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Obtaining digital evidence for criminal proceedings
Sadílek, Martin ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Říha, Jiří (referee)
Obtaining digital evidence for criminal proceedings Abstract The present diploma thesis analyses the criminal law procedural instruments that can be employed by the law enforcement authorities of the Czech Republic in obtaining digital evidence, mainly focusing on Act No. 141/1961 Coll., the Criminal Procedure Code. The first chapter focuses on analysing the digital evidence concept, considering various approaches to its definition. Consecutively, the term is defined for the purposes of the present thesis, and the chapter concludes with a description of the digital footprint attributes. The second chapter addresses international regulations, namely the Convention on Cybercrime, with regard to the obtaining instruments its signatories are obliged to implement in their legislation. Moreover, the chapter also analyses how the Czech Republic has fulfilled its implementation obligations. The focus of the thesis represents the analysis of the national legislation, discussing the individual procedural instruments used by law enforcement agencies and their pitfalls. In particular, the thesis emphasises the description of the identification of operational and location data, especially considering the topic of data retention and the issuance of orders for the identification of operational and location data in the...
Analysis of the Impact of Technological Processes on the Properties of the Functional Areas of Bearings
Fišerová, Zuzana ; Čep, Robert (referee) ; Sadílek, Marek (referee) ; Kouřil, Karel (referee) ; Chladil, Josef (advisor)
The dissertation is focused on the bearing production technology issues. The aim of the thesis is to investigate and evaluate the influence of the technological processes on properties of the functional surfaces of an outer bearing ring. The development, rolling, grinding and turning have been selected as basic technological processes. The subject of the surface integrity research on test samples is the measurement and analysis of the quality of the machined surfaces and residual stresses in the surface layers of the bearing rings. The comparison is made in relation to the previous operations - rolling, turning and grinding.
Optimisation of Selected Technological Processes in the Production of Bearing Components
Otoupalík, Jan ; Čep, Robert (referee) ; Sadílek, Marek (referee) ; Kouřil, Karel (referee) ; Chladil, Josef (advisor)
The dissertation is focused on the optimization of technological processes in the production of the outer bearing ring. The first part of the research was focused on the latest trends in the production of bearings. In the experimental part the technological processes of production were analyzed from the choice of the semi-finished product to the optimization of finishing technologies for machining the outer diameter of the bearing ring.
Employee's Health Incapacity to Work and Legal Nature of Medical Certificates
Sadílek, Martin ; Tomšej, Jakub (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
Employee's Health Incapacity to Work and Legal Nature of Medical Certificates Abstract This thesis is named "Employee's Health Incapacity to Work and Legal Nature of Medical Certificates." Employee's health incapacity to work has significant consequences for the master-servant relationship and these consequences are visible in the areas of creation, modification and termination of the master-servant relationship. This incapacity can also have various causes and every cause can have different labour-law consequences. Employee's health incapacity can, however, be declared only by a medical certificate or by a decision of an administrative authority, which reviews the medical certificate. Only on the basis of the above mentioned medical certificate or decision of an administrative authority which reviews the medical certificate are the employer and employee entitled to actions predicted by legislation. In recent years, there has been a change in how medical certificates are viewed upon in terms of their legal nature. Today, medical certificates are not considered as legally binding, but only as a non-binding opinion. The objective of this thesis is to describe and analyse the legal regulation of medical certificates, with extra attention being paid to the legal nature of those certificates. The goal is also to...

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