral dissertation thesis is devoted to questions of personality and social development from perspective of its methods, organizing forms and evaluation. At first the work dissertates on pedagogics of personality and social development in the context of pedagogical mind development and recent curriculum documents. The analysis of pedagogics of personality and social development from perspective of selected theoretical base line data makes the following thematic unit. As theoretical baseline data, the recent educational theories (spiritualist theory, personalistics theory, cognitive-psychology and sociocognitive theories) and educational systems of personality and social development (personality and social education, drama education, sociopsychological training, experiential education, global education, ethics, multicultural education ect.) are considered. The list of technics and organizing forms that can be used in educational programmes focused on pupils personality development forms the branch of the analysis of pedagogics of personality and social development. Important part of dissertation thesis is devoted to disquisition about possibilities of evaluation of pedagogics of personality and social development. In that part of work evaluation model s and evaluation plans based on empirical research of...

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