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Využití sítě CZEPOS pro tvorbu účelové mapy jako podkladu k rozšíření parku Smetanovy sady ve Vyškově
Sedláček, Jiří
This thesis is dealing with scientific/technic discipline, more specifically with mapping specialization in Surveying. Works are taking place in Pazderna locality, which is situated in Northern part of Southmoravian region in northeast part of the Vyškov catastral area. GNSS system methods were used for aiming topography and altimetry, more specifically by using network of permanent stations "CZEPOS". Modern GNSS method of measuring in real time (RTK) and tachymetric measure, which is classic geodetic method, were used for processing. The output of the work is a map in scale of 1 : 1 000, which should serve as a part of a plan for extending park in Smetanovy sady street in Vyškov. This map was created in Groma program, Kokeš and his extensions for altimetry, Atlas DMT.
The application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for investigation of enzyme kinetics
Pospíšilová, Michaela ; Sedláček, Jiří (referee) ; Fohlerová, Zdenka (advisor)
The application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) in theory and experiment for investigation of redox enzyme kinetics has been already described. The impedance studies are quite sensitive to the changes at the interface caused by adsorption of charged species and therefore can be used to study the kinetics of adsorption of macromolecules and also enables us to study enzyme kinetics since the action of the enzymes on their substrates involved modification and generation of charged species. In this work, we would explore the potential of electrochemical impedance technique to follow the kinetics of glucose oxidasesubstrate reactions on the immobilized surface. The enzyme will be allowed to interact with different concentrations of its substrate and the resulting reaction will be recorded in real time. Changes in the imaginary component of the impedance at various substrate concentrations will be expected to follow MichelisMenten kinetics. The experimental procedure should be simple and can be carried out directly in buffer solutions most suited for the required interaction to take place, without the requirement of any additional redox probes.
Design and characterization of organic semiconductor components
Juračka, Martin ; Hubálek, Jaromír (referee) ; Sedláček, Jiří (advisor)
The theoretical part of this work gives a summary of the history of the development of organic TFT transistors, explains the basic physical events in the organic semiconductors and analyzes the most widely used materials for OTFT. The practical part of this work deals with a design of the organic components and finally, their characteristics.
Organic semiconductors and their applications
Galbička, Tomáš ; Sedláček, Jiří (referee) ; Hubálek, Jaromír (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is deals with a problem of organic semiconductors, where are describe fundamental principles of charge transport and explanation of basic organic structures. There is described basic operation and layering of simple organic parts especially organic diode. There are practical tests of electrical properties of two different polymer diodes PLEDs. Where in this experimental part are present characteristics of these parts and them comparison at variant ilumination and mutually measuring.
Vašina, Petr ; Sedláček, Jiří (referee) ; Murina, Milan (advisor)
This project focuses on issues and solutions to switch mode power suplies. The first part discusses comparison of analog and switching power supply stabilized, and their essential involvement. Further addressed the concept of peripheral participation resonant switch mode power suplies. This chapter is progressively designed input circuit, the main part of the switching resources, output circuit and feedback circuit comparison. At the end of the project is the komplete wiring diagram with a list of used parts. Under the proposal was designed printed circuit, is characteristics were measured.
ARC filter for frequency analyser
Janečka, Martin ; Murina, Milan (referee) ; Sedláček, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this work is to propose and realization an active frequency filter with a 4th grade bandpass for making it possible to electronically tune the resonant frequency in range of 10Hz to 100kHz and adjust bandwidth. The thesis discussed two possibilities of filter connections using cascade synthesis. To choose a better option a filter simulations were made in Pspice. Based on the simulations, the number of components and the possibility of electronic tuning a better option is selected. This circuit is implemented, measured and then compared with simulations.
Adaptive active band - pass
Velička, Pavel ; Murina, Milan (referee) ; Sedláček, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to find and propose solutions adaptive ARC frequency bandpass filter, where it will be possible to change the bandwidth and tuning the center frequency. Centre frequency will be tuning in the range from 10kHz to 100kHz. Bandwidth is tunable to the maximum range that will enable us to select involvement. The thesis selected two methods of implementation of the filter. It made the comparison and selection of improved variants. Thesis includes calculations of the resulting variant filter and describes how to tune the filter, and then simplify the tune selected filter. Bachelor thesis includes a complete filter design for its implementation. A suitable method of electronic tuning were selected digital potentiometers controlled programmed microcontroller. This method was also subsequently implemented.
ARC filters with modern active elements
Sedláček, Petr ; Murina, Milan (referee) ; Sedláček, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this project is to compare the characteristics of low pass and high pass filters designed by various methods of synthesis. Firstly, the attributes and characteristics of filters and realisations of higher order filters using normed low pass filter and approximation of gain-magnitude frequency response are described and then used in application. The circuits that substitute coils directly or undirectly using the Bruton transform are discussed next. The practical part of project concerns of design of high pass and low pass itself, using two methods of synthesis. Proper real operational amplifier has to be choose for used frequency. In the final part of work the designed circuits were realized and their characteristics were measured and examined.
Špatenka, Jan ; Sedláček, Jiří (referee) ; Murina, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this project is synchronous rectifier in switched-mode power supply. The project deal with possibility, how increase in efficiency in SMPS. For increases in efficiency are very important analysis particular power losses. One from possibility how increase in efficiency is replace Schottky diode in output rectifier by synchronous rectifier, with is consists of a power MOSFET. The second part of this work is focused on practical realization SMPS with synchronous rectifier and with output power . The main task was reach high efficiency. On the end of there is comparing of rectifiers and electric measuring has been making.
Synthesis of Modern Structures of Frequency Filters
Friedl, Martin ; Hájek, Karel (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (referee) ; Sedláček, Jiří (advisor)
Within modern frequency structures, the filter frequency region of up to 10 MHz constitutes a promising research topic that currently attracts intensive attention of specialists interested in the problem. The main reason of this fact consists in that the rapid development of modern technology allows the production of innovated structures of the analog frequency filters required in the defined band. In this context, however, it is also necessary to refine the methods applied in the synthesis and optimization of these structures; such improvement should be carried out with respect to fundamental properties and usability of today's active elements (operational amplifiers with voltage feedback whose Gain Bandwidth Product ranges within units of GHz, operational amplifiers with current feedback, conveyors, transimpedance operational amplifiers). In this thesis, active blocks of synthesis inductors (SIs) and frequency dependent negative resistors (FDNRs) are examined in detail, and the author provides novel formulas to define the basic parameters of the dual circuits. Due emphasis was placed on optimizing the basic building blocks of the second order and defining the variation of their properties caused by the addition of modern active elements. The blocks were analyzed and modified in view of their possible use in higher-order circuits. For active filters of a higher order, simulations were performed to indicate the actual sensitivity of the cascade and non-cascade ARC structures. The following phase of the research comprised mainly the designing of several filters, and this activity was further completed with the verification of the methodology for the synthesis and optimization of higher-order loss ladder filters with modern active blocks. Special attention was paid also to the methods enabling the optimization of such filters, which are invariably based on RLC prototypes. In order to verify the theoretical conclusions, the author materialized a large number of sample optimized filters and measured their parameters. The closing section of the thesis describes the use of the filters in specific applications.

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