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Design of replicated production of the selected part and verification of shape and dimensions using optical 3D scanning methods
Šrenk, Jakub ; Fiala, Zdeněk (referee) ; Slaný, Martin (advisor)
This work is engaged in the prototype casting of resin with usage of reverse engineering technology and rapid protopyping. Surface quality and dimensional accuracy was optimized in a production process. The technology of 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, soft tooling and finishing methods is discussed in the theoretical part. Then in the practical part there is analyzed manufacturing process of the selected component for replicated production. 3D scanning, additive technology, soft tools and surface finishing methods were used in the manufacturing process. In the last step, the dimensional accuracy is evaluated and also the technology for serial and piece production was chosen.
Design of replicated production of the selected part using the technology Reverse Engineering and Rapid prototyping
Kolář, Jakub ; Jaroš, Aleš (referee) ; Slaný, Martin (advisor)
This study has been as a diploma project at BUT. Theoretical part describes the most used methods in Reverse engineering and Rapid Prototyping. Each method describes its characteristics, usability and pros and cons in general. Practical part of this study deals with application of these methods. Goal of this work has been to obtain a digital model of a winker from Škoda 1000 car using optical scanner ATOS, making a new master model in CATIA software, analyzing its dimensions compared to the scanned model and choosing a suitable manufacturing technology with emphasis on functional properties of this component.
Suggestion of the manufacturing technology of a fastener for plastic molding
Duda, Tomáš ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Jaroš, Aleš (advisor)
The diploma thesis convey the information about the creation of technological procedures leading to the optimal way of repairing damaged parts of the fixture and creating production procedures for the production of new parts of the assembly. The theoretical part is focused on the analysis of the issue, determination of material of damaged parts for future production and designed semi-finished product. Furthermore, the technology of production from the point of view of used technologies is discussed. This includes a description of the tool materials. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the design of technological procedures for repairing damaged parts, which must be repaired as soon as possible. For the future production of new parts, the second half of the practical part includes the manufacturing processes including their description. There are evaluated variants of repair and production of new parts at the end of the thesis.
Force loading of milling tools during the machining process
Procházka, Luděk ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
The thesis deals with the problem of force loading during machining of thin-walled parts. In the theoretical part, the force load applied during milling and the possibility of measuring of the force loading during milling is analyzed. Further the work focuses on the machining of thin-walled parts, problems in machining of these parts and the possibility of eliminating these issues. The practical part deals with the design and realization of the measurement of the force load on the selected components. The thesis also presents a comparison of the simulation model of deflection of thin-walled parts with the values measured in real machining.
Design of production technology for a pinion shaft of a gearbox
Hulvej, Matúš ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Zemčík, Oskar (advisor)
The diploma thesis presents a design of a technical project: design of production technology for a pinion shaft of a gearbox and design of alternative technology. It focuses on the analysis of a component, the selection of materials, machines and tools, and the creation of a manufacturing drawing and technological process of the production. It is concluded by a technical-economic evaluation, based on which are both designs compared and evaluated which design is better for specific conditions.
Turning of main steels
Svoboda, Kryštof ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Jaroš, Aleš (advisor)
The main theme of the thesis deals with turning of main steels. The basic quantities, force load during turning and geometry of knife with splinter shape are explained in introduction part. Followed by brief overview of instrumental materials. For main steels there is perform an analysis of mechanical and physical properities, alloying elements and their application. In final part there is selection of several replaceable cutting inserts suitable for main steels.
Production of gear wheels with using dividing head
Cicha, Tereza ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Jaroš, Aleš (advisor)
The aim of this work is to characterize the production of gear wheels with using dividing head and also to produce the gear wheel by this method. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis contains an overview of the machining methods for the production of gears and their characteristics. Theoretical chapters also contain a detailed description of the the production of gear wheels with using dividing head and materials used for the production of single gear tooth cutters. The aim of the practical part is to design, calculate and produce the gear wheel with using dividing head. The conclusion of the thesis is the overall summary and evaluation of the calculated data.
Design and manufacture of an engraving LED laser
Adam, Tomáš ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Dvořák, Jaromír (advisor)
The thesis deals with the evaluation of achieved parameters of unconventional machining methods and their current use in practice. In addition, the design and construction of the prototype of the laser engraving device is carried out. Several tests are performed on the device and are compared with similar devices after evaluation. The entire construction is designed so that no special equipment is needed and the construction could be done in each workshop.
Analysis of problems in machining of a spindle for a passenger car
Líbal, David ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with proposal of technological solution to a problem when cutting a knuckle bolt. A problem appeared during cutting a knuckle bolt with an exchangeable cutting tip. A roughness measurement has been made and a roughness parameter Rz has been evaluated.
Analysis of company technologies with a connection to the production of a particular component
Olejníček, Petr ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with production of handcuffs and production technologies of company ALFA – PROJ spol. s r.o. The first part of the thesis is focused on the revolver steel frame technological process and the use of EDM technology. The second part of the thesis proposes innovation of the technological process of handcuffs production. Innovation consists of merging current operations and use of CNC machine equipped with new fixture. At the end of the thesis, the advantages and disadvantages of innovation are compared.

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