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The awareness of fairtrade products in the selected retail chain
The bachelor thesis deals with Fairtrade products in a specific retail chain. The main goal is a survey on the awareness of Fairtrade products in the retail chain Kaufland. The work discusses the importance of the Fairtrade concept, the recognition of Fairtrade products and the reasons for the spread among consumer awareness. It is also focused on marketing research. The data are obtained through a questionnaire survey which reveals the behaviour of shoppers of Fairtrade products in the retail chain Kaufland. Based on the results, possible recommendations are proposed on how to make the products visible and raise awareness among consumers.
Identification and modeling of gene expression regulatory networks during streptomycetes germination
Straková, Eva ; Vohradský, Jiří (advisor) ; Stopka, Pavel (referee) ; Vondrášek, Jiří (referee)
Streptomycetes have been studied mostly as producers of antibiotics and for fundamentals of complex bacterial cell development. Here, transcriptomic and proteomic approaches were applied to systems study of Streptomyces coelicolor germination as a developmental transition from dormancy to the vegetative stage. The time dynamics of the gene expression levels represented by mRNA and intracellular protein accumulation and synthesis were measured throughout 5.5 h of germination at 13 time points by employing both DNA microarray and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis techniques. Using a numerical model of gene expression, genetic networks were reconstructed and functional groups of genes controlled by the sigma factors were identified. Modeling of the regulatory interactions provided a set of parameters allowing simulate kinetics of gene expression control among the sigma factors and their target genes. Particularly regulons of two sigma factors, SigR and HrdD, were identified. The analysis assigned their key role during the germination process. Analysis of global trends in the gene/protein expression revealed that the full capability of regulatory mechanisms responding to the environmental cues is reached within the first hour of germination, and identified the basic gene/protein functional groups...
Cognitive Rehabilitatiton in Multiple Sclerosis Patients by an Occupational Therapist. Subtitle: Testing a New Application for Touch Devices.
Holeňová, Martina ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Straková, Eva (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Name, Surname: Martina Holeňová Thesis supervisor: Mgr. Klára Novotná Thesis opponent: Title of the Bachelor Thesis: Cognitive Rehabilitation Cognitive Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis Patients by an Occupational Therapist: Testing a New Application for Touch Devices Abstract: This bachelor thesis deals with cognitive rehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) from the perspective of an occupational therapist, who together with a psychologist or a speech therapist practise cognitive function training. The extent of cognitive functions is variable, occur mild to moderate disorders, therefore has cognitive rehabilitation in patients with MS great importance. There are many cognitive rehabilitation software available, but none of them is primarily focused on MS patients. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate feasibility of the new sofrware for cognitive rehabilitation in people with MS (called Kote). In bachelor thesis is used the research method of a written questionnaire survey and on the basis of the evaluation of the non - standardized questionnaire the authors will be provided with suggestions for further software upgrades. Another aim is to prepare instructions for every game and to assign the area of cognitive functions that is trained in the game. The thesis is...
Study of factors influencing proton transport mediated by MntH protein.
Straková, Eva ; Urbánková, Eva (advisor) ; Žáčková, Markéta (referee)
The natural resistance-associated macrophage proteins (Nramp) form a family of secondary active transporters facilitating the transport of divalent metal ions (Mn2+, Fe2+, Cd2+, Co2+, Zn2+) across biomembranes. Bacterial proteins belonging to the Nramp family were describedas proton-dependent manganese transporters - MntH. MntH homolog from E. coli representing a model system for structure function relationship was used in this study. Metalinduced proton transport mediated by MntH was measured by means of changes in intracellular proton concentrations using pH sensitive fluorescent protein pHluorin. This approach does not allow proper estimation of real quantity of transported protons, since the internal pH is tightly regulated. The cellular buffering capacity was calculated from measured pH changes induced by addition of propanoic acid, in order to better quantify the transport. The changes in [H+] induced by cadmium were recalculated using buffering capacity for the wild type MntH and its single-point mutation N401G, known to influence intracellular pH. It was shown that the chosen approach significantly influences results, including the dependence of transport on external pH. Potential influence of cadmium to respiration was imitated by using inhibitors of respiratory chain (KCN, NaN3) in measurements...
