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The LiOh influence in alkaline accumulators
Prchal, Jiří ; Čech, Ondřej (referee) ; Pléha, David (advisor)
The deal of this thesis is study of the influence of LiOH added to electrolyte on Ni-Cd batteries. In theoretical part are analyzed properties of Ni-Cd accumulators in strong alkaline surroundings, especially with emphasis on structure changing of NiOH2 and NiOOH. In the second part of theoretical are also described methods for depositing Ni layers. In practical part electro-chemical spectrum and mass changing on Quartz crystal microbalance are measured by cyclic voltammetry method during charge/discharge process. The process of cation integration to the positive electrode structure in KOH, NaOH and CsOH electrolyte including related structural changes are observed.
Zinc based negative electrode for alkaline accumulators
Prchal, Jiří ; Svoboda, Vít (referee) ; Špičák, Petr (advisor)
The object of this project is research and preparation of the permanent zinc electrode in a strong alkaline surrounding for the usage in Ni-Zn accumulators. This system is characterized by a low overall ecological impact on environment, higher specific energy and higher electromotive force than nowadays commonly used systems (lead, nickel-cadmium). The goal of this project is to originate a new procedure, which will make possible to steady a zinc electrode. Every research faces a problem shaping changes of zinc electrode during cycling and related low cycle life. This work consists of the theoretical part, in which is explained a basic accumulators mechanism and practical part, in which is described performed research.
Preparation and characterization of Lu2Ir2O7 single crystals
Hájek, Filip ; Klicpera, Milan (advisor) ; Prchal, Jiří (referee)
Present thesis is focused on the synthesis and characterization of Lu2Ir2O7 single crystals as a part of a broader study of rare-earth A2Ir2O7 pyrochlore iridates, where A = Y, La-Lu. These materials, crystallizing in the geometrically frustrated pyrochlore lattice and with electronic properties being shaped by strong spin-orbit interaction, have attracted considerable attention of the condensed matter community. The investigation of Lu2Ir2O7 with nonmagnetic Lu3+ cations is crucial in order to reveal the physical properties connected to magnetism of solely the Ir sublattice. The physical properties connected to the Ir sublattice are essential for a proper interpretation of the complex properties of other A2Ir2O7 with magnetic rare-earth cations. For the first time, large good-quality Lu2Ir2O7 single crystals were synthesized by means of the flux method. Their stoichiometry and crystal structure were characterized by means of Laue diffraction and energy-dispersive X-ray technique. Magnetic properties were investigated employing magnetization measurements under ZFC and FC regimes. A bifurcation between ZFC and FC magnetizations was revealed at TIr = 130(1) K, indicating magnetic ordering of the Ir sublattice. Investigating single crystals, the anisotropy effects were studied for the first time. Significantly...
Structural changes in intermetallic compounds
Doležal, Petr ; Prchal, Jiří (advisor) ; Daniš, Stanislav (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the study of the structural phase transitions in intermetallic compounds LaPd2(Al,Ga)2 by low-temperature x-ray powder diffraction and macroscopic measurements on single crystals. The results obtained from powder diffraction at room temperature confirm that the compounds crystallize in tetragonal CaBe2Ge2 structure type (space group P4/nmm). At low temperature all the compounds undergo the same structural phase transition by lowering the symmetry to the orthorhombic space group Cmma. Although the structural transformation is of first order, the transition is not-manifested in step-like change of the phase at a certain temperature, but occurs in a broader temperature interval. In this interval the different phases coexist and transform gradually from high- to low- temperature phase. After application of hydrostatic pressure the structural transition is shifted to higher temperatures. Despite that the low temperature structures are of the same type, there is a difference between compounds containing Ga and Al in the discontinuity of the lattice parameters resulting in a distinct anomaly in electrical resistivity. In pressures >0.6 GPa this characteristic anomaly on single crystalline CePd2Al2 is changed, indicating a pressure- induced change of the low-temperature...
Determination of crystal field parameters in selected tetragonal compounds
Zubáč, Jan ; Javorský, Pavel (advisor) ; Prchal, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with a crystal electric field and its effect on magnetic properties of the in- termetalic tetragonal rare-earth compounds. Using the self-flux method we have prepared single crystals of two R2TIn8 type compounds, namely Nd2RhIn8 and Nd2IrIn8. These compounds or- der antiferromagnetically in low-temperature region. We have verified a proper structure through EDX analysis, X-ray powder diffraction and Laue diffraction method. Calculations of the crystal field parametres based on experimental magnetic susceptibilities data were performed. Apart from Nd2RhIn8, we have computed crystal field parameters for isostructural Nd2CoIn8 and Dy2CoIn8 compounds and cerium compound CeCuAl3. These compounds are studied simultaneously at our department.
