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The genetics of type II diabetes
Svobodová, Kristýna ; Ehler, Edvard (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis The genetics of type II diabetes is compound of several chapter. The major part is general characteristic of diabetes, diagnostics and pathogenesis. The thesis includes history of diabetes too. The last two chapters are focus on genetics. There are many knowledges which have been gained so far and objects future studies. Very interesting is chapter about genetics studies in variol continents, studies of ethnic groups. Key words Diabetes mellitus I., Diabetes mellitus II., disease, genetics, gen, locus, genome-wide association studies, heritability
Criteria for the coaches´ selection in terms of coaching companies
Svobodová, Kristýna ; Lačev, Alek (advisor) ; Matej, Matej (referee)
This thesis aims to find out what are the criteria for selecting coaches into coaching companies. The thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical and the practical. The theoretical part is devoted to the understanding of the topic. This part explains the concept of coaching and its definition and introduces several methods and forms of coaching. Some types of professional coaching such as life coaching, executive coaching as well as approaches to coaching approaches are also described in this part of the thesis. Attention is also paid to the professional coaching organizations and characteristics of the coach his/her personality and competencies. Strong emphasis is given to the accreditation of coaches and accredited training courses for coaches. The practical part is focused on quantitative research. Research is carried out by means of a questionnaire which was sent to competent persons in coaching companies. This part of the thesis presents the results of the investigation, the main aspects of the research being the preferred criteria set by coaching companies to select their coaches. Furthermore, the influence of these criteria on the current situation was investigated, including the coaching skills of coaches and comparison of the coaching skills of Czech and foreign coaches. The above mentioned research revealed that coaching companies consider mainly practice, education and possibly accredited certification as the most important criteria when selecting coaches.
Financial analysis of company Kendrion (Prostějov) s. r. o.
Svobodová, Kristýna ; Štamfestová, Petra (advisor) ; Havlová, Kristýna (referee)
The main aim of this Bachelor´s Thesis is an elaboration of financial situation in Kendrion (Prostějov) s. r. o. company. Subject of the analysis are years 2010 - 2014. The Bachelor´s Thesis consist of two main parts, namely in to the methodological part and the practical part. The methological part is focused on procedures for calculating individual indicators, explanation of financial terms and explanation of methods used. Practical part is focused on company introduction, the analysis of absolute ratios and financial ratios, Du Pont analysis, Altman bankruptcy model and comparasion with a competitors. In the conclusion there is a summarization of the results of the financial analysis.
Analýza trhu práce v JMK - vzdělanost jako faktor nezaměstnanosti
Svobodová, Kristýna
SVOBODOVÁ, K., Analysis of the labour market in JMK - education as a factor of unemployment. Bachelor thesis. Brno, 2014. Bachelor thesis is focused on the unemployment in the South Moravian Region. The aim is to assess the impact of an education on the level of the unemployment. To achieve this aim the questionnaire was conducted. The results show that the less educated people mainly suffer from unemployment; nevertheless university graduates are also exposed to risk of unemployment. Based on the results the recommendations, which could help to reduce unemployment in the region, were proposed
The influence of the fixation of water bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha) on the results of their growth and variability
The main task of this thesis was to investigate the influence of the preservation by ethyl alcohol and dry mounting on the morphometric characteristics of water bugs´ and to test the hypothesis that live individuals and individuals preserved by ethyl alcohol and dry mounted (both groups deal with individuals of the same species, sex and developmental stage) have the same morphometric parameters. The next task was to determine the effect of preparation by ethyl alcohol and dry mounting on the change of weight caused by different way of individuals´ preparation. Two model species of water bugs were chosen for this study: creeping water bug Ilyocoris cimicoides (Naucoridae) and backswimmer Notonecta glauca (Notonectidae). Weight and twelve other morphometric body characters were measured in adults of both sexes of both species. All data and their differences were tested by Student's paired t-test or nonparametric Wilcoxon test. The level of significance p = 0,05 was used for the decision whether the difference before and after preservation by ethyl alcohol and dry mounting is or is not statistically significant. Both preservation by ethyl alcohol and dry mounting influence only the body weight of treated individuals. Other morphometric characters are more or less independent on the way of preservation of water bugs´ individuals in collections. In this work, we also tested the effect of the Dyar rule for the increase in weight and size between different developmental stages of both species studied. Dyar rule for the evolution of both species was not verified. This project was supported by the grant of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic No. P505/10/0096.

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