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Remuneration and Motivation in the Public Sector
Chráska, Michal ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The subject of this thesis is to analyze the current evaluation and remuneration of employees in the public sector. In theoretical part I focuse on the description of the basic terms associated with motivation and remuneration, the content of this section is also a description of motivational theories. Further, I describe remuneration in general and also specify remuneration in the public sector. In the practical part I analyze motivation and remuneration in selected public sector organization, which will focus on the use of financial and non-financial instruments as means of motivation. Then I will evaluate the situation and try to develop proposals to improve the non-financial and partly financial motivation, used at the municipal office Náchod.
Options for Accommodation of Student of Faculty of Management of Prague School of Economics in Jindřichův Hradec
Mašková, Michaela ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The aim of this thesis is the summation of accommodation opportunities for students of the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec with regard to the form of study (full-time, part-time). To evaluate the pros and cons of different types of accommodation facilities, capacity, services, pricing policy with regard to the overall availability of these accommodation facilities. To get all the information to analyze existing student accommodation in both forms of study. In the case of the prevailing negative comments will be proposed future prospects to improve the situation.
Association of Municipalities
Václavovský, Jan ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The bachelor thesis analyzes the cooperation of municipalities between themselves or with other entities. Next goal is setting reasons which led them to using exactly this type of cooperation and reasons which led the members to join the association. The basic components of this thesis are evaluation of the present situation, benefits for their members, projects of this cooperation that has already been done and some recommendation from their members, in case they have comments.
Local Charges
Kuchařík, Tomáš ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's work is to analyze the efficiency of selecting local taxes in municipalities up to 3,000 inhabitants, located in the South Moravian Region. The theoretical part explains concepts related to local taxes, their legislation and the issue of generally binding regulations of local charges. Furthermore, administrative costs and their measurement are defined and the methodology, by which the effectiveness is analyzed, is described. The practical section provides the data needed for calculation and the process of evaluating the effectiveness of selecting local taxes. Following research carried out in 48 municipalities from the South Moravian Region, where is evaluated the effectiveness of selection of particular local charges, that is, if the local charge revenue exceeds the administrative costs incurred for its selection.
Effect of incentive payments systems on waste sorting
Šimonová, Veronika ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The empiric research on which this bachelor thesis is based focused primarily on finding out whether financial incentive systems applied in the calculation of fees payable for the collection and disposal of municipal waste have any effect on the attitude of the Czech population to waste sorting. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts related to municipal waste services and their management, including the fees charged for these services by municipalities, and the methods of calculating the fees for the use of these services. The practical part contains an analysis of concrete systems of financial incentives, as may be used as the base for quantitative research conducted with the aid of a questionnaire. The answers obtained from respondents are used for substantiation and evaluation of predetermined research projects.
Municipalities round about the Temelín Nuclear Power Station
Trávníčková, Anna ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The object of this thesis is to examine positive and negative impact of the Temelín Nuclear Power Station on the local municipalities. A thesis rests on knowledge of public administration, externalities, municipalities and economy of municipalities. The fulfilling of aim is achieved by convenient indicators.
Analysis of the Investment Activities of the City of Prague
Baumann, Martin ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the management of the Capital City of Prague in the years 2009-2010 with emphasis on capital expenditure of the city. The main target of this thesis is to analyse and to evaluate management and investment activity of the City of Prague. The bachelor's thesis consists of two parts - theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part defines terms related to organization of public sector in Czech Republic, municipal budgets and methods of appraisal of management of territorial self-government. This theoretical knowledge is subsequently applied in practical part of the bachelor's thesis. At the beginning there is briefly introduced a history and current organization of the Capital City of Prague. Afterwards the bachelor's thesis is focused on analyses of budgets, analyses of capital revenue and expenditure and particular indicators of financial analysis. In conclusion there is evaluated the management of the city and eventually there are the proposals of measures to its improvement.
Marketing Mix in a chosen Building Firm
Ďurková, Denisa ; Vlnas, Pavel (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The subject of this thesis is handling the marketing mix in selected construction company Nasavrcká stavební Ltd., based in Horní Bradlo. Commercial Register states that its business as: installation, repair and inspection of electrical equipment, joinery, carpentry, metalworking, construction, modification and removal. The basic aim of this thesis is the analysis of the marketing mix in this company and to propose possible improvements. The work is divided into several parts. The first part is theoretically summarize the problem of marketing, marketing environment and marketing mix. The second part focuses on the analysis of the marketing mix in company Nasavrcká stavební Ltd. a description of the proposals on improving its current form.
Electronic Books
Sobotková, Kateřina ; Pokorný, Pavel (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
My bachelor thesis is devoted to ebooks. It elaborates on the format of ebooks and the sources from which it can be obtained. There are also analyzed the reasons why the books are digitized and the ways in which digitisation is performed. One chapter is also devoted to ebook readers and other devices and computer software on which one can read ebooks. The practical part contains the price setting of ebooks and assessment of the situation on the market for ebooks in the Czech Republic and abroad. The price setting of ebooks is applied to a particular numerical example. The main part is the survey among students of universities in the Czech Republic. Further aim of my thesis is to evaluate the situation on the ebooks market and to conduct a survey about attitudes towards ebooks among students of universities.
Remuneration of Employees in Public Administration
Klvaňová, Markéta ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Vlnas, Pavel (referee)
The work deals with the theory of public administration in the Czech Republic. It deals with remuneration of public employees, salary system and various surcharges to the salary. It also explains the legislation of the issue. Theoretical knowledge is practically applied in the illustration of calculation councilor's salary for the position of mayor. The practical part of the work is based on a survey of remuneration of public employees in municipalities with less than 1 000 inhabitants in selected regions. The objective of the work is to valorize the remuneration according to various criteria and detection, whether the remuneration differs distinctively between particular regions.

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