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Production of part Vessel by deep drawing
Palčík, Hynek ; Podaný, Kamil (referee) ; Novotný, Karel (advisor)
Elaborated bachelor´s thesis is proposal of part vessel production by deep drawing from material DC (11 305). Based on technical articles focused on deep drawing, was used technology of deep drawing in tree steps.
Polyurethanes in forming technology
Špičák, Pavel ; Podaný, Kamil (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
The work carried out within the framework of Bachelor's study presents the exploration of the facts on the theme: „Polyurethanes in forming technology. It consists of the schedule, characteristics and in other part analyzes different methods of the forming which use a polyurethanes as an elastic instrument.
Sheet metal part manufacturing by drawing
Moravec, Jiří ; Podaný, Kamil (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
The project developed in the frame of the bachelor study branch B2307-00 presents a proposal of acreation technology of a flange, which is to be a model of the roof lift. The part is made of steel 11 320. Due to the anticipated serial production of 10 000 pieces per year, a number of production options is considered. On the basis of literary studies of the issue of drawing, it is suggested a drawing by a metal tool with blankholder. Due to calculations of tensile strength and work, press LEN 40 C is suggested. Drawing tool is designed to require the most of standard components and is solved through the form of a normal rack fastened to the eccentric press LTN 40 C. Drawing punch and drawing die are made of tool steels 19 436.3 and heat-processed according to the drawing documentation.
The part manufacturing by bending
Kummer, Michal ; Podaný, Kamil (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
This project contains suggestion of technological production procedure of the component and the suggestion of the production tool and necessary calculations of shearing and bending forces, etc. The theory of bending and shearing is included too. The plan of the unit block layout, of the component and plans of cutter and bender are included at supplement.
Drawing technology of non-ferrous materials
Rösner, Michal ; Podaný, Kamil (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
Submitted project is worked within the scope of bachelor study B2339-00 Mechanical engineering, is specialized for drawing non ferrous materials technology. On the basis of study and own experiences are presented problems around drawing, technologies utilizing for drawing processes, ferrous and non ferrous materials used for drawing technology in singles, materials differences, component examples and their usage in practice.
The manufacturing of electromotor covering
Stejskal, Luboš ; Špaček, Jindřich (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
This project has been presented for the bachalor branch of study, B2307, it shows the proposal of technological and production process for deep drawn parts. They are produced from the steel (11305). Due to the production volume of 100.000 pieces per year, it was proposed to implement the production process. It basis of the literature study which describes the potential pitfalls of deep drawn technology. After control a technological calculations it was decide to choose the stamping machine CTC 250 (manufactured by ŽĎAS, a.s.).The deep drawn tool has been designed in order to use the maximum capabilities of this stamping machine, specially the upper ejector and the lower holding device.
Unconventional methods of material cutting
Kulenda, Martin ; Mrňa, Libor (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
The present bachelor thesis summarizes the findings of unconventional methods of materials cutting. The thesis is only concerned with the most common and most appropriate methods used in practice. The described methods include cutting by laser, plasma, water jet, electron beam and ultrasound. For each of these methods, the principle of current technologies and technological equipment used for materials cutting in industrial practice is described. This thesis compares the individual methods in terms of their advantages and disadvantages when cutting different types of materials and also the appropriateness of the use of such methods in small or large series production.
The perspectives of cold bulk forming
Garguláková, Lucie ; Podaný, Kamil (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
This thesis deals with the processes of the technology of the cold bulk forming. Different forming methodes are introduced and described. Pictures and schemes are also parts of this work. Further on, several substance types fit for cold bulk forming are presented. This work also includes a list of companies exercising this method. Products and methodes of inovations are also named in this list. In the end, the perspective of the method of cold bulk forming along with a standing of different products at the market is evaluated.
The determination of mechanical properties of forming materials
Záškoda, David ; Štroner, Marek (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
This literary study, which is elaborated in terms of study of baccalaureate, is treating of methodies detection mechanical characteristics of wrought materials and of their basic principles. Main interest is in basic mechanical tests (for example: tensile force, pressure) and examination possible methods of detection hardness and microhardness of materials.
Rozmahel, Vladimír ; Podaný, Kamil (referee) ; Špaček, Jindřich (advisor)
The project elaborated in frame of Bachelor’s studies branch B2307. The project is submitting design of technology production of the flanged workpiece made of stainless steel 17 240. Based on results of initial study of the drawing topic, proposed solution was based on Guerin method split to three stages. The punch is replaced by rubber pad of rougness equal to 80ShA. The die is made of instrumental steel CSN 19 314.

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