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Boarding House Mikulov
Smolinský, Patrik ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The content of this diploma thesis is the design of a new boarding house with restaurant in Mikulov. The building has 2 above – ground floors and a partial basement. In the basement is utility room and fitness room. In 1st floor there is reception, restaurant with facilities and rooms for accomodation. One room is designed as a berrier – free. In the 2nd floor there are rooms for accomodation, facilities for cleaning and common room. The vertical supporting structures are designed from clay masonry, in the basement of the concrete formwork. The building will be covered partly by flat roof, hip roof and partly by vegetation roof. The design documentation has been prepared according to valid legal and technical regulations.
Mixed-use Building in Brno
Nečesaný, Jiří ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
Seminar work solves project documentation of new-build multifunctional house on the street Generála Píky, Brno-Černá Pole. The building is designed as a four-storey partially basement. On the first floor there will be two commercial units, technical background of the house and storage space for apartments. The second floor will be used for administrative purposes. The third and fourth floors will be used for residential purposes. There are 6 cellars in the basement. The building is designed as barrier-free. Parking of vehicles is designed in the courtyard. On the 4th floor there is an exit to the roof of the building.
Mixed-use Building in Tišnov
Matoušek, Jan ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the design of a newly built mixed-use building in Tišnov, as well as elaboration a part of the project documentation for realization of the building construction. The designed building is a multifunctional building, which has the task of providing several functions. The building is situated in the South Moravian Region in the northern part of the village Tišnov, which is located about 30 kilometers away from the city of Brno. Recently, in this area new family houses and apartment buildings have been built. The building is designed as five above-ground storey, partially basement incl. a separate underground car park. The first floor serves mainly for commercial use, ie. for the provision of services and for the sale of goods. There is a coffee shop, a houseware store, hairdressers, bakers, butchers, or a gym. On the first floor there is also the main entrance to the building, and through there is further access to the upper or lower floors of the building. In the basement there is a technical background of the building and access to the underground parking. The second floor serves as office space for multipurpose use. There are apartments on the third, fourth and fifth floor, with some apartments on the 4th floor being designed as two-level maisonettes. The architectural design is based on the concept of straight lines and sharp edges, which also presents a flat roof roofing solution and receding storey with terraces. The building is detached, situated in a relatively flat terrain. All entrances to the building are designed as barrier-free. The white-blue color of the building facade alternates with the use of gray stone cladding. The roofing of the mixed-use building is solved on two levels by a single-layer extensive vegetation flat roof.
Boarding House in Velke Losiny
Macek, Jakub ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The content of this diploma thesis is the design of a new boarding house with restaurant in the city Velke Losiny. The building has 2 above – ground floors and a partial basement. In the basement is utility room, room for ventilation system and facilities for sauna. In the first floor there is reception, room for bikes, restaurant with kitchen and hygienic facilities. In the second floor there are rooms for temporarily accomodation for guest. We can also find here laundry room. The basement is built by the concrete formwork. Above - ground floors are built by clay masonry. Bearing walls between rooms for accomodation in the second floor are from acoustic masonry. The building is covered by hip roof. The whole diploma thesis has been prepared according to valid legal and technical regulations.
Mixed-use Building in Velké Opatovice
Hladil, Vlastimil ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
This diploma thesis addresses the processing of project documentation for construction of four storey mixed-use bouilding with partial basement in Velké Opatovice. The building is designed on flat terrain. In the basement are located technical utilities of the building and three cellar cubicles. On the first floor there is a beer-shop, textile shop and design office. On the second floor there is an office space for local company. The thrid floor is designed as two large-area apartments with terraces. The fourth floor is designed as one large-area apartment with terraces.
