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Microcosm on the Road
Svoboda, Marek ; Zein, Lynda (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
Although there is an international vehicular consensus about signing, the maximum speed allowed or connecting the most significant regions together, their nature is different all based on geographical, cultural or social conditions. Rest stops along the roads reflect each country dispositions. Rest stops are the place where different social and national clusters meet. At this moment building up the rest stops is on behalf of the Czech republic which is not that much interested in it. Instead of taking care and maintain them, because the current state of the reststops is not satisfactory, the Czech republic is letting them to the third parties - supranational corporations. This leads to unpleasant lines along the highways accompanying by petrol stations and cheesy fastfoods. There is no place for rest stops without the need of consummation. The Czech republic has currently begun planning and building up new kilometers of highways and the new opportunities of rest stops arise. Because the existing site is overloaded with petrol stations, supranational corporations are no longer interested in these plots. State has an opportunity to take over and redesign these neglected plots on his own.
Hot Water Grate Boiler
Svoboda, Marek ; Šilhavý, Karel (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with design of hot water grate boiler, where the output is water with parameters 130 °C and pressure 16 bar. In the content of the whole thesis is gradually introduced a stoichiometric calculations, which is based on the specified fuel – wood chips. This is followed by the design of the individual heating surfaces according to the thermal calculations given in the thesis. Finally, the calculation is extended by hydraulic and aerodynamic losses. Dimensional design, as a basic scheme, is shown at thesis. More detailed drawing documentation is attached to this thesis.
Creative Thinking and Behaviour Support - Mental Map Analysis
Svoboda, Marek ; Černohorská, Lenka (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
Creativity is nowadays considered for important manager character. Creativity assist adapt to changing and transforming entrepreneurial environments. Creative method of mental map is able to interception flow of ideas and analyses these maps is able to expose principle behaviour of the human brain.
Low-cost module for impedance analysis of grounded and floating two-terminals with oscilloscope having frequency response analysis
Svoboda, Marek ; Langhammer, Lukáš (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
The work deals with the analysis of three selected types of impedance-voltage converters. The converters are designed for automated impedance measurement using an oscilloscope with an implemented frequency response analysis function. The aim of this work is to recommend the procedure of transducer design and to illustrate the impact of incorrect component selection on measurement accuracy. Simulation measurements of basic passive components and more complex passive elements were developed for all converters.
Solid Particle Emissions from AgroPellets Combustion
Svoboda, Marek ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part deals with defining the main concepts, properties of biomass and pellets. Further, the procedures for measuring agropellets properties according to valid standards are mentioned. The following is a selection of the raw materials for the production of agropellet, with the determination of their properties. The theoretical part closes background research emissions from combustion and emission standards for a solid fuel boiler. The second part is an experimental one, which determines the formation of solid pollutants in combustion of four types of pellets made from alternative sources. Here are the graphs of the gaseous emissions of each of them. At last there will be a comparison of emissions agro pellets with more widespread wood pellets.
Rationalisation of stores and manipulation of material in 1. Brněnská strojírna
Svoboda, Marek ; Zemčík, Oskar (referee) ; Hlavenka, Bohumil (advisor)
This disertation work consists of two main parts. The first part deals with analysing technological documentation, materials handling, machinery and manipulating machinery. The aim of these analysis is to point out possible problems of current state. The second part of the work focuses on suggestions of different slolutions for removing defects found and working through a recomended alternative.
Influence of pressure in the lead-acid batteries for hybrid electric vehicles.
Svoboda, Marek ; Vaněk, Jiří (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
Lead-acid batteries of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are functioning in PSoC regime (Partial State of Charge). In PSoC regime new fail mechanisms occur. These mechanisms usually lead to nonreversible sulphation of negative electrodes. Main aim of this research is to avoid negative electrode sulphation and to improve lifetime of lead-acid accumulators used in HEV.
Detached house with graphics centre in Jihlava
Svoboda, Marek ; Uhrinec, Marek (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the design of a multi-storey, multifunctional, duplex house with a graphics centre, located in Jihlava. The house is intended for housing two families of four. The operation of the graphics centre will be provided by the residents. The main entrances to the building are oriented to the north. The house has an irregular floor plan and is covered by two mono-pitched roofs. Residential rooms are oriented to the southwest. The building is constructed of ceramic blocks, where the vertical load-bearing structure consists of Heluz masonry and the horizontal structure consists of prestressed Spiroll ceiling panels. The project was developed through the educational version of the computer program AutoCAD. This thesis was created with an emphasis on correct layout, architectural design, static requirements and the fulfillment of structural safety requirements.
Influence admixture in lead-acid battery for hybrid electric vehicles.
Svoboda, Marek ; Bača, Petr (referee) ; Bilko, Radek (advisor)
Lead-acid batteries of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are functioning in PSoC regime (Partial State of Charge). In PSoC regime new fail mechanisms occure. These mechanisms usually lead to nonreversible sulphation of negative electrodes. Main aim of this research is to avoid negative electrode sulphation and to improve lifetime of lead-acid accumulators used in HEV.
Baths +
Svoboda, Marek ; Foretník, Jan (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
Spas are designed on the principle of stage and auditorium, where the visitor becomes either actor or observer; actor or spectator. Fragmenting each "act" active activities through a carefully programmed observation sites and vistas is needed to create tension between actor and observer. "Story" is is revealed gradually, and his understanding is necessary to move the proposed space and rotate each "Auditorium". Achieve a comprehensive sensation viewer is associated with the need to crawl space spa. Act is repeated. From the viewer becomes an actor and the actor spectator. The body is in motion and mental marches are a reflection of observation of physical events. (google translator)

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