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Air conditioning of storage hall with controlled air humidity
Otava, Jiří ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on design of air condition equipment for multifunctional building in Brno suburb. For design purposes of this building there are combined air conditioning with fan coil unit and air condition equipment used. Part of thesis is focused on controlled air humidity in storage hall. The theoretical part is focused on water system of cooling. The project part contains a project documentation of air conditioning equipment.
Air condition of bank
Josef, Michal ; Rubinová, Olga (referee) ; Uher, Pavel (advisor)
This work is focused on designing an air conditionning system for bank so as to meet functional, hygienic, architectural and operational requirements for microclimate of officer building. The main tasks of the device are covering heat gain of area of the bank in the summer and transportation of fresh air into the room. The system is also designed to cover the winter heat gains. The theoretical part is about the production of cold water for cooling buldings and the practical part contains two desings of ventilation and air conditioning system for bank. The result of this work is detailed design work for two air conditioning equipments for specified object.
Air condition of lodging house
Horká, Lucie ; Rubinová, Olga (referee) ; Šikula, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the air condition of the lodging house. Design is specialy focused on guest rooms, common areas and the apartment of manager. The project deals with ventilation units, including heat recovery, chillers and the heat source. Designed facilities in the lodging house have achieved the optimum microclimate in the summer and also in the winter.
Ventilation of multifunctional building
Palík, Lukáš ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with air multifunctional building with two floors. The building is divided in terms of ventilation to 4 devices, HVAC equipment is designed to ensure minimum hygiene change of air. In winter ventilation system covers the ventilation heat losses. In the investigated rooms is designed in the form of air conditioning units with internal SPLIT vapor units and condensing units are outdoor. Split system used to cover the heat load of the external and internal environments and to cover the heat load ventilation air-handling system.
Ventilation in Building for Education
Veselský, Marek ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to design an air conditioning system in the Buildinig for Education. This system ensures air conditioning of congress hall and classrooms and forced ventilation of corridor with sanitary rooms. It ensures appropriate microclimate in the building.
Air condition of multifunctional building
Junek, Jan ; Rubinová, Olga (referee) ; Uher, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor's work is made for project of air-conditioning system for polyfunctional building. There is designed warmed air heating, warmed airing and circulation of air for office spaces, relax room and industrial hall in the polyfunctional building. Project part includes realization of airconditioning devices.
Ventilation in sports facility
Frühauf, Patrik ; Šikula, Ondřej (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with ventilation in sports facility. The objective of this work is to design two or three air-conditioning units in the part of assigned building. The bachelor thesis is divided into three main parts: theoretical part, calculation part and project.The theme for theoretical part is air distribution. Attention is especially devoted to airflow in a room, piping system and distribution elements. The calculation part is practically focused on designing of air-condition units. The last part of bachelor thesis is formed as documentation for sports facility.
Ventilation of Cultural Centre
Hodula, Jakub ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of ventilation for the cultural center, located in Prague 6 - Dejvice. The center consists of entrance hall, restaurant, conference room, sanitary facilities, restaurant facilities, facilities for performers and from the main hall with a vestibule. I solved the zone in detail the main hall and vestibule zone of sanitary facilities in the first basement floor. The main hall is air-conditioned vestibule with central air-conditioning equipment. Sanitary hot air is ventilated with air-conditioning equipment installed under the ceiling structure. The vestibule is partially air-conditioned central air handling units and fan coils partially located in the lower ceiling. Hall capacity is 173 persons and 68 persons foyer. The cooling source is a block unit. In winter, the hall, lobby and sanitary hot air ventilation. The building is heated with central heating converters in the hall and vestibule with radiator in hygienic facilities. In the theoretical part of the topic I worked in air distribution components, where I discussed the types of distribution of elements, their location and distribution of the type and scope of the current.
Air-condioning of Congress Centre
Kovářík, Tomáš ; Plášek,, Josef (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The objective of this thesis is the design of the air-conditioning system for the Congress Centre. The conference hall with attached toilets and swimming pool hall were dealt within the design of this building.
Air-conditioning of Department store
Chorý, Vojtěch ; Rubina,, Aleš (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is design of air-condition equipment for veterinary clinic. The clinic is located on the first floor of a multifunctional building in Brno city. For design purposes is used warm-air heating, air-conditioning and forced air-replacement. The theoretical part is focused on clean room issue. The Project part contains a project documentation for realization of two air-conditioning equipment. The first air-conditioning equipment is designed for warm-air heating and air-conditionig of clean rooms. The second air-conditioning equipment provides forcer air-replacement of the clinic.

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