Object of civic amenities
Hasoň, Václav ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Berková, Petra (advisor)
The diploma thesis elaborates on the design of a new building of freestanding retirement home in the town of Litomyšl. The design of the retirement home is in the form of project documentation for the construction. The new building includes a partial basement and three floors. The main purpose is to build a building for housing with flats for seniors and to provide health care to seniors living here and from the surrounding area. On the 1st floor, there is an administrative part, a doctor's office with the possibility of rehabilitation and a dining room with facilities for food preparation, which is imported into the home. The dining room serves both the guests and the public. The remaining part of the first floor consists of social, administrative and utility rooms. On the 2nd and 3rd floors, there are individual apartments for clients with a common room for visits and spending their free time. On the 1st floor, there is a maintenance center, boiler room, server room, furniture store, and estate depository. Basement walls are monolithic, made of reinforced concrete. The construction system of the above-ground floors is wall-mounted, bidirectional and made of ground brick blocks. The ceilings and staircases are monolithic, made of reinforced concrete. External walls are insulated with a contact thermal insulation systems. The building is mainly based on footings or foot anchors. The retirement home is located on the edge of the town near the Litomyšl Hospital. The land is suitable for construction, as it is located in the area for the construction of civil buildings.
Mixed-use Building in Uherské Hradiště
Blaha, Michael ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the project documentation of the multifunctional house in Uherské Hradiště on plot no. 712/7 in the cadastral area of Uherské Hradiště. The building has two floors and a basement. On the ground floor there is a commercial area and a café. Office space is designed on the second floor. The building is designed as a skeleton with filling masonry, with a flat roof and is insulated with ETICS contact insulation system.
Reality and Postmodernism in the Plays of Mark Ravenhill
Krejčí, Patrik ; Wallace, Clare (advisor) ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee)
Thesis Abstract The thesis aims to explore how Mark Ravenhill's plays engage with postmodern themes and techniques, while tracking the development of associated experimental tendencies. This development cannot be accurately perceived chronologically, therefore what the thesis does instead is to group connected phenomena thematically, while making sure to stress the gradation that is perceptible over the course of Ravenhill's career. To achieve such a goal, several plays have been selected and arranged based on their focus and the level of experimentation present within them. The plays of principal importance are: Shopping and Fucking (1996), Some Explicit Polaroids (1999), Faust (Faust Is Dead) (1997), Handbag (1998), Mother Clap's Molly House (2001), Product (2005), Pool (No Water) (2006) and The Experiment (2010). The first three listed plays are not formally experimental themselves, yet they instead provide a sound theoretical background for the close reading of the remaining plays. This includes especially Ravenhill's treatment of the concept of postmodernity and its social impact. The analysis of the other, generally younger plays pursues the practical application of the insight gained in the introductory plays. Hence, what is theoretically implied at first is applied not only thematically, but...
Apartment house in Trutnov
Taclík, Milan ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Smolka, Radim (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s work is composition of project documentation for the constrution building of apartment building in Trutnov. Object is situated on the cadastral area of Trutnov, number of builing plot is 2656/6. Builing plot is locate in bulit-up area. Terain is sloping. In the apartment building there are 4 floors with thirteen residential units. On the first floor there are two flats, a cleaning room, a room for an administrator, an exchange room and a cellar. In the above-ground floor there are situated flats. The main entrance to the building is on the second floor. Structural system of this builing is wall system. External walls are made of ground brick blocks with mineral insulation bonded with a walling adhesive. Internal masonry is made up of acoustic brick blocks. The building haven´t external thermal insulation. The facade is made of heat-insulating plaster with a silicate top layer. Floor structure is designed as a cast-in-place two way reinforced slab. Staircase and lift shaft are designet as cast-in-place reinforced contstruction too. Roofing of objekt is composed of flat roof. Floor construction are designed as floating floor.
A family house with an establishment
Popelka, Michal ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Berková, Petra (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on design of family house with an establishment serving as financial consultancy. The object is located in cadastral area of Strání and has a partial basement with two above-ground floors. The house is established for four member family. External walls of the basement are bulit of permanent formwork. External walls of above-ground walls are bulit of clay blocks Porotherm 30 Profi with contact thermal insulation system ETICS. Horizontal load-bearing structures are formed by prefabricated rib-and-filler floor system MIAKO. Staircase is designed as two times bent slab. Part of the object is roofed with a warm flat roof, the other part with roof truss with roof slope of 35°.

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