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Selected aspects of education of mentally disabled pupils in practical school
Svobodová, Ilona ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with selected aspects of education of individuals with special educational needs - pupils with mental disabilities. The theoretical part of the thesis provides an insight into the life of individuals with mental disabilities, describes problems of the target group from the viewpoint of special pedagogy and from the school's viewpoint. Practical part of the diploma thesis provides an insight into a selected school, to show the positives and the problems through the participants in education - pupils with mental disabilities, teachers and parents. The aim of the research is to characterize problems and situations, and to describe the pitfalls of pupils' education in the selected practical school. In order to achieve the goal, it is necessary to collect information about the education proces in the chosen school, to show the pupils' lives and their problems. Then we can make recommendations on improving pupils' support, including the school environment. The diploma thesis is also intended to support students interested in the education in the school - parents and pupils. In the diploma thesis, the methodology of mixed design was used. KEYWORDS Education, pupil, mental handicap, practical school, pupil attitudes
Free time educationalist workshop: The topic of death and dying in literature for children and youngsters.
The main topic of this diploma thesis is death and dying in literature for children and youngsters and it´s usage in Pedagogics of free time. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part´s main aim is the definition of death as a part of life (a brief description of habbits and traditions, including today´s view), psychological perception of death by children of preschool and younger school age and analysis of key topics from chosen works for children and youngsters. The practical part contains a qualitative research (a semi-structured dialog) and a set of methodical sheets from the chosen works, containing their verification in praxis, including reflexion.
The influence of the school climate on the quality of integration of a handicapped pupil
Svobodová, Ilona ; Vítečková, Michaela (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee)
AND KEYWORDS This diploma thesis deals with the impact of school climate that has a strong effect on the success in integration of handicapped pupil into the mainstream school. In this respect main terms which are related to "school climate" and "integration" are defined. Work more specifically focuses on individual types of handicaps, analyses principles of various handicaps and specific educational requirements needed for social relations. It furthers deals with the subjectivity of success in integration. Presented diploma thesis further concentrates on the social status of the handicapped pupil among his schoolmates, his social interactions and the role of the teacher as the main factor in the problem of integration. Empirical survey is oriented in a narrative way; the key method used is narrative dialogue, as it is able to recognise autobiographical experience of respondents. Each narrative dialogue is interpreted and completed by narrative reconstruction of core narration. Keywords: - school climate - integration and inclusion - pupil with specific educational requirements - handicap, disablement - success in school integration - family - school - teacher - chicane - relations among schoolmates - diagnosis of school climate - narrative attitude - narrative dialogue
Information to be found in folk chronicles at the foothills of the Orlické Hory mountains in the 18th century
Svobodová, Ilona ; Horský, Jan (referee) ; Maur, Eduard (advisor)
The goal ofthis Degree Work is to show (through an analysis of eleven folk chronicles originating from the foothi11s of the Orlické Hory Mountains) how country people of that time coped with the rapid course of events in the 18th century - what impression was left on their minds by numerous armed conflicts (the War of Austrian Succession, the Seven Years' War, the Prussian Invasion in 1778 to 1779) that often hit this region, how the people responded to famines, climate fluctuations, celestial phenomena, how they faced up to the disturbance of their traditional way of life and to the disturbance of natural development of the society by the rapid changes caused by the Enlightenment reforms, and last but not least, what they were interested in and what they were thinking about in periods of re1ative quiet. Folk chronic1es are valuable, but for the time being, often neglected sources ofhistorical information that can help lift a little the veil ofless know aspects ofhuman history. By their character, they are subjective, private and unprofessional works often created by people with limited education, of various professions, various social positions, residences (towns, villages), etc. which considerably influenced their records. The beginnings of the interest of the Czech historiography in folk chronicles date...
Increasing the Company’s Competitive Strength
Svobodová, Ilona ; Radiměřský, Miroslav (referee) ; Zich, Robert (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with evaluation of current situation of the Geprostav Hodonín v.o.s. company in its competitive environment. Based on the analysis of microeconomic and macroeconomic aspects, it examines the competitive strength of the company. According to the findings reccommendations to strenghten its competitiveness in the future are suggested.
Company Analysis and Realization of Changes
Staněk, Miroslav ; Svobodová, Ilona (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
The subject of this master thesis is the anlysis of the chosen company and realization of changes. The main change is the implementation of e-commmerce. On the basis of this thesis should be the firm able to realize its web e-commerce that will lead to a stable firm position on the market and to increase of the capital as well as the reputation of the company with potential customers.
The Implementation of Socio-therapeutic Activities in Early Intervention Centers.
An early care is discussed more often in the last few years. Both specialists and non-professionals are aware of its importance in development of a child with its specific needs. However almost no one knows about actual services which can be provided by the early care. Most people learn about them when they or someone close to them start to use them. This thesis has a theoretical and a practical part. It focuses on services which are offered by the early care. In the theoretical part I focused on questions, what is the early care, what are its aims, forms, principles, standards, programs, functions and purposes. In the practical part I gave attention to particular providers of social service of the early care in the south of Bohemia. I tried to map forms of implemented socially therapeutic activities. I chose qualitative research and a method of semi- standardized interview which was made with managers or representatives of centres. I obtained information about socially therapeutic services and their implementation. I recorded services preferred by social workers and their reasons. It emerges from discussions that social workers favour mainly stays and socially therapeutic activities. I also found future plans of providers of social service of the early care. These plans very often depend on financial funds. I also made a few suggestions which could help to improve services of providers of the early care in the south of Bohemia.

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