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Teaching mathematics with the support of outdoor elements
Smetanová, Eliška ; Jirotková, Darina (advisor) ; Slezáková, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with outdoor teaching of mathematics at primary school level. It develops the current interest in outdoor teaching using current innovative learning methods. Its focus is to serve as an inspirational resource for teaching mathematics in the area where a pupil grows up and, on the contrary, to learn about his surroundings through teaching mathematics. It relies partly on teaching via schema-oriented education, but seeks to demonstrate the benefits of outdoor teaching regardless of the style of teaching. It describes and analyzes the specific features, benefits and challenges associated with outdoor learning. The work uses Czech and foreign sources to familiarize the reader with the basic phenomena that arise in connection with the learning process. Their role is pointed out on specific outdoor activities. Detailed analyzes of these activities work in the broader sense as examples of how to lead pupils to enjoy understanding mathematical laws in a non-school environment.
Support forfamilieswith a childwith disabilitiesadvisory system SPC
This thesis deals with support for families with a child with disabilities in the guidance system of special educational centers. These issues form an integral part of families with a disabled child. Special pedagogical centers are educational institutions providing assistance and support to clients with disabilities and their families. It is not always enough support and assistance focused on families of clients, even though the precise standard service centers are set by law. Failure to provide standardized services may result in a limitation of sovereignty legal representatives. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. This work aims to present the specifics of a disabled child in the development, psychosocial specifics of families due to restrictions and on the basis of existing legislation to compare the standard activity of special education centers with real support. The practical part of the proposal was to create a website content for parents of children with disabilities. The practical part was needed rozpravovat on partial objective, which was to give an analysis of the needs of parents with children with disabilities by monitoring the discussion forum via the social network Facebook group Parents of disabled children and people with disabilities unite. The obtained data was then used, as a practical basis for fulfilling practical goals. The theoretical part describes the types of disability and disabled child deviations in development. He also discusses the family with a child with disabilities. Finally, it describes a system for advising families with a child with disabilities, which is marginally touches on early care and educational-psychological counseling centers. Detail touches special educational centers. The practical part was processed by analysis of publicly available documents of special education centers and structured interviews with workers on the job psychologist and a special education teacher. It deals with providing services to the legal guardians of a child with disabilities. It was also used a comparison of the results with supportive measures, established by the legislature of the standard activities of special education centers. Based on the quantitative survey, it was found that special education centers provide only some, saving the selected standard services. The operational objective observation technique was used when I tried this technique to uncover the specific needs of the legal guardians of children with disabilities. The results of observation were used as the basis for a realistic proposal for the content of websites for legal representatives of children with disabilities.

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