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Účinek mutací v adipokinetickém hormonu a corazoninovém receptoru na metabolismus sacharidů a lipidů u \kur{D. melanogaster}
In D. melanogaster, metabolic homeostasis is regulated by an interplay between insulin-like peptides and glucagon-like neuropeptides. Here we examined the influence of corazonin receptor (CrzR) mutations on levels of circulating saccharides, circulating lipids and starvation resistance. We also verified the interaction between null mutations of corazonin receptor and adipokinetic hormone and checked their influence on insulin signaling.
Exercise with elderly in residential home with special regime
Svobodová, Karolína ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Majorová, Simona (referee)
Title: Exercise with seniors in a retirement home with a special regime Objective: The main aim of the study was to determine whether seniors with cognitive impairment experience improvements that have a statistical significance in selected components of physical fitness after a three-month exercise program. Furthermore, it was checked whether regular physical activity changes their attitude towards exercise. Methods: The study involved 9 probands (3 of them male) aged 72 to 90 years with cognitive impairment. The probands completed a three-month program (April-June 2022) in which they performed group and seated chair exercises twice a week for sixty minutes. At the beginning and end of the intervention program, they underwent an orientation fitness assessment using the senior fitness test and a questionnaire form on health limitations and attitudes toward exercise. Results: The results of the senior fitness test showed that there was a statistically significant improvement in the parameters of lower limb strength, and agility with dynamic balance. Some improvement was seen in the other parameters, but without the statistical significance. Most probands showed a positive change in their attitude towards physical activity. Keywords: physical activities, older people, Senior fitness test, cognitive...
Thematic composition of school primary prevention programs of risky behavior: research among certified school prevention providers
Svobodová, Karolína ; Kulhánek, Adam (advisor) ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (referee)
Background: The topics of general primary prevention are strongly associated with the concept of nine basic types of risky behavior in professional publications and methodological recommendations. Providers of primary prevention programs may offer topics beyond the basic ones, but previous research does not pay much attention to them. Aims: The aim of the diploma thesis is to map what topics are offered by certified providers of general primary prevention of risky behavior in the Czech Republic and what are the most frequently provided goals of these topics. Next, find out according to what criteria the topics are selected and to what extent the organizations implement programs according to the basic nine types of risky behavior. Methods: This is a quantitative research among certified providers of general primary prevention of risky behavior, which was carried out in two phases. First, a content analysis of the offer sheets took place. The data from the first phase of the research were processed using clustering and simple enumeration. There was also a questionnaire survey among executives. The data collection tool consisted of an online questionnaire created in the Survio platform. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and visualized through graphs created in Microsoft Excel. Results:...
Characteristics of addictive behavior on the Internet of visitors and users of self-help application of Internet counseling service of Addictologal Clinic at Fist Faculty of Medicine
Svobodová, Karolína ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Nevoralová, Monika (referee)
The development of computer technology intervened to socio-psychological and psychiatric fields and gave rise to several types of online counseling and therapy. As the latest trends in online counseling and therapy self created applications in the textile even non textile addiction. In the Czech Republic was the first self-help application in the treatment of no cloth addiction, clinic was founded in Addictology, the first Medical Faculty of Charles University within the Internet counseling. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the data after the first year of self-help application and to describe the demographic characteristics of users, to map incoming user self- motivated applications and types of objects the internet addiction. In the research issues the thesis deals with the analysis of demographic data, determines whether they are represented in all potential target groups, the degree of dependence on the Internet within the file, depending on what kind of Internet application in the present, and finally discovers self-help application users' motives for its use. Data analysis was carried out under conditions completely anonymous and includes both quantitative descriptive statistics and qualitative analysis. The results of socio- demographic data repelled the target group for which...
Application of a securing promissory note in judicial proceedings in the light of recent case law
Svobodová, Karolina ; Zahradníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Elek, Štefan (referee)
AABSTRACTBSTRACT The aim of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive view on the issue of promissory notes as a guarantee in legal relations. It is supposed to serve both the debtor in building up his defense and the creditor in the evaluation of the risks he may face during the application of his promissory note. Apart from reference books and legislation, the main source used is the analysis of the case law and its contribution to the topic. This thesis is divided into four chapters. General issues are the theme of the first chapter with the focus on the signature and necessary entries on the note. Then the core of the hedge bill is questioned, concerning especially the nature of the securing contract, which is the reason of the guarantee function of the note and consequences associated with the transfer of the note. The second chapter is focused on the bilateral rights and obligations connected with the note and its secured claim, the risk of abuse of negotiable instruments and also the admissibility of causal objections in the case of the endorsement. Following that, suggestions of the possible defense against the abuse are proposed. The third chapter is devoted to procedural issues and the specifics of the procedure in this matter. The payment order is then discussed as well as the nature of the...
Female characters in the work of Franz Kafka
Svobodová, Karolína ; Weinberg, Manfred (advisor) ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (referee)
The thesis deals with female characters in selected works by Franz Kafka (1883-1924), the well known representative of the Prague German literature. These works include the short story The Metamorphosis (1915) and the posthumously published novel fragments The Man Who Disappeared (1927), The Trial (1925) and The Castle (1926). The thesis discusses how the individual female characters are portrayed in these texts, what role they play in the protagonist's life and how they influence him. At the forefront, there is an interaction between the male main characters and the female characters. The thesis proceeds mainly in a textanalytical way without making any connections between fictional women in the works of the author and real women in his life. At first, the female characters in each of the selected texts are separately analysed and then they are compared. The conclusion serves for a comparison of all female characters in these works and for a formulation of a general statement about them.
The need of sleep of the patients in the Intensive Care
Svobodová, Karolína ; Hošťálková, Monika (advisor) ; Burišková, Klára (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with the problems of sleep of the patients in intensive care. Sleep is the very basic of human needs and its correct pattern is crucial for any activity of an organism. A person who is sick has an increased need for sleep and are among the most frustrated needs. The theoretical part defines sleep as a basic human need to deal with physiology and sleep disorders. I include a chapter dealing with intensive care and aspects of the environment that affect sleep of the patients. The main objective is to determine whether the need for sleep of the patients is saturated or not. I also set milestones as to gain information regarding patients sleeping pattern at home.To find out, what influence nurses in approaching sleep as a matter and to look for factors that have an influence of some sort from the nurses point of view regarding the sleeping pattern same as from the patients view of the matter. In the empirical part, I reached the set goals through interviews and questionnaires. Thanks to interviews with patients, I discovered that need of sleep of patients in intensive care is not saturated.Out of the 30 respondents I interviewed, 17 of them therefore deemed their sleep as poor and insufficient. I also worked out the factors that have the greatest negative effect on the need of...

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