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Traffic accidents on department of forensic medicine – cases from practice
Ďatko, Miroslav ; Zelený, Michal ; Sedlák, Jaroslav
The authors present two cases from the recent practice. In the first case report the authors describe a conflict of an aggressive driver, which occurred after stopping vehicles, one of the drivers was injured and his vehicle was damaged. The second case study concerns the unusual fatal traffic accident, during which a cyclist collide with delivery van. The cyclist was killed at the end of traffic accident due to the fact that the delivery van flipped on the side and fell on the body of the cyclist.
Time of the cities in post-socialism
Sedlák, Jaroslav
The changes and the urban approaches of the new build city districts in socialistic period. In decades of transformation the society after crahs down the political socialistic system. Influences of western life style, geopolitical climate changed view on
Sedlák, Jaroslav ; Kropáč, František (referee) ; Drahotský, Ivo (referee) ; Ptáček, Petr (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
The dissertation is focused on the problematic of the driver´s ability to see pedestrians in the conditions of driving at night. The first part tells the current view of these problematic, terms are defined: the outlook and the range of vision to see the obstacle. This part also describes various effects that are affecting the driver´s ability to see pedestrians while driving at night. Out of all mentioned effects, this project mainly focuses on two parameters – how is the driver´s ability to see a pedestrian affected by his obsolence and developing visual handicap. During the research, high number of respondents of wide range of age and various vision quality were present and attended the experiment. This project proposes a methodology of comparasion of those two parameters mentioned above. The main condition which must have been held was to create absolutelly identical conditions of the experiment used by wide range of respondetns. The best way how to possibly achive the best results is by using a video scene on the PC monitor. Two sets of photographies were made while preparing the experiment (2 various sets of clothes for the pedestrian) and these sets were sorted by using the Microsoft Office Power Point program. This made a simulation of a vehicle approaching a pedestrian at night. The measurement was attended by a large number of respondents who were divided into a total of nine categories, according to age and extent of ocular defects. The dissertation is a methodology for evaluating the measurements, determination of contrast and angular size of the watched object (pedestrian) using the scene on the PC monitor. At the end of the experiment is an evaluation of the measurements and put comments on the results obtained. This project proposses a method for the early detection of the driver´s perception when sighting barriers (pedestrian) using the electrophysiological examination method – the electroretinography (ERG). In this dissertation,the initial measurements were carried out using this method, when during the measurement was unfortunately found that the sensitivity of the method does not allow resolution changes of the electrical potential for so little intense stimuli such as the sight of pedestrians at the edge of the road. But it is not excluded that in the future the further development of the ophthalmological diagnostic method will increase the sensitivity so it will allow to spot the objective moment of registration the obstacle by the viusal organ
Measuring the Deceleration of Trucks up to 12 Tons of Weight with the Use of Engine Braking
Kašparová, Hana ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
This thesis deals with braking effect of the truck’s engine. The theoretical part introduces the reader to the basic construction of trucks, describes most using engine and defines the factors having a significant effect on engine braking. In the practical part the reader is familiar with the technique used in making the measurement and description of the vehicle chosen for the implementation of measurement. The result of the practical part is the values obtained by measurement including their interpretation contained in the conclusion.
The Measurement of Car Deceleration During Engine Braking
Bejčková, Jana ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
The presented diploma thesis deals with the measurement of car deceleration during engine braking from different starting speeds and different speed gears with a sample of vehicles. This piece of work consists of a theoretical part, where problem background is defined, selected driving parameters including the manner how to measure them are explained and the facts in the field of structural characteristics of the vehicle are given, further from a design of measurement methodology that gives an overall plan of implementation, all the respective information and a description of handling with decelerometer, further from a real measurement of the deceleration including an interpretation of partial obtained values and finally from the evaluation of all results with appropriate conclusions.
Transformations of Cities in the Post-Socialist Era
Sedlák, Jaroslav
The dissertation thesis explores the transformations and new urban structures of housing estates built in the Socialist era. It focuses namely on the decades of transformation of society after the collapse of the Socialist system, when the influence of Western lifestyles and the geopolitical climate changed the way modern Socialist housing development in the Eastern bloc was perceived.
Soudně lékařský a technický rozbor smrtelné dopravní nehody chodce s nákladním vozidlem
Ďatko, Miroslav ; Zelený, Michal ; Sedlák, Jaroslav ; Schneller, Karel
Authors of the lecture present a case of a road traffic accident of the year 2013. There was a fatal collision of the pedestrian and a lorry in Vyškov region. The assessment of this accident has required a complex approach and a final conclusion for the police has been set up on the basis of additional forensic and engineering expert opinions. The case interpretation has been richly documented pictorially and schematically.
City Library, Lausanne
Jašek, Jiří ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
The main issue when designing libraries of Lausanne was an environment in which the library is located. The city is relatively steeply sloping from the Lac Léman and because they offer interesting views of the lake from many places in the city. In this system, when the views are oriented south toward the lake, is a territory that differs in structure from the rest of the city. The valley in which the river flowed Flon in the 19th century were filled on a flat surface vzikly industrial buildings with rational structure that crossed the railroad.
City Library, Lausanne
Just, Michal ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
A proposal of a municipal library in Lausanne, including its integration to the urban complex.
City Library, Lausanne
Mikitová, Karolína ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Proposal of Public Library in industry area of city Lausanne.

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