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Measurement of statistical dependence selected parameters of foreigners in South Bohemian Region in years 2000 - 2016
SAMKOVÁ, Jaroslava
This Master´s thesis examines structural links on the number of foreigner nationals legally staying in the territory of South Bohemia between 2000 and 2016. The following objectives have been defined: Objective 1: To acquire a comprehensive overview of the number of foreigners with long-term or permanent residence living in the territory of South Bohemia between 2000 and 2016 and to demonstrate the current trends Objective 2: To demonstrate the link between the annual approved long-term or permanent residence in the territory of South Bohemia between 2000 and 2016 Objective 3: To perform a comparison of the results achieved with the European trends Due to the results achieved by the applied quantitative research, the objectives of the thesis are considered to have been met. The theoretical part of the thesis covered the strategy of the migration policy of the Czech Republic. This part defines a concept of migration, in conjunction with the legislative aspect of the given case, the concept of a foreign national and categories of residential permits, as long-term and permanent residence, depending on their duration, including an analysis of different types of long-term and permanent residence. Initially, the purpose of the practical part consisted in the collection of statistical data necessary for the examination of a dependence in the form of the most important statistical indicators for the specified years, i.e. between 2000 and 2016. The tables and charts necessary for the regression analysis of long-term and permanent residence, and for the correlative research of a dependence between long-term and permanent residence needed to evaluate the objectives of this research, were created based on acquired data files. The aim of this Master´s thesis was to evaluate, confirm or refute the following hypotheses: H1 Hypothesis: The annual numbers of foreigner nationals with permanent residence can be expressed by a linear regression model, which shows an increasing trend. H2 Hypothesis: The annual numbers of foreigner nationals with long-term residence can be expressed by a linear regression model, which shows an increasing trend. H3 Hypothesis: The annual numbers of foreigner nationals with permanent and long-term residence positively correlate. The H1 hypothesis was verified by a linear regression model for approved permanent residence. The H2 hypothesis was verified for the first interval (the first 7 years with a rising linear regression) and partly for the second interval (the remaining years until 2016 with a decreasing linear regression). In general, the adoption of the H2 hypothesis should be assumed distantly (the economic crisis intervention, the role of the 5-year period). The H3 hypothesis is on the verge of rejection - the consequences of the economic crisis and the 5-year period reveal either a very weak positive correlation between permanent and long-term residence or an uncorrelated form. The findings provided in the Master´s thesis generate a number of other topics for follow-up research (a link to economic cycles, connection to the parameters of asylum procedures).
Possibility of being an exceptional incident in South Bohemia Paper mill in Větřní
SAMKOVÁ, Jaroslava
Possibility of being an exceptional incident in south Bohemia Paper mill in Větřní This paper is drawn up to cover key events included within comprehensive system of emergency safety measures in JIP a.s., Větřní operations. Based on current knowledge, human safety is defined as the safety of human system, which considers the following protected interests:  People, their life, health and safety  Environment  Property and public welfare  Technology and infrastructure Today, many different classifications have been so far produced to describe phenomenon, where in various areas of humankind activities occur situations that are not regarded as of ordinary conditions. Unifying terminology employed in this respect uses the phrase ``emergency event{\crqq}. This can be defined as ``destructive effects of powers and events caused by human activity or nature{\crqq}, but it also includes break downs (caused again by human activity). These can all put in risk people, their health, property or environment and require salvage or cleanup activities. This paper focuses on selected areas of potential emergency events response. Its aim is to establish a document which summarizes information on emergency events potential risks and launches the emergency event recovery system to be employed under an actual emergency. This paper refers to current applicable legislation in force, which I believe covers all needs in respect to major emergencies as well as the salvage and cleanup issues.

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