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Mechanisms of Crisis Transmission and Spillovers in the Conditions of the European Union
Sokolova, Vesela ; Stuchlíková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Žamberský, Pavel (referee)
The last global financial crisis spread from the United States of America to the rest oof the world is a result of interacting factors. On the real estate market there emerged a bubble which after boosting caused an economic decrease in most of the world economies. Global imbalances also contributed to different reactions of the single states on the coming crisis. Due to the membership in the European Union the impacts were transmitted tto the surrrounding state of the Union. The negative impacts were sufficiently and fast suppressed, in other countries, like in Greece or Ireland the impact was worsening of the already bad economy condition. The thesis analyses the spillover and transfer of the crises to the EU through the trade channel and it's further spread among the EU. The goal of the thesis is to discover the main causes of the different immpact on the single economies in the EU and to analyse the mutual affecting considering sharing one currency.There is an outline for a possible measure for future cases of occurrence of similar crises considering especially the membership in the European Monetary Union.
Analysis of the market position of the assistance companies and insurance companies based on SOS Assist s.r.o,
Sokolova, Vesela ; Halík, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Jaroš, Marek (referee)
The thesis analyses the function and work of the assistance companies, describes the differences between the medical and technical assistance, provides the outline of the assistance companies in Europe and in detail describes the assistance market in the Czech Republic. The purpose of the thesis lays in the evaluation of the influence of the insurance companies'capital share in the assistance companies, and how this relation might influence the final client.

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6 Sokolová, Veronika
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