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The role of securing instruments on the capital market in the CR during the financial crisis
Pištěk, Petr ; Hraba, Zdeněk (referee) ; Seknička, Pavel (advisor)
Diplomová práce Úloha zajišťovacích instrumentů na kapitálovém trhu v ČR v době finanční krize 87 RESUMÉ: The role of security instruments in the capital market in the CR during financial crisis The first part of this thesis is about financial crisis which started in the U.S.A. in 2009. The cause of this situation started in 2007. This year the property prices started to fall in the tens of percents between 2007 and 2008. The hypothecary crises evolved into the credit crises in 2008. The banks stopped the offers for the interbanking monetary market and they saved their own liquidity position. I would like to identify the main reasons of this development like the applied expansion monetary policy in the U.S.A.: 1) loose credit process 2) CDO and CDS 3) policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac etc. 4) non recourse mortgages In the second part I focus on the Czech capital market and its domestic primary and secondary legislation. There is a description of the primary and secondary market, the differences between the regulatory and free market, the division of instruments by the main standards. Third part of this work engages in the instruments traded on the Czech capital market like shares, obligations, bills of exchanges, checks and the primary legislation. The next part descibes the main security instruments...
Principles of, and tools for business ethics
Strakoš, Martin ; Bažantová, Ilona (referee) ; Seknička, Pavel (advisor)
Diplomová práce Principy a nástroje podnikatelské etiky 109 Principles and Instruments of Business Ethics Resume The dominant theme of this diploma thesis is principles and instruments of business ethics. The paper consists of three main parts. The first part contains opening information, necessary for proper understanding of the business ethics itself. The elementary philosophical terms are explained, as they make it easier to grasp the rest of the paper. The chapters on philosophical roots of ethics and on relationship between law and ethics follow. Knowledge mastered by reading these chapters helps the reader to set the main questions of business ethics into broader context and thus to better understand them. The following chapter serves as a bridge between the introductory part and parts which deal with the business ethics itself. It familiarizes the terms of economical theory and introduces the questions of business ethics. This chapter points to the cohesion between ethics, economics and law. The next chapters are focused on particular aspects of business ethics. Term of values plays the lead role, therefore it is examined in detail in separate chapter. Principles and instruments together with methods form so called ethical infrastructure of organization. Analysis of the ethical infrastructure itself...
Formal and informal regulation of advertising in the Czech Republic
Kutáková, Petra ; Seknička, Pavel (advisor) ; Hraba, Zdeněk (referee)
Focusing on the Czech Republic's current reality, the paper describes basic relations between legal (formal) and other (informal) ways of regulation of advertising. Having covered basic marketing and advertising terminology and legal definitions of essential advertising terms, it further generally describes the principles of both formal and informal regulation of advertising. Formal regulation is represented by European Union rules focusing on general advertising regulation and consumer protection. The description of the Czech Republic's current legal regulation consists in a list of most recent laws in the area of public (constitutional and speficic laws) and private (civil and business) law. Moreover, areas such as business ethics, ethics in management, its principles, methods and tools are presented, ethical codices being the focal point here and basis for further analyses in the following parts of the paper. Informal regulation is based on business and professional ethics and further develops the idea of ethical codices when describing the principles of self-regulation as the most important informal regulatory system. The principles of self-regulation of advertising are divided into two groups: theoretical and applied. The latter are based on the rules declared by international self-regulation...
The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and its application to the capital market of the Czech Republic
Janeček, Petr ; Seknička, Pavel (advisor) ; Tomažič, Ivan (referee)
Application of MiFID on the czech capital market In this work we describe and analyze evolution of Czech capital market and crucial changes which are caused by implementation of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) to the Czech legal system. We use the interdisciplinary (legal and economic) approach when studying this subject. Firstly, we discuss the relation and difference between definitions "capital market" and "financial market". The interest is also focused on use of this terms in legal system. Then we describe basic changes in the historical evolution of the Czech capital market. In this section, we focuse our interest on the institutions which represent supervisory authority of the capital market. This historical chapter is structured on three basic periods: evolution of the capital market from its beginnig to the restauration in 1993, period of coupon privatization and the period of creation of diferent institutions which supervisored the Czech capital market. Further, the development of Czech legal system concerning the capital market is described. This section is divided in two separate parts - evolution of Czech and EC law. Lastly, we target our interest on the implementation of the Direction in the Czech legal system which constitute the base of this work. This chapter contains the...

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