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Transforming life experience: proposal of a conceptual framework and approach to analysis
Chrz, Vladimír ; Dubovská, Eva ; Poláčková Šolcová, Iva
This contribution outlines a conceptual framework and analytic tools to be used in research of how people experience crises and growth in their middle age. The starting point is narrative hermeneutic approach. Transformative experience is treated in terms of a ‘story of change’, which emerges from narrative enactment (biographical work). Key concepts are ‘trouble’ and ‘narrative transformation’, which is what narrative does with the trouble. In analysis of crisis and growth in middle age, we employ categories of narrative analysis: transformation, agency, values and convictions, reflectivity and narrative positioning. The proposed conceptual framework and analysis are illustrated using examples from previous studies (stories of change in the course of psychotherapy).
Reflection of foster care on a temporary basis by experts
Pichová, Veronika ; Urban, David (advisor) ; Poláčková, Iva (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with temporary foster care and reflection of its' contemporary form in practice by experts who operate within the frame work of substitute familial care. The thesis is comprised of theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical part seeks to identify the temporary foster care within legal framework of Czech Republic, its' specifics within substitute familial care and the process of its' realisation. Following chapters of theoretical part describe psychological grounds of the care for endangered children, particularly the needs of children which are met by the institute of temporary foster care. Aspects of coexistence with foster parents and forms of help that could possibly be provided towards children in temporary foster care are a subsequent topic. Practical part deals with the reflection of contemporary charakter of temporary foster care from the perspective of experts who work within the field of substitute familial care. Qualitative research methods applied through semi-structured interview were chosen to meet the demands of this thesis. Research goal of this thesis is the identification of positive and negative aspects of implementation of temporary foster care.
The Benefits of Preventive Programs of Drugs Addiction in the Eyes of social workers in Low-threshold Clubs
Richterová, Vendula ; Urban, David (advisor) ; Poláčková, Iva (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on prevention programs in area of drug addiction from the low- threshold social workers point of view. Thesis describes a characteristics of low-threshold facilities, their rules and definition of target group. Furthermore, there are sections talking about addictive substances and addiction syndrome, which characterize the effects of a physical and psychological addiction. The thesis analyses the addictive substances using by adolescents. Theoretical part ends with the prevention of a socio-pathological phenomena in society, prevention programs and precautions in low-threshold facilities. Theoretical part is followed by the practical part in which the qualitative research is described and selection of respondents is characterized. Here are the answers for partial questions that led to answering the main research question and also the data analysis. Practical part ends with description of prevention programs benefits in the area of drug addiction from the low-threshold social worker point of view.
Selected Operational Aspects of ZDVOP (Facility for children in need of immediate assitence) Přemysl Pitter House for Children
Bútorová, Kateřina ; Pazlarová, Hana (advisor) ; Poláčková, Iva (referee)
This bachelor's thesis (Selected operational aspects of ZDVOP, Přemysl Pitter House for Children) presents the operating activity of a facility for children in need and its role in the socio-legal protection of children. It particularly focuses on the practical implications of the 2012 amendment to the law on the sociolegal protection of children. This work discusses the operation and principles of the crisis residential facility Přemysl Pitter House for Children, which has been providing assistance to children at risk for sixteen years and is part of the nonprofit organisation The House of Three Wishes. The final chapter compares selected observed characteristics of the operation of the Přemysl Pitter House for Children in 2008-2010 and in 2013-2018.

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