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A gypsy child in elementary school at the start of compulsory school
Strnadová, Lucie ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
My thesis is focused on the theme "Gypsy child at the beginning of school attendace". The main aim of my thesis is to find out how gypsy pupils are able to adapt to an inclusive school. The purpose is complemented by research questions which are divided into two areas according to influencing factors. The first of the factors are internal factors, that means the ones that deal with the individual of a children in the educational process himself, then external factors which influence and participate in education of Roma pupils in primary school. Theoretical part is formed to make consistent unit with the practical part. First chapter is focused on Romas and their ethnic history. In second and third chapter we can find out more about the gypsy pupils in the beginning of school attendance. Second chapter is divided into several subchapters according to the determinants of school maturity. Fourth chapter is the basis of the whole thesis, because it is mainly focused on the gypsy pupils in the context of Czech education. This chapter is also divided into several subchapters depending on the different influences on the education of gypsy pupils. In the fifth chapter attention is paid to the work of a teacher with a gypsy pupil. In other chapters there is a summary of my knowledge from the whole of the...
The Usage of Project Management and PR during the Respiratory Forum 2016 Conference Organization
Vojnová, Lenka ; Krsek, Libor (advisor) ; Strnadová, Lucie (referee)
The main focus of this thesis is to comprehensively describe the usage of project management and Public Relations (PR) methods during the medical conference Respiratory Forum 2016 organization. This thesis provides information about theoretical background of particular methodologies and their application during the organisation of this conference. Theoretical part of the thesis consists of analysis of the methodologies. Practical part involves application of these theoretical concepts. Using synthesis in conclusion part of my thesis I summarize final effects of this application. The aim of this thesis is to analyze project management and PR methods and processes and evaluate their application during the organisation of this event. The main asset of this thesis rests in evaluation of the synergistic effect of PR and project management methods during the organisation of the Respiratory Forum 2016 conferece.
Microskopy of herbal drugs in Pharmacopoea Bohemica MMIX.II.
Strnadová, Lucie ; Spilková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Dušková, Jiřina (referee)
Lucie Strnadová Microscopy of herbal drugs in Pharmacopoeia Bohemica MMIX. II Thesis Charles University in Prague, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové Field of study Pharmacy Microscopy is one of the identity exam of herbal drugs. The aim of the task is preparation of permanent preparatives of the drug called Sanguisorbae radix, description of its anatomical structure and furthermore process the image documentation of identifying characteristics of powder drugs' wet preparations formed by roots and rhizomes. Permanent microscopical preparations were made by procedure of embedding in paraffin, coloring was made by haematoxilin and safranine. Powder drugs' microscopical preparations were proceed by dispensatory in pharmacopoeia. Photodocumentation was made by using programme called Quick Photo Micro 2.3. Examined drugs were: Aconiti tuber, Althaeae radix, Angelicae radix, Bardanae radix, Bistortae radix, Calami rhizoma, Curcumae xanthorrhizae rhizoma, Echinaceae angustifoliae radix, Echinaceae purpureae radix, Eleuterococci radix, Gentianae radix, Ginseng radix, Graminis rhizoma, Harpagophyti radix, Hydrastidis radix, Inulae radix, Ipecacuanhae radix, Iridis radix, Levistici radix, Liquiritiae radix, Ononidis radix, Petroselini radix, Polygalae radix, Primulae radix, Ratanhiae radix, Rhei radix,...
Strnadová, Lucie ; Žid, Josef (advisor) ; Horáček, Jiří (referee)
This paper begins with looking into the history of cross-border cooperation. It also includes a preview of the development of cross-border cooperation in Europe and a promotion of cross-border cooperation in the European Union. Subsequently, there is a view of cross-border cooperation in the Czech Republic in the paper. The paper itself is focused on a comparison of cross-border operational cooperation programs, The Czech Republic -- The Republic of Poland and The Czech Republic -- The Free State of Saxony, in terms of administrative and content parameters. Administrative and content parameters are compared in the new programming period, i.e. the programming period 2007 -- 2013. This paper aims to describe the set of administrative and content parameters in both programs and identify the cross-border cooperation operational program with better defined parameters.

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