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Problematic Aspects related to the Process of Adoption in the Czech Republic
Součková, Michaela ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Angelovská, Olga (referee)
The following bachelor thesis deals with the problematic aspects associated with the process of adoption in the Czech Republic. Closely, it focuses on these aspects in the context of the new legislation, changed by the amendment to the Act on social and legal protection of children and the effectiveness of the new Civil Code. The thesis has three parts: theoretical, analytical and empirical. The theoretical part is devoted to anchor chosen issues in the theoretical concepts of psychological deprivation and the theory of bureaucracy. There are also explained the basic values that the topic of adoption are closely related, and the methods used. The theoretical part also content the legislative definition of basic concepts related to the foster care. The analytical part includes a description of the individual phases of the mediation process of adoption in the Czech Republic, from first consideration to adopting a child. The empirical part is devoted to qualitative research whose goal is to identify problematic aspects of the adoption process in the testimonies of the communication partners. The obtained findings are examined in terms of consistency and interpreted in four categories created. The main findings are: negative influence of stay in the nursery of the Institute, for development of the...
Risk electronic communication of children
Součková, Michaela ; Vaníčková, Eva (advisor) ; Provazníková, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issues related to risks of electronic communication for children and it highlights the current situation in the 6th classes of selected elementary schools in Prague and Písek. It compares children's attitudes to new technologies, their information on Internet risk behaviour and experience with risks of electronic communications. Moreover, it determines the degree of preventive measures taken by parents and schools. The theoretical part deals with forms of electronic communication, risk factors for Internet addiction and it describes the different types of danger of electronic communication. Further the thesis summarizes the impact of new technologies on child development and characteristics of developmental stages of a child. The conclusion of this section is devoted to media literacy of children and especially preventive actions against the risk of electronic communication. The thesis points out that the rate of use of new technologies by the younger children is currently growing and therefore the risk of a dangerous encounter with electronic communications increases. Consequently it is important to ensure appropriate and targeted prevention by parents, schools and institutions. Keywords: online communication - children - risk and danger - cyberbullying -...
Strategy for development of environmentally friendly tourism in region Nechanice
Součková, Michaela ; Kašparová, Ivana (advisor) ; Karel, Karel (referee)
This thesis deals with possibilities of tourism development of mikroregion Nechanicko in region Hradec Kralove. The thesis includes analysis of the current region (geography, hydrography, climate, residents and transport) and tourist services and device (accommodation, attractions and events, refreshment). This analysis has been prepared from own investigation ofregion, region strategic plans and other documents. This analysis is a discription of eachvillage in region frompointofview of transport ofand social activities. From this analysis and individual interviews with a representative of each village was made SWOT analysis (Strenghts, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) of region. During analysis wereperformedinterviews with representatives of each village and some local bussinesmen about their products and services and how they to tourism with their products and services in region. It was also proposed several preffered axes. Some of thepriorities are developed in a part of proposed precautionand owen proposals precaution in parts of number 19. and 20. The last part of this thesis are owen proposal for cycling trips. There cycling trips are helped to advertising environmental tourism in this region.
Immigration within the European Union by Eyes of Czechs Living in Portugal.
SOUČKOVÁ, Michaela
This diploma thesis is focused on a contemporary topic which has been broadly discussed in media and common Czech society. The main objective is a qualitative probe into lives of Czech nationals living in Portugal, and to determine the problems Czechs faced trying to adapt to living in a new country. It also seeks to determine the hallmarks of acceptance by the host country from the perspective of Czechs. The first part of the hypothesis discusses the actual progression of migration in the European Union. It also describes migration theories and defines landmarks in the history of immigrationto Portugal. The other chapters are focused on immigration and integration politics in the European Union as a whole and in Portugal specifically. The thesis also described the role of programme Eures and the ACIDI organization. The thesis also details social security coordination for migrants within the European Union and within Portugal. The last chapter outlines the theme of expatriate associations. The theoretical part of diploma thesis is based mainly on professional Czech and foreign publication sources as well as internet sources. The second, practical part defines the target and research questions which are as follows: Which qualitative problems did Czechs living in Portugal face during the process of adaptation to portuguese society? What are the hallmarks of cultural acceptance by the host country from the Czech perspective? The data was obtained through the method of semi- structured interviews. The method of "captured clusters" was chosen for data evaluation while the "searched clusters" were processed into charts for charity. The discussions seeks answers on research questions by searched clusters and compares it with information in professional academic literature. The discussion cites direct responses from comunication partners to describe and approximate the life of Czechs living in Portugal. The research revealed that for Czechs trying to adapt to portuguese society, the biggest obstaclewas the difficulty of the portuguese language. A low level of competence in portuguese made it difficultto deal with administrative processes in state offices and other state institutions. It also complicated their entry and movement in labor market. However, the research determined that Czechs generally become accustomed to the cultural particularities of portuguese society, even if they still find distinct individual differences. The research showed that it was the opinion of most czechs´s that the portuguese tend to judge many immigrants based on prejudices and pre-conceived notions.
