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On-line marketing communication
Tvarožková, Klára ; Kruljacová, Anna (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis is focused on describing marketing communication of the chosen company, it also concerns suggestions to improve this communication, which is based on processing the knowledge from the analytical part. The main goal of this thesis is to design proper tools of this communication, which should lead to completing the secondary goal of this thesis which is raising awareness about the company.
On-line marketing communication
Kašpaříková, Michaela ; Brávek, Ludvík (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the online marketing communication of the cosmetic studio L&N beauty lounge. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts, which are then used to develop an analytical part, which evaluates the current situation of the company. Based on these analysis and a questionnaire survey, own suggestions for improving online marketing communication are presented.
The Proposal Strategy of the Air Carrier's Expansion into the Dutch Market
Balák, Tomáš ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The main goal of the diploma thesis is to develop a proposal for the expansion of the air carrier to the new Dutch market based on an analysis of the current state and analysis of the selected market with regard to the limitations and specific characteristics of the aviation industry. The theoretical part is focused on the theoretical background obtained from the publications focused on market analysis, expansion and also on publications focused on the aviation industry. The practical part focuses on the company Smartwings a. s., its analysis of the current state and also the analysis of the selected market. The last part is focused on the elaboration of the expansion proposal and the calculation of the costs associated with the expansion, the evaluation of the risks and the mitigation of their impact on society.
Proposal of the Communication Mix of the Selected Company for Entering the Foreign Market
Hobza, David ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the communication mix of Mr. Hobza’s company, which is interested in the handmaking of wooden flowers. The company doesn’t use any forms of communication mix so far, so the proposals are made for the domestic market and will be used also for the foreign market. The thesis is divided into three parts. Theoretical, analytical and proposal part. The main goal is to design the most effective communication so the company will be better known in the domestic and foreign market.
International Marketing Mix of Selected Company Entering Foreign Market
Sadloňová, Lujza ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Kaňovská, Lucie (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the issue of the international marketing mix of a Czech company entering the German market. It specifies the motives and forms of entering the foreign market and defines the individual components of the international marketing mix. It contains a suggestion for a suitable form of entry, elaboration of an international marketing mix of the company and based on a survey of competitive prices of selected products, it recommends choosing a suitable pricing strategy when entering a foreign market.
On-line marketing communication
Měchurová, Lada ; Kaňovská, Lucie (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the on-line marketing communication of the Pedro brand belonging to the portfolio of The Candy Plus Sweet Factory, s. r. o. The theoretical chapter contains definitions of important terms which provide the basis for further chapters. In the analytical part, there are performed analyses of the marketing mix and communication mix are performed, as well as analyses of the microenvironment and macroenvironment within the Slovak Republic. It also includes marketing research, which consists of a qualitative and quantitative part. The last chapter of this thesis deals with online marketing communication, through which the brand would expand its own e shop to the Slovak B2C market.
On-line marketing communication
Skácelová, Pavlína ; Milichovský, František (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is online marketing communication using search engine marketing tools. It specifies what online marketing and search engine marketing are, describes its tools and explains its use. The analytical part of the work uses tools such as analysis of macro and micro environment, analysis of marketing mix and associated SEO analysis. Last but not least, the development of website traffic and the subsequent possible development of this data in the future will also be examined. Based on the findings from the analytical part, in the last part of the work will be designed online marketing communication using search engine marketing.
Proposal of Communication Mix of the Selected Company
Růžičková, Aneta ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This Master´s thesis deals with the suggestion of a communication mix for a selected company. The thesis consists of three main parts, theoretical, analytical and proposal. In the first part I focus on explaining the basic concepts that are important for a better understanding of the issue. The following analytical part deals with the characteristics of the selected company, its internal and external analysis and the compilation of the marketing mix of the company. In the final proposal part, based on the carried out analysis, the recommended proposals for improving the communication mix are presented. These measures should provide greater awareness of the company and its products, improve number of attendance, market position and the related profit.
Development of Strategic Brand Development to Support Customer Loyalty
Šenková, Kateřina ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Zich, Robert (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with strategic brand management. Analyzes the brand of both internal and external pesrpectives and presents a comprehensive analysis of the company’s brand. Factors influencing the customer loyalty and their importance in terms of the actual client perception, that serve as starting points for the proposal part, are identified. Main intention of these part is to create proposals for the development of a brand in accordance with the strengthening of a customer loyalty and with the recommended procedure of action for the future.
Influencer marketing as a Tool for Marketing Communication on Social Networks
Šedivá, Zuzana ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with marketing communication. The first part of the work is focused on the theoretical and general concept of marketing, communication mix and marketing communication on social networks. In the second part of thesis is realized a survey in the field of influencer marketing and there are recommended suggestions for improving the activity of influencers towards followers, and especially suggestions inspiring companies that do not use this form of promotion on social networks.

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