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Risky communication between children and adults on the Internet: An observational analysis and recommendations for the development of algorithms predicting risky communication
Plášilová, Leona ; Androvičová, Renáta (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
Child sexual abuse is a burning social issue and has significant psychosocial impact on future life of the child. Domestic as well as global statistics show that this phenomenon has been partly shifting to the Internet, which often provides offenders with greater anonymity and wider reach. One of the preventive measures might be development of technologies using artificial intelligence and machine learning, which can automatically detect risky communication on the Internet, warn the victim and inform the offender about illegality of his behaviour. The presented work focuses on both analysis of offenders' behaviour and a fake victim (actress representing a twelve-year-old girl) in their joint online communication.The objective is to thoroughly investigate the course of such communication and analyse predictors (occurrence of specific types of messages), according to which it could be possible to detect offenders with higher risk of harm to the victim at the beginning of the communication. The analysis is based on communications with real offenders that were obtained in collaboration with creators of the documentary "V síti" (n = 34). They were selected based on the following criteria: communication on Facebook, at least 100 messages in the communication, it is assumed that the offender is an adult...
Self-presenting behaviors of pubescent and adolescent girls on social networks (the analysis of nonverbal behavior from photos).
Plášilová, Leona ; Androvičová, Renáta (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
Much research has been done about female courtship and related nonverbal signals. However, the development of courteous behaviour in women is still largely unknown. Given the current boom in social networks sites (SNS), it can be assumed that many girls are posting their photos with the aim to attract attention of potential mates. Thus, this research uses SNS as a source material that can help to clarify developmental phases of courtship behaviour. The research sample (n = 65) consists of female participants born between 1996 and 1998. Each participant was asked to send a minimum of 42 photos (seven photos for each year when she was 13 to 18 years old). These photos were then coded by independent coders for the occurrence of signals which were selected based on a previous research on female courtship and verified in an adjacent pilot study (n = 5). Most of the signals showed a slight increase with age. This suggests that female courteous behaviour develops gradually and the intensity may be influenced by biological (hormonal changes, maturation of the prefrontal cortex and limbic system), psychological (changes in the psyche related to the awareness of one's own sexuality and individuality) and social factors (influence of peers and SNS). Keywords: female nonverbal behaviour, courtship, sexuality,...

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6 Plašilová, Lenka
6 Plášilová, Lenka
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