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Teaching of French pronounciation aimed at nasal vowels
Rychtaříková, Jana ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (advisor) ; Nováková, Sylva (referee)
TITLE: Teaching of French pronunciation aimed at nasal vowels SUMMARY: The thesis deals with the issues of French pronunciation teaching at Czech schools. The theoretical part is aimed at teaching of pronunciation, the key concepts of phonetics and its importance in learning of foreign language. Then the thesis deals with the base of French phonetic system, especially the nasal vowels, the comparison of Czech and French phonetics and the main methods of teaching phonetics. The nasal vowels and their pronunciation are the starting point for the practical part - research in the field of the ability of Czech students to recognize and pronounce the nasal vowels in a good way. The research is based on 95 recordings of Czech students from different classes (from high school to bachelor's programme). KEYWORDS: French language, phonetics, phonology, teaching of phonetics, nasal vowels
Tax on financial transactions
Rychtaříková, Jana ; Novotný, Petr (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Pavlína (referee)
The goal of the diploma thesis is the characterization of the tax on financial transactions with its origins. The main content lies primarily in the description of the tax on financial transactions within the frame of the enhanced cooperation of some of the member states of the European Union and assessment of the assumed impacts of its implementation. The first chapter describes in more detail the development in the international field after the financial crisis which attracted attention to the various ways of taxation of financial sector. Options that were considered are briefly summarized in this chapter and then the detailed attention is paid to the path chosen by the European Union, i.e. the tax on financial transactions. The second chapter of the thesis examines the aspects of the enhanced cooperation and its specifics in comparison with the whole-union system. The chapter is finished with the case of the European Court of Justice where the claim of Great Britain disputing the conformity of the Council's decision approving the enhanced cooperation with the law and the principles of functioning of the European Union is decided. The main elements of the tax are analyzed in the third and the fourth chapter in accordance with the directives on which they are based. These two chapters which are more of the...
The Development of Pronunciation Practice in Theaching German in Basic Schools
This bachelor work is concerned with the development of German pronunciation practice at elementary schools. Theoretical part describes phonetic phenomena that are usually the cause of problems for Czech students when learning German pronunciation. It is based on the typology of exercise by Ursula Hirschfeld and it sums up the most important principles of the pronunciation exercise. The practical part includes the analysis of two textbooks Deutch mit Max and Macht mit! This thesis evaluates the number of each phonetic exercise in each textbook and exercise book. It then compares that number to the total number of these exercises in the whole set of textbooks. It describes the phonetic states that are exercised in the textbooks and which exercises are not included. It then classifies these exercises according to Prof. Ursula Hirschfeld. In the second part, there are at least two types of exercise suggested for each phenomenon.
The analysis of investment certificates traded on the Czech market
Rychtaříková, Jana ; Radová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Dobrovolný, Marek (referee)
This thesis deals with investment certificates traded on the Czech stock exchange. Firstly, the thesis introduces characteristic of basic types of investment certificates focusing on the certificates traded in the Czech Republic. The elementary features of their functions and their relations to the underlying assets are described. The profitability of each type of certificate is represented in the diagram for better comprehension. In the practical part, the investment certificates quoted on the Prague Stock Exchange are presented providing key characteristics as issue date, maturity date, issuer, subscription ratio and underlying asset. The last chapter is devoted to the profitability of particular certificates in comparison with each other and with alternative investment in underlying assets. Past experience with already paid certificates is also mentioned.

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