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Monitoring of sheep in the West Bohemian region of the Czech Republic
Vaštová, Anna ; Fantová, Milena (advisor) ; Ptáček, Martin (referee)
This work is divided into two parts and focuses on breeds which are kept in west of the Czech Republic. First part is dedicated to importance of sheep breeding. In this part the work is also focused mainly on meat, milk and wool as main commodities. The work occupied with system of sheep breeding as well, e.g. chalet system, and it describes different kinds of their raising. One part is also dedicated to history focused on increasing population in the Czech Republic and change in structure of breeds during certain periods. Very important is transition of breeds in 20th century. The other chapters focus on breeds raised in the west of Czech Republic and their characteristic. There are seven breeds, which are analysed deeper and which are, speaking about population, more important. We are talking about breeds such as lacaune, dairy breed, charollais and suffolk, meat breeds, bergschaf, merinolandschaf and romney, combined breeds. There are also briefly described the problems of housing, nutrition and veterinary issues. In the second part work focuses on current situation of sheep breeding and its population. There are raised mainly Šumava sheep, whose have rich tradition, in the west of Czech Republic. We found there 1168 female. The work is also mentioning pasturing CHKO and NP, which became integral to these districts. The last chapter is dedicated to efficiency of sheep breeding and specially control over efficiency of milk breeds, such as lacaune, and control over efficiency of population growth, fertility and production of wool.
Issues of Heat sheep breeding
Křečková, Kateřina ; Fantová, Milena (advisor) ; Ptáček, Martin (referee)
The aim of my thesis was to find and evaluate available information on breeding the German Grey Heath Sheep in the Czech Republic and other countries of its current expansion. The thesis according to available literature describes and evaluates all the characteristics of the German Grey Heath Sheep, its exterior, productive or reproductive performance, expansion in the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland.
Analysis of reproductive traits in selected sheep breeds
Bubeníčková, Gabriela ; Ptáček, Martin (advisor) ; Ducháček, Jaromír (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is a literary review and summary of current knowledge of reproduction in selected sheep breeds, namely breeds Romney and Suffolk, definition of the different reproduction indicators and description of the internal and external factors that affect them. Another goal is to make, based on the information gathered, an overall assessment of the reproduction standard of selected sheep breeds of breeders in the Czech Republic. The period assessed is 2010 - 2014, and the monitored reproduction indicators are: the percentage of fertilization, fertility, strength, rearing and also the birthweight of lambs. Furthermore, the thesis describes the basics of reproduction of Romney and Suffolk sheep and the factors affecting reproduction. For the basis of this thesis were used the documents from the sheep and goats year book. Suffolk breed is the most numerous meat breed in the Czech Republic. The assessment shows that the Suffolk breed achieved better results than Romney breed only in the percentage of fertility. In other indicators breed Romney showed better results. The greatest differences were in percentage of fertilization and fertility. At the percentage of intensity, the results were comparable with the exception of year 2014. The percentage of rearing was significantly better in the Romney breed in the years 2011 and 2014. The results of lambs birthweight did not show big differences; the weight of both breeds was around 3,1 to 3,2 kg. Suffolks have been particularly reared for their outstanding meat yield and therefore do not achieve as good results as the Romney breed, which is thanks to its good reproductive and maternal characteristics used in the maternal position. To improve the percentage of fertilization it would be appropriate to eliminate the number of pregnant ewe in the herds. It is also necessary to ensure high quality and sufficient quantity of feed, to ensure proper animal welfare and selecting proven sheep breeding ram for conceiving.
Problematics of meat sheep breeds
Picurová, Daniela ; Ptáček, Martin (advisor) ; Nohejlová, Lenka (referee)
Bachelor´s degree thesis has been elaborated as a literature review of accessible specialised sources. It dealt with a sum of recent findings concerning the breeding the meat-producing races of the sheep, which is rapidly developing after 1990. Introduction established the structure of sheep races bred in the Czech republic and their classification according to the production performance. The thesis is focused on meat-producing races of the sheep, the most important among them being characterised verbosely. Within the frame of the thesis topic, the performance features were defined. The main part of the thesis dealt with the meat production performance and breed reproduction, which affect the breeding economy. The aim of the thesis was to determine the major factors influencing reproduction and production properties of the breeding material. We have found out, according to specialised literature, that breed, sex, number of lambs per brood and the fattening manner produced the significant effects on the live weight of lambs. The body condition score of mothers had no significant effect in the time of gravidity. The results of the studies indicate that live weight of mothers, age of mothers and lambing season affect significantly the vitality of lambs and their growing disposition consequently the breed economy. Based on the available literature it seems to be an interesting issue early breed ewe lambs, a category that has not been adequately studied. It would therefore be potentially interesting to examine this issue further.
