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Contrasting Near Synonyms from the Corpus-Based Perspective
Sikora, Marek ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Hejhalová, Věra (referee)
This diploma thesis occupies itself with the subject of near synonymy, concretely with adjectives. On the basis of corpus linguistic methods two pairs of near synonyms have been researched - verschieden/unterschiedlich and bedeutend/bedeutsam. The 15 primary collocators (according to the syntactic position of each adjective) have been examined using the InterCorp parallel corpus methods in order to find out the most frequent Czech equivalence. Keywords: lexical-semantic relations, near synonymy, lexicography, corpora, cooccurrence analysis, Self Organizing Maps, CCDB
Detached House
Sikora, Marek ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is the elaboration of project documentation of a detached house. The building is located in the village Smilovice on the parcel number 2444. This parcel has flat terrain. The object has no cellar, building has two floors and attic. Two floors are decided for the garage and living space. Over the second floor is located attic. The fundation strips are made from plain concrete. The vertical constructions are made from Liapor blocks. The horizontal constructions are made from Liapor´s panels. The roof is sloping.
Straightening technology of semi-finished products
Sikora, Marek ; Řiháček, Jan (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
The main aim of this thesis is to create a general overview of processes that are applied in straightening semi-finished products. These processes include manual methods as well as mechanical ones. This work also informs about advantages and disadvantages of these processes based on published researches. This paper is supposed to give a basic overview of categories of machines and tools that are used in certain straightening technologies.
Web portal for organizing races
Maslák, Roman ; Sikora, Marek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with system for support of races. CMS Drupal is used to manage this system, which this system is suitable for web site content management. The first part of this work is devoted to the description and requirements that the proposed system for the support of races has to contain. The second part of the thesis deals with comparison of available CMS systems. Here are the most commonly used CMS systems that are currently available in OpenSource licenses. Next, there is a possibility to create a custom content management system, or use it with one CMS system. The third part is devoted to designing a web portal. This section contains flowcharts describing the principle of how each function works. It also contains a description of the basic structure of the web portal and the procedure for installing the CMS system. The last part describes the practical realization of the web portal. The procedure for accessing data stored in the MySQL database, generating start and result documents in a PDF file, registering racers, using client mail and setting up a CMS system is described here. In conclusion, all the results of the work are summarized.
Anonymization of users when collecting network traffic
Hamár, Lukáš ; Blažek, Petr (referee) ; Sikora, Marek (advisor)
This thesis deals with anonymization of data, which could lead to disclosure of the identity of end users in network traffic. Work describes algorithms by which individual data parts are anonymized and also tools which use these techniques for network traffic anonymization. The next part of the thesis describes construction of a laboratory network, in which is the network traffic captured, containing pcap and NetFlow data. With using of the captured data, the anonymization tools are tested and the results are compared. In the last part of the thesis is created graphical interface for one of the tested anonymization softwares.
Electronic identification and trust services in electronic transactions
Hrbotický, Lukáš ; Sikora, Marek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
Bachelors thesis talking about problematics of electronic identification and trust services in electronic transactions. It describes and explains concepts used in the area of electronical communication mentioned in regulation eIDAS. Solutions demonstrating trust services are part of the work. As practical part of this thesis was created laboratory exercise, in which will students try the possibilities offered by certification authority. The goal of this work is explanation and definition of concepts according to eIDAS regulations and realization of system demonstrating these services.
Certification authority
Herinek, Denis ; Sikora, Marek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
There is a lot of available services on the internet those need to be more secured and trusted. Public key infrastructure is used in sectors where are higher expectations in case of authentication, integrity and confidentality. It is almost impossible to imagine how internet banking or electronic signatures of important documents would work without PKI. There is a lot of open-source realisations of PKI created by users. Digital certificates as a part of PKI are issued by certificate authorities. This diploma thesis consists of open- source realisation of certificate authority and timestamping authority to demonstrate services which they provide.
On the Variation of Irregular Verbs: Regular Conjugation of the Most Frequent Irregular Verbs in the Written German
Sikora, Marek ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
1 Abstract The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to find out, if the regular conjugation in preterite and the regular forming of past participle, or the absence of alternation of e and i in the 2nd and 3rd person singular, present tense indicative and in imperative singular concerning the most frequent irregular verbs have already reached the written standard German (in the informal spoken language they in some measure occur). In the first part (theoretical) the thesis explains some terms of language change, comments on the traditional classification of the irregular German verbs on the basis of ablaut and offers a more suitable one according to Bittner, sums up the main points from the codification literature. In the second part (empirical) a list of eleven irregular verbs is made (using W Corpus of the Institute for German Language in Mannheim), which are to be examined, a methodology is developed to detect the typing errors occurring in the found forms, and the eleven verbs are empirically researched. The conclusion presents the results and answers the main questions put in the introduction.
Detection of slow-rate DDoS attacks
Sikora, Marek ; Frolka, Jakub (referee) ; Blažek, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the detection and protection against Slow DoS and DDoS attacks using computer network traffic analysis. The reader is introduced to the basic issues of this specific category of sophisticated attacks, and the characteristics of several specific attacks are clarified. There is also a set of methods for detecting and protecting against these attacks. The proposed methods are used to implement custom intrusion prevention system that is deployed on the border filtering server of computer network in order to protect Web servers against attacks from the Internet. Then created system is tested in the laboratory network. Presented results of the testing show that the system is able to detect attacks Slow GET, Slow POST, Slow Read and Apache Range Header and then protect Web servers from affecting provided services.
Web visualisation of cryptographic systems
Sikora, Marek ; Dzurenda, Petr (referee) ; Hajný, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with web technologies for interactive visualization of content. It discusses the new HTML5 specification, its animation possibilities using Javascript and their practical application for creating web pages. Furthermore, the work focuses on the development tool Adobe Edge Animate, through which we realize page design. The study also discusses cryptographic systems and protocol HM12. It displays a basic overview of the functionality of this Protocol. In the last part of the thesis describes the actual implementation of these two topics, namely the creation of web visualization – demonstrator of the cryptographic system including a fully operational model.

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