The development of magnetic behavior in the PrNi1-xCuxAl compounds
Fikáček, Jan ; Javorský, Pavel (advisor) ; Prchal, Jiří (referee)
In the present work we studied magnetic properties of the substituted PrNi1-xCuxAl series. A very interesting behavior had been reported in the previously studied systems with the same substitution, but with different rare earths contained, e.g. loss of long range order for certain concentrations of copper. We prepared polycrystalline samples of the PrNi1-xCuxAl (x = 0.1 - 0.9, 9 different stoichiometries) and measured them using X-ray diffraction, specific heat, magnetization and AC susceptibility. Additionally, powder neutron diffraction measurement on PrNi0.2Cu0.8Al sample was performed in ILL (Institut Laue Langevin) in Grenoble. Results of measurements on these compounds show on the presence of a long order in case of compounds with x = 0.1 - 0.4 below the ordering temperatures in the range of 3.4 - 5 K. Measurements of AC susceptibility and neutron diffraction revealed the loss of long range order in the rest of the series. In these compounds, the development of a spin glass state occurs below the temperatures between 3.4 and 4.5 K.
New magnetic state of intermetallics - parimagnetism - in RCo2-type compound
Šebesta, Jakub ; Prchal, Jiří (advisor) ; Prokleška, Jan (referee)
A sample of TmCo2 compound was prepared and studied by means of temperature dependence of an electric resistivity, specific heat, magnetisation and AC magnetic susceptibility, all in ambient pressure. We have observed anomalies in the temperature dependence of specific heat at the temperatures TC Tm = (3,60 ± 0,05) K and TC Co = (4,6 ± 0,1) K, which are in the agreement with anomalies in the data of other physical variables. By comparison with HoCo2 and ErCo2 compounds, there was made a suggestion, that the characteristic temperatures correspond to the magnetic order of the Tm and Co sub-lattices. After that, temperature dependencies of AC magnetic susceptibility under external hydrostatic pressures up to 3 GPa were measured. We observed anomalies mentioned above in the measured data and moreover one more anomaly around 35 K. This anomaly corresponds most probably to the flipping temperature Tf of the magnetisation of Co clusters through the plain perpendicular to the magnetic moment of the nearest rare-earth atom. From the set of the realized pressure points we estimated pressure coefficients for the characteristic temperatures ∂TC Tm /∂p = (0,40±0,02) K·GPa-1 and ∂Tf/∂p ~ 0 K·GPa-1, . Roughly zero values of coefficients are significant, because of comparison with other RCo2-type compound.
Pressure-induced changes of magnetic behavior of RCo2-type compounds
Valenta, Jaroslav ; Prchal, Jiří (advisor) ; Kamarád, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the study of pressure-induced changes in a behavior of RECo2-type compounds. HoCo2 and its substitution of Si instead of Co in Ho(Co1-xSix)2, x = 0,025 were chosen as a representative compounds from this family of materials. Measurements of electric resistivity, heat capacity, magnetization and AC magnetic susceptibility under ambient pressure showed presence of three magnetic transitions for both samples: the change of the easy magnetization direction at TR ~ 16 K, the Curie temperature TC ~ 80 K and the flipping of magnetization of Co magnetic moments into the parallel direction with Ho magnetic moments at Tf ~ 125 K for HoCo2. Under hydrostatic pressures up to 3 GPa, the TR shifts to higher temperatures whereas TC and Tf, both decrease. This probably occurs due to the weakening of the Co magnetism and the strength of exchange interaction between Ho-Co sublattices. The experiment of muon spin rotation demonstrates a pressure influence to the decay of Co magnetic clusters, which occurs at lower temperatures with increasing pressure. It is evident that the hydrostatic pressure directly influences the exchange interaction between Co-Co.
Magnetic excitations in cerium compounds
Vlášková, Kristina ; Javorský, Pavel (advisor) ; Prchal, Jiří (referee)
Title: Magnetic excitations in cerium compounds Author: Kristina Vlášková Department: Department of Condensed Matter Physic Supervisor: doc. Mgr Pavel Javorský, Dr., Department of Condensed Matter Physics Abstract: Thanks to presence of only one electron in 4f shell of cerium ion, Ce based compounds reveal wide range of exceptional magnetic properties like valence fluctuations, magnetic ordering or spin glass behavior. In present thesis we mainly focus on tetragonal CeCuxAl4-x system and its magnetic behavior. Former results of inelastic neutron experiments opened discussion about energy levels of cerium ions in CeCuAl3. Except two crystal field excitations also one additional energy level was present, phenomenon of vibron quasi-bound state was proposed to explain observed energy structure. Measurement and analysis of specific heat and neutron inelastic scattering on compounds with various Cu content should help to understand phenomenon of vibron state and also its development with Cu/Al concentration. Another two types of cerium compounds will be investigated in means of specific heat and resistivity measurement, polycrystalline sample of CePt4Al and single crystal of Ce3Ru4Al12. Preparation, characterization and measurement of low temperature properties are subjects of this work. Results will be discussed...

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