Attitude of Mothers of Preschool Children in Sedlčany towards a Healthy Lifestyle
SOUČKOVÁ, Michaela
t This bachelor thesis is focused on the modern health - social topic, which has been broadly discussed in both - media and the common society. The main aim was a qualitative probe into the lives of families living in small towns, and to find out attitude of mothers of pre-school children to healthy lifestyle. The first theoretical part defines the period of preschool children and describes the changes in this period. In the second chapter basic concepts are defined and particular aspects of healthy lifestyle are analysed. The last part deals with selected alternative styles of nutrition, organic and functional food. This part is based mainly on domestic Czech and foreign publications and is supplemented by internet sources. The second practical part contains the target and research questions which are as follows: Which device do mothers use to support children´s healthy lifestyle? What is the most important thing for a healthy lifestyle according to mother´s opinions? How does the healthy lifestyle of mothers influence their children? A qualitative research method of a semi-structured interview was chosen for the research. The obtained data was evaluated by the method of captured clusters and structured into charts for clarity. For the discourse of this research, questions were answered by means searched clusters and some of the direct responses were given in order to approximate the mothers´opinion on the discussed topics. The research is reflective of the fact that although mothers might not fully comprehend the idea of a healthy lifestyle, in significant proportions they tackle most of the fundamental aspects of what makes up a healthy lifestyle and the degree to which this is accomplished varies on a case to case basis. The research shows that motherhood requires responsibility for the healthy upbringing of the child. In the opinion of mothers being healthy as a mother is essential, be it physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically is of chief importance in raising their children. In addition to this, a strong support from family members is also of utmost importance. It was also found out that apart from the family a kindergarten helps immensely in the growth of a child.
Art expression of elderly people
SOUČKOVÁ, Michaela
This bachelor work focuses on the use of art - therapeutical methods in working with seniors. The theoretical section of the work depicts the main psychological attributes of getting old, which can be reflected in the expression of an art work of the elderly. In the first part of the theoretical section the changes of cognitive and sensitive sphere, which begin in the old age, are described. Further, the changes of motion ability, intelligence, emotions and personality are described. The work also touches the topic of degenerative diseases. The second part outlines negative consequences of social changes in this lifetime. The last part of the theoretical section is devoted to art therapy and its use in the work with seniors. The practical section explores the expression of art work of seniors with its typical characteristics. A qualitative research was made to find out the way of processing, level of art performance, colorfulness, presence of details and working with them etc.
The importance of brand positioning with the application on Google
Vacková, Veronika ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Součková, Michaela (referee)
The first chapter of the diploma thesis is a theoretical background for the following, practically oriented chapters. It discusses a brand and its importance in marketing, and also deals with brand identity, image, brand awareness, methods of determining brand value and positioning strategies. The other two parts of thesis are practical and focus directly at the brand Google. The second chapter introduces the company Google and subsequently analyzes brand attributes and its perception in the Czech Republic. It also focuses on brand awareness, its value and comprehensively evaluates a current communication strategy. The third and final chapter is devoted to an overall evaluation of the brand's position in the Czech Republic, problematic aspects and recommendations for future direction of the brand. It also includes a comparison of the brand's position abroad.
The development of self-reflection and maturation of the students of psychology and other helping professions.
SOUČKOVÁ, Michaela
This thesis focuses on the importance of personality maturation and development of self-concept in the study of psychology and other helping professions, in connection with the future responsibilities and personal demands of the profession. The theoretical part shows the most important developmental milestones in the formation of personality that makes people reach maturity in performing helping professions. The work is a recurring topic of identity formation and self-esteem as a further important aspect in the development of personality. Are described here as motivation, its importance and some of its specifics in the helping professions. Examines the practical, based on qualitative research among students of selected subjects, the development of motivation for learning and ideas about the future performance of helping professions. Furthermore, as knowledge and experience gained in studying the student can utilize in your daily celebrity and professional life and how these effects reflects the self- reflection of its functioning.

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