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Text data clustering algorithms
Sedláček, Josef ; Burget, Radim (referee) ; Karásek, Jan (advisor)
The thesis deals with text mining. It describes the theory of text document clustering as well as algorithms used for clustering. This theory serves as a basis for developing an application for clustering text data. The application is developed in Java programming language and contains three methods used for clustering. The user can choose which method will be used for clustering the collection of documents. The implemented methods are K medoids, BiSec K medoids, and SOM (self-organization maps). The application also includes a validation set, which was specially created for the diploma thesis and it is used for testing the algorithms. Finally, the algorithms are compared according to obtained results.
Methodology of Landscape Conservation Zones' Impact Assessment
Sedláček, Josef ; Salašová, Alena ; Trpáková, Lenka
The methodology defines a procedure for the landscape conservation zones' impact assessment. The method is based on a precautionary principle and is designed so that would be possible to prevent heritage area from negative irreversible impact on the landscape cultural and historical values. The methodology is intended for the experts and competent staff of the National Heritage Institute responsible for landscape conservation zones planning and management.
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Cost Analysis of Pneumococcus Vaccination and Treatment of Pneumonia within Senior Population
Sedláček, Josef ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
Pneumonia is a common disease spread throughout the whole world. It appears within all age groups, however, the most endengered groups are the infants and seniors whose lives are more likely at risk. This final thesis compares direct costs of the preventative actions utilizing the Prevenar 13 vaccine and costs related to the ambulatory treatment and consequent care of the hospitalized patients. Calculations are based on anonymised data from an ambulant care and hospitalized patient treatments in hospital of Melnik town.
The development and position of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic
Sedláček, Josef ; Dočkal, Dalibor (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
Small and medium-sized enterprises are gaining more attention from the European Commission and the Government of Czech Republic. Not only because of the current economic crisis, which didn't spare these businesses, but mainly because they are the backbone of the European economy and provide with many jobs. This thesis deals with the development and position of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic. The aim is to determine their role in the Czech market from measures like a share of GDP and employment. This thesis also seeks to highlight some opportunities and threats for small and medium enterprises. The first theoretical part focuses on the defini-tion of such enterprises in the Czech Republic and the European Union and consequent-ly continues with the history of small and medium enterprises in the country. The practical part deals with data analysis from the Czech Statistical Office and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The results of this analysis are to be compared with selected Eu-ropean Union member states. In the conclusion I recommend some measures to improve the position of small and medium-sized enterprises on the Czech market.
Rozbor výrobního sortimentu Metra Šumperk s.r.o. a návrh směru jeho dalšího vývoje
Tsvetkova, Tsvetoslava ; Vávra, Oldřich (advisor) ; Sedláček, Josef (referee)
Cílem diplomové práce je provést kvalifikovaný výhled rozvoje společnosti Metra Šumperk s.r.o. oblasti prodeje vlastních výrobků, a to z pohledu jejich pozice v životním cyklu výrobku. Na základě těchto údajů, požadavků trhu a technických možností potom navrhnout směr jeho dalšího vývoje.

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