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Dostoevsky's Double and it's film version
Bohuslav, Vojtěch ; MRAVCOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; RYŠAVÝ, Martin (referee)
This thesis‘s primary concern is the novel ‚Double‘ by F. M. Dostoevsky and it’s film adaptation by Richard Ayoade. Firstly it focuses on the novel’s literary predecessors. The major interest of the very analysis of The Double is it‘s main figure – mr. Goljadkin. It also tries to point out the challenges of the potential adaptation. Then it attempts to grasp the fundamental ,shift‘, that the director Ayoade carried out while making the Double a movie. The last part of the Thesis contains a theme for the author’s original film version of the Double.
Taxation of Incomes from Royalties
Tesařová, Hana ; Ryšavý, Martin (referee) ; Brychta, Karel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue taxation of royalties. The thesis describes the legislation that is affecting the taxation of royalties. These are the international, union and internal legislation which are mutually compared with each other. In proposed methodology is presented the application process of the relevant legislation. Subsequently are solved the practical examples that deal with the issue taxation of resident and non-resident of the Czech Republic with revenues from royalties.
Old Age in Czech Cinema
Jestřábová, Iva ; RYŠAVÝ, Martin (advisor) ; MRAVCOVÁ, Marie (referee)
ABSTRACT The main topic of this diploma thesis is the analysis of the ways old-age and its attributes are represented in current Czech cinema when compared to newest sociological data on Czech seniors. The work attempts to find out whether the way seniors are presented in films corresponds to reality and if not, what are the reasons behind it. It also addresses topics such as the specific traits of the current generation of Czech seniors, their economic, social and family situation and the way these are reflected in Czech films. The thesis also looks at more general topics such as old age and gender, loneliness or freedom and last but not least analyzes the methods that filmmakers used to portray the themes of memory and reminiscing in their films.
The End of the World - Searching for Structure
Dodova, Borjana ; Ryšavý, Martin (advisor) ; Šerý, Ladislav (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyze catastrophic thinking in wider sociocultural context. It discovers parallels among physiological, polical and artistic interpretations. The Cold War is used as an real example of how could the world end. The text describes how improvisation leads to truly postmodern thinking.
Road Movie
Kajánková, Lucia ; Ryšavý, Martin (advisor) ; Jech, Pavel (referee)
The thesis devotes itself to the analysis of the road movie film genre, restricted to American cinema, that has been the primary ground of the genre since its establishment in the late 1960's. It presents detailed characterization of its sources and typical traits, summarizes its historical development and analyses its attributes, components and techniques, using examples from actual road movies. The thesis' focus is especially directed at the character and the generic protagonist twosome model of the road movie - the breakdown provides typology of characters and their relationships, as well as derives sub-caterories of the genre, while as resolution identifies the basic core characteristics of the protagonist(s) in their being an outsider. This key determination has its wide spectrum spread across the genre's history, as exemplified by films, that were employed for the protagonist sorting. The complex exploration of the road movie genre, with focus on the character, provided the basis a tools for a separate analysis of a specific breaking point in the development of the genre - the introducing of characters, whose genre typical outsider definition is bound is hardwired in their sexual identity. The historical moment is the start of the 1990's, when the films Thelma & Louise (1991), directed by Ridley Scott with the screenplay by Callie Khouri, Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho (1991) and The Living End (1992) by Gregg Araki emerged. A case study is devoted to each of the films, focusing on their treatment of the road movie genre and the significance of the radical innovation in protagonist designation, the protagonists being women in the first film, homosexual men in the two others.
Scenario - text which doesnt exist
Provazník, Ondřej ; Dufek, Jiří (advisor) ; Ryšavý, Martin (referee)
A subjectively toned essay is focused on relation between a script and its realization. The corpus of the text is mainly made of comparative analyses of scripts and films ? particularly Ryna, Děti noci (Night Owls) and Děvčátko (Girlie), and a theoretical chapter inspired by P. P. Pasolini?s essay The Scenario as a Structure Designed to Become Another Structure. Enclosed is an extensive interview with Ivan Passer, script-writer and director.

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