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Bioimpedance signal processing
Soukup, Ladislav ; Kolářová, Jana (referee) ; Provazník, Ivo (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is a study of impedance cardiography and its subsequent use in determining the cardiac output. The calculation in this work uses three default types of biological signals: the ECG signal to gallop and the impedance cardiography. There are identified the necessary parameters of the signals, especially heart rate, heart sounds (S1,S2) and the derivative impedance cardiography. This method of determining cardiac output is non-invasive and is easy to perform for doctor and patient, which is very important for risky patient especialy. Disadvantage is imprecision, that is eliminated by modifying the algorithm of the calculation. User interface for processing all the necessary signals and the subsequent calculation of cardiac output was implemented in MATLAB programming environment and is optimized for data measured and processed in the ISI ASCR.
Evaluation of cardiac output by bioimpedance method with patients with pacemaker
Soukup, Ladislav ; Cimbálník, Jan (referee) ; Vondra, Vlastimil (advisor)
This thesis deals with the possibility of using impedance cardiography for calculating cardiac output. Kubicek’s, Sramek‘s and Sramek-Bernstein‘s methods are discussed here. These methods were applied to a data set, obtained by measuring on subjects with implanted cardiostimulators. The subjects’ heart rate was being changed by the programing of cardiostimulators. Thanks to this procedure the measured data were not affected by artifacts, connected with the heart rate change caused by a body stress, or other influences. An influence of heart rate on a cardiac output value based on the statistical processing of the data set was studied.
Are the government expenditures to Junák constitute costs, or are a certain form of investment?
Soukup, Ladislav ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Štěpánková, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis deals with efficiency of government expenditures to the non-profit sector. As a subject of probing will be used Czech scouting organization: Junák -- svaz skautů a skautek ČR. This thesis asks whether the government expenditures to Junák constitute costs, or are a certain form of investment. Author use short historical analysis, analysis of incomes and expenditures of Junák, valuation of volunteer work hour and social capital which is related to scouting.
Light mirrors for VHE astronomy telescopes
Palatka, Miroslav ; Hrabovský, Miroslav ; Schovánek, Petr ; Vlček, Martin ; Řídký, Jan ; Grygar, Jiří ; Soukup, Ladislav ; Prouza, Michael ; Boháčová, Martina
The overview of light (weight) mirrors used in VHE astronomy telescopes is presented. The mirrors, which were developed in our laboratory are discribed.
Production of mirror systems for cosmic rays detectors
Vlček, Martin ; Schovánek, Petr ; Palatka, Miroslav ; Hrabovský, Miroslav ; Řídký, Jan ; Grygar, Jiří ; Soukup, Ladislav ; Prouza, Michael ; Boháčová, Martina ; Nosek, D.
Joint Laboratory of Optics of Palacky University and Institute of Physics of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic have cooperated and still works on several prestigious international projects of atmospheric optical detectors of cosmic rays.We deal with two French projects with international collaboration placed in French Pyrenees in Themis. These projects are CAT and Celesic.
Vliv eura na ekonomiku empiricko-komparativní pohled
Soukup, Ladislav ; Adamec, Václav (advisor) ; Urban, Luděk (referee)
Práce se zabývá vlivem eura na ekonomiku. V teoretické části je popsána optimální teoretická zóna a fungování Hospodářské a měnové unie (HMU) i její vznik. Dále jsou zde zmíněna data za země, které do eurozóny nevstoupily a jejich komparace s eurozónou. Cílem práce je popsat vliv eura na země, které euro přijaly a které ne. Analyzoval jsem zejména hlavní ekonomické agregáty jako inflaci, růst zaměstnanosti, reálný růst HDP a platební bilanci. Neprokázal jsem jednoznačně ní vliv eura na ekonomiku zemí, které euro přijaly.

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