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A design of an experimental device controled via Matlab-Simulink for an accelerometer static charakteristics measurement.
Malina, Antonín ; Sikora, Michal (referee) ; Švejda, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the work is a design of an experimental device for an accelerometer static charakteristics measurement via Matlab-Simulink. That means a feedback from accelerometer with a tilt in degrees and display threedimensional histograms. The device is realized as a rotary platform hold on a shaft of stepper engine by one side and by the second side on a shaft of arithmetical potenciometer. Between the partial objective of the work was the acquainting with a card MF624, Real Time Toolbox and controling stepper engines.
Design of experimental model of boiler
Kuba, Pavel ; Sikora, Michal (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of experimental model of boiler and identification of systems parameters. Model and measuring unit were designed on basis of research study. Data acquisition module NI USB-6216 was used to measure and transfer data to computer. Programe MATLAB was used to proces data.
A problem of electric powered wheelchair
Filipec, Petr ; Sikora, Michal (referee) ; Švejda, Pavel (advisor)
This work deals with the research electric powered wheelchair and one's own project for its improvement. At the beginning a basic characterization of powered electric wheelchair is described. The work continues with a study of research control systems. Next, statistics are worked up from opinion poll. Instrument for optimalization engine power and battery capacity is created in terms of this information.
Mechatronic Design and Verification of Autonomic Thermoelectric Energy Source for Aircraft Application
Ančík, Zdeněk ; Sikora, Michal (referee) ; Opluštilová, Michaela (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
Předložená disertační práce řeší komplexní mechatronický návrh autonomního termoelektrického zdroje energie pro letecké aplikace. Na základě dostupných zdrojů a literatury práce popisuje současný stav problematiky. V práci jsou prezentovány simulační modely MEMS termoelektrických článků, které jsou ověřeny experimentálním testováním a hodnotami dostupnými od výrobce. Na základě metodiky model-besed design byly navrženy a vyrobeny tři demonstrátory. Jejich vlastnosti byly testovány v reálných podmínkách na letecké pohonné jednotce.
Innovation of the Cooling System of Rotating Electrical Machines using CFD Methods
Sikora, Michal ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (referee) ; Kotrba,, Vít (referee) ; Sháněl, Martin (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Ctirad (advisor)
This thesis deal with design and implementation of innovative cooling method, intended primarily for medium-power synchronous generators. The main objective of this proposal is to remove the large heat exchanger connected to generator. This heat exchanger unduly increases the space requirements for the machine location. The proposed solution is to use a direct water-cooled stator. It is assumed that the rotor winding will be still cooled by air. Unlike current cooling system, the hot air from the rotor can be cooled in smaller cooler inside the generator. In this work are described methods which can be used for design of water cooling basic parameters, taking required temperatures into account. A small induction motor was selected for practical verification of the proposed cooling concept. This motor was modified into two variants - related to the old cooling of synchronous generators and related to the proposed solution. Both of these variants were measured and compared with each other. Subsequently, CFD models of these two variants were set up. Measured temperatures were used for debugging of models and identification of material properties of components of these machines. The final model of water-cooled variant also makes it possible to simulate the work of motor for higher performance and to determine the overload compared with the old cooling variant. Some knowledge and experience obtained from the small water-cooled induction machine were used in the design of water-cooling for large synchronous generator. In a similar way, CFD models of the old variant of cooling and proposed variant of water- cooling were created. Although these models were not verified by actual measurements on the generators, the results indicated that the application of water-cooling in this type of machine is appropriate and provides many benefits.
Experimental stand for rotational heat pipe verification
Liška, Martin ; Sikora, Michal (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis presents a design of an experimental stand for testing of cooling effects on electrical machines trough rotational heat pipe and mainly with design and construction of experimental stand, that represents rotational heat pipe of real machine rotor. Pipe is heated by means of resistance conductor winding and average temperature on a pipe surface is scanned with a additional parallel winding. Experimental stand was designed for subsequent experiments and for evaluating of rotational heat pipe parameters.
Apartment building
Sikora, Michal ; Havířová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The aim of bachelor´s thesis is the elaboration of a construction project documentation of an apartment building, located in Jablunkov. It is a detached, three-storey building with a basement. Ground, first and second floor are used for living. Three of the six apartments are designed as barrier-free. Basement contains mechanical rooms and a cellar for each apartment. Ceiling is designed as reinforced concrete construction, walls are made of Porotherm bricks and roofing is designed as single ply flat roof.
Design of Savonius rotor as source of electric energy
Hruška, Martin ; Sikora, Michal (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is concerned with possibilities to produce electricity from wind. A power source with Savonius rotor was designed and constructed as an educational model using the accessible materials. The simply measurement was taken to determine model features.
Design of education model of termocycler
Smělý, Jakub ; Sikora, Michal (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
This work describes the design of the learning model thermocycler. Measurement and control of temperature trends by measuring MF624 card and computer in real time. They are described thermoelectric phenomena associated with the operation of Peltier elements and measured using thermocouples.
Design of wind tunnel
Klusoň, Vladimír ; Sikora, Michal (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
The thesis deals with making a device for measuring air technique constants, so-called a wind tunnel. The wind tunnel is used for development of eletric machines aeration systems. Refrigeration of various types of eletric machines ( e.g. asynchronous engine ) can be tested by means of it. The thesis consists of three parts. The first part contains a description of the whole device in single components. With each the component the text concentrates on both the related general theory and a delineation of the implementation itself. The sequel part is devoted to testing the product, i.e. verification of its functionality and airtight sealing, . The third part of the thesis concludes the text by evaluation of resultant solution of the problem.

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