Possibilities of Occupational Therapy in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease
Turková, Monika ; Straková, Eva (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee)
OF BACHELOR THESIS Author of bachelor thesis: Monika Turková Thesis supervisor: Mgr. Eva Straková, Ph.D. Title of bachelor thesis: Possibilities of Occupational Therapy in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease Abstract: This Bachelor's thesis addresses Alzheimer's disease ("AD") in the context of its impact on the ability to perform Activities of Daily Living ("ADL") and possible improvement through occupational therapy interventions. In its initial part, the thesis provides information on AD (risk factors, incidence rate, etiology and pathogenesis, diagnostics, stages of the disease, treatment); the second part focuses on the use of occupational therapy in AD patients (methods of occupational therapy used in practice, their impact on the ability to perform ADL, ADL assessment and selected interventions in the area of ADL). The thesis aims to provide information on the possibilities of influencing the ability of patients with AD to perform ADL from the point of view of occupational therapy. Another partial aim is to give an overview of the needs of patients with AD concerning the individual ADL areas and a systematic summary of selected types of interventions. Articles and studies serving as an information basis were gathered from selected electronic databases available to the students of Charles...
Physiotherapy in patients with bipolar disorder
Knotková, Denisa ; Zahrádka Köhlerová, Michaela (advisor) ; Straková, Eva (referee)
Bachelor thesis abstract Name, Surname: Denisa Knotková Supervisor: Mgr. Michaela Zahrádka Köhlerová Opponent: Title of bachelor thesis: Physiotherapy in patients with bipolar disorder Abstract: This bachelor thesis deals with what kind of role has physiotherapy in patients with psychiatric illness, specifically in patients with bipolar afective disorder. The aim of this work is to collect information about the disease in all its aspects and to describe how these patients are treated from the perspective of a physiotherapist. The first part of the thesis describes origins and symptomatology of bipolar afective disorder, differential diagnosis, comorbidities, pharmacological treatment and psychotherapy. The second part of the thesis deals with physiotherapy approaches and methods, indications and contraindications. In the form of studies, we will process various studies dealing with physiotherapy methods adequate for treating these patients and what influence they have on each of the phase of the desease. The studies will be summarized in the final discussion. Key words: Bipolar disorder, physiotherapy, physical activity, psychiatry
The state of cognitive functions in relation to motor vehicle driving authorization for seniors. Subtitle: "New short cognitive tests" and Montreal Cognitive Assessment.
Stodůlková, Petra ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Straková, Eva (referee)
INTRODUCTION: By the age of 65, every driver holding a valid driving license is required to undergo a compulsory medical examination according to Act 361/2000 Coll. The purpose of the examination should be to examine not only physical, but also psychosocial and cognitive factors that can affect the ability to drive safely. However, the extension of the validity of a driving license may have a considerable impact on the preservation of the existing self-sufficiency. GOALS: To determine the relationship of anamnestic data on the state of driving a motor vehicle with the state of cognitive functions. As a secondary goal, the work asks whether there is a correlation between the results of the Montreal cognitive test (MoCA-CZ1) with newly created memory screening tests (POBAV, ALBA and DOZNAT). METHODOLOGY: The research was based on a qualitative examination of the 39 drivers older than 65 years. Drivers were assessed by the state of cognitive function according to the Montreal Cognitive Test, and were then examined by "new short cognitive tests" targeting different types of memory. Finally, the participants filled out the questionnaire on subjective evaluation of driving skills. RESULTS: Dependence was found between the driving frequency and the groups of drivers with cognitive impairment and...
Management strategy and administration of education in the Czech Republic - The National Education Council
Straková, Eva ; Fryč, Jindřich (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse and compare existing National Councils of Education in countries from Europe Union and OECD. The thesis also summarises knowledge about discuss and realization Councils in the Czech republic. It shows history of Administration and Management of Education in the Czech republic from early years after war to present with a focus on changes which happened after the Velvet Revolution in november 1989. Output of the thesis is a concept of possible National Council of Education in the Czech Republic which is based on performed analysis.

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