Analysis of hobby sheep breeds
Lejsalová, Ludmila ; Ptáček, Martin (advisor) ; Ducháček, Jaromír (referee)
This bachelor thesis is a literature review about small-scale sheep keeping and sheep breeds, that are the most frequent for these activity. In this thesis are described following breeds: Cameroon sheep, Heidschnucke, Shetland sheep, Ouessant sheep, Jacob sheep and Kerry Hill sheep. Information was drawn from available literature and from personally visited breeding. This thesis is a summary of available information about history of sheep breeding and beginning of small-scale keeping. They are founded as a free time activity or for concrete utility. The main part is made as a complete presentation of each breed. It contains section about its history and world spread. Other information are focused on characteristic and breeding of each breed. In a small-scale sheep keeping are used often primitive breeds that are strong and adaptable therefore even unskilled breeder can start a new breeding. Furthermore, there is describtion of history and actual information about breeding in the Czech Republic. The thesis is focused on utility of every described breed. Numbers of these breeds increase worldwide, even though some of them were almost extinct. Data from Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders show that small-scale sheep breeding is more popular every year in the Czech Republic. At present expands sheep breeding as a hobby or as a effort of food self-sufficiency. In available literature are these breeds mentioned only marginally. But because of their increasing popularity is important to pay attentation to them.
Fireplace Inserts
Ptáček, Martin ; Štelcl, Otakar (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is examination of automatic controller in various operating modes on fireplace inlay Venus 12.1.W. The work compares few measurement, always with measurment without automatic controller In this measurements are evaluated the emissions of CO, CO2, oxygen content in the flue duct gasses and the temperature in the flue duct are listed here and the efficiency is calculated for different operating modes. Conclusion contains overall summary of this thesis. At the end there is a search of manufacturers not only in Czech Republic
Evulation of the Financial Situation in the Firm and Proposals to its Improvement
Ovesný, Martin ; Ptáček, Martin (referee) ; Solař, Jan (advisor)
This thesis assess the financial situation of the company ELSEREMO, a.s. in the years 2001 to 2005 at the basis of selected methods of the financial analysis. It includes proposals of possible solutions of identified problems which should result in the improvement of financial situation of the firm in future years.
Cogeneration power plant
Ptáček, Martin ; Pospíšil, Jiří (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with heat and power supply of the family house, which uses natural gas.The first part reveals cogeneration technology in general, especially cogeneration unit based on gas-engine (internal combustion engine).In the second part, the thesis focuses on energy budget (power-balance sheet) issue. Finally, the third and fourth chapter, deal with particular calculation of usability of cogeneration unit in the small family house. Due to a small final financial difference and large investment costs, with such a low heat and power consumption, this technology is unsuitable for this type of usage.
Trendy v technologiích vývoje webových aplikací
Kovář, Petr ; Hamerník, Petr (advisor) ; Ptáček, Martin (referee)
Tato písemná práce se zabývá současnými možnostmi vývoje webových aplikací a je souhrnným popisem různých technologií, frameworků webových aplikací a skriptovacích jazyků na straně serveru. V první části práce jsou vysvětleny hlavní vlastnosti jazyka PHP a technologie ASP. Další část je věnována technologiím a frameworkům jako jsou JavaServer Pages, Java Servlety, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP frameworky Prado a Zend, Struts a javovský framework JavaServer Faces. Poslední část je o AJAXu, který se stal dnes velmi populárním. Tato práce není tutoriálem či sbírkou příslušných kódů, ale pouze základním popisem v textu zmiňovaných technologií. Hlavním cílem je shrnout dnešní možnosti ve vývoji webových aplikací. Tento cíl byl dosažen studiem oficiálních webových stránek, referenčních manuálů, ukázek kódu, článků a osobní zkušeností. Písemná práce obsahuje slovník pojmů a zkratek.
Měnové opce
Ptáček, Martin ; Málek, Jiří (advisor) ; Witzany, Jiří (referee)
Diplomová práce pojednává o problematice měnových opcí. Zaměřuje se na jejich charakteristiku, vlastnosti a metody oceňování. Dále jsou zde uvedeny některé opční strategie a též i nejdůležitější exotické opce.

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