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Grate Boiler for Wood Chips - 96,4 t/h
Strnad, Ondřej ; Ryšavý, Milan (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with issue of grate boilers. It describes their properties, function principles and usage. The main part of this thesis is design of grate boiler burning biomass with steam output 96.4 tons/hour. Steam temperature and pressure at the output are 490 °C and 8.1 MPa.
Emissions of solid pollutants
Strnad, Ondřej ; Lisá, Hana (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
The thesis deals with issue and properties of solid particles of anthropogenic origin. It describes the principles and technologies for removing them from the flue gas flow and avoid-ing leakage into the atmosphere. It focuses on types of separators, especially mechanical sepa-rators. The work includes an experimental part involving obtaining data characterizing the cyclone separator.
Importance of preoperative information of the patient after surgery
STRNAD, Ondřej
The goal of the bachelor's thesis entitled The Importance of Preoperative Information for the Patient after Surgery is to point out the importance of preoperative information for the patient after surgery. To achieve this goal two research questions were set: Of what importance is the information received by the patient from the nurse before surgery in the postoperative period of time? How do nurses evaluate the importance of submitting information to patients before surgery for the postoperative period of time? To achieve the above stated goal a qualitative research inquiry was used. To collect data for the empirical part of this work, a semi-structured interview was chosen. The research was going on in a surgical ward. The research group consisted of sixteen respondents, half of them was made up by patients after gallbladder surgery and the other half by nurses looking after them. Respondents' answers were noted down in a written form in a notebook, which was followed by their direct transcription into the programme Microsoft Word. The answers were processed by means of the open coding system. The research inquiry showed that patients are provided with information of various kind before planned surgery; e.g. primary information about the illness, information about the course of surgery itself, the preoperative care, the diet-measures, the rehabilitation regime. Patients after surgery evaluate, apart from some sporadic cases, all preoperative information provided by hospital staff positively. It helps them to dispel fears of the surgical intervention and brings about the sense of security and trust. Nurses' empathy is instrumental in a successful course of the postoperative period of time. The analysis of nurses' interviews shows that an informed patient equals a better cooperative and faster recovering patient. According to the gained information it would be beneficial to have a copy of the informed consent for patients made. Furthermore, the research showed that nurses could occupy themselves more with education activities concerning rehabilitation and pay more attention to finding out patients' pain intensity.
Non-contractual legal institutions of the use of copyrighted work
Strnad, Ondřej ; Žikovská, Petra (advisor) ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis provides an overview of extra-contractual legal institutions of the use of copyrighted work. The main emphasis is on the institution of free use and related topic of private copying and fair compensation. Statutory licenses, both chargeable and free of charge, are not omitted. The thesis is divided into three chapters. Brief introduction is followed by chapter providing definition of the fundamental terms of copyright from the perspective of Czech copyright law. The second chapter contains summary of sources of copyright law. Czech law, as well as European and international law is included. The third chapter contains crutial part of the thesis, the analysis of the extra-contractual legal institutions of the use of copyrighted work. After brief comment on free works follows analysis of the Three-Step Test, which is of great significance for all examined legal institutions. Relevant case law - WTO Panel report WT/DS160/R - is examined and the Max Planck Institute's Declaration on a balanced Interpretation of the Three-Step Test is also considered. Subsequent subchapters are dedicated to the institutions of free use and private copying under both, Czech and European copyright law. The thesis also includes comparative analysis of the level of the private Copying levies in the EU, based on...
Economic relations of Czechoslovakia and Great Britain in 1960´s
Strnad, Ondřej ; Szobi, Pavel (advisor) ; Chalupecký, Petr (referee)
The paper´s objective is to analyze economic relations between Czechoslovakia and Great Britain in 1960´s. The basic thesis of the paper is the assumption that mutual relations were growing during 1960´s. Next assumption of the paper is that evolution of the mutual foreign trade was unique in comparison with the foreign trade with other countries, and that the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the army of the Warsaw Treaty in August 1968 resulted in decline of mutual economic relations. The analysis is based on the survey of the sources from 1960´s, especially from the archive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. On the basics of the paper´s objectives, the conclusion is that mutual economic relations and foreign trade were growing during 1960´s. However, this improvement was typical for the aggregate czechoslovak foreign trade, therefore the first part of the assumption wasn´t confirmed, as well as the next part about the decline of mutual relations and trade after the occupation.
Analysis of the attendance of the Czech national football team´s home matches
Strnad, Ondřej ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
This thesis investigates the effect of selected variables on the attendance of the Czech national football team's home matches in 2001--2013. The attendance in this thesis is meant as percentage fullness of the stadium. The data obtained were subjected to an econometric analysis, and the linear regression model showed determinant factors effecting match attendances. Even with the limited amount of observation and some problems which the models have, the results prove the assumption that ticket prices do not significantly effect the national team's match attendances. On the other hand, the type of match was proved to be an important determinant, with qualifying matches increasing the attendances by 13.62 %. The speculation about the significance of the opponent's attractiveness was not proved. Another variable with a significant influence on match attendances is the place where the match is played. If a match was played elsewhere than in Prague, the attendance increased by 16.92 %.

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