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Current regulation governing acquisition financing
Petrů, Jan ; Kohajda, Michael (advisor) ; Sejkora, Tomáš (referee)
Current regulation governing acquisition financing Abstract The thesis deals with financing of share deal acquisition operations. The first chapter points out idiosyncrasies of acquisition operations, providing context for the rest of the thesis. The second chapter deals with loan financing, one of the two financing methods described. The chapter starts off with Czech Civil Code's rules governing loans and goes on to provide an overview of stipulations used in corporate banking practice, including the usual arrangement of rights and obligations of lenders and borrower in case of syndicated loans. A subchapter about credit risk rounds off the second chapter. Not restricted to public law regulation, it describes derivatives used to hedge against credit risk and touches upon the influence of regulation on cost of loan financing. The third chapter is about bond financing. It offers a robust overview of Czech rules governing bonds as nominate debt securities and their issue. The consequent subchapter on placement of bonds handled by an investment firm serves as an equivalent of the banking practice- focused subchapter. Subjects that perform various tasks after placement in order to simplify the administration of a given issue are a topic which completes the third chapter. The conclusion of the thesis sets out...
Development of the Rudé právo during 1972-1991
Petrů, Jan ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
This thesis Development of the Rudé právo during 1972 - 1991 discusses the activities and developments of this journal and its editors at a time when in Czechoslovakia began the period of normalization, causing compaction ratios and purges especially among journalists. The other titles had to respond to this situation, including the Rudé právo itself, which was, however, in exceptional circumstances, as reported directly to the directives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. In the Rudé právo so appeared only official information (political, social, cultural and sports), which corresponded to the ideology of the Communist Party. It is therefore interesting to investigate this periodical in the context of contemporary events and to analyze its activities in connection with the fact that we now have. The editor's work was based on the discussions and proposals adopted at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and its Secretariat, whose member was also editor in chief of the Rudé právo. The journal had automatically secured the highest allocations of newsprint, even during the late '80s, when it was real shortage of this material. After 1990, when began the consolidation of printed periodicals, the Rudé právo transformed into a joint-stock company whose majority...
Kinetic energy of rainfall
Pála, Jan ; Petrů, Jan (advisor) ; Gregar, Jan (referee)
Water erosion is caused by the momentum of falling raindrops and is transferred into the soil surface causing soil loss throughout the world. Rainfall kinetic energy is an important component of determining erosivity of rain with subsequent determination of the average soil loss on land and is derived from the precipitation characteristics of rain. Organised overview of the precipitation characteristics and deriving of the kinetic energy from these characteristics along with deriving methods of the kinetic energy via the rainfall intensity is done in the first part of this work in the form of literature research. The second part of this work is focused on the comparison of the selected existing relationships for deriving kinetic energy from rainfall intensity. Kinetic energy can be expressed by form of volume specific - KEmm or time specific form - KEtime, where the model values of rainfall intensity were put into the selected formulas. Chosen KE-I relationships were compared on the basis of climate categorisation and altitude of the locations where the equations originated. Discussion and conclusion of this work assesses suitability or inapplicability of the selected equations for climate of the Czech republic.
Development of The Rudé právo during 1966-1971
Petrů, Jan ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Suk, Pavel (referee)
Thesis "Development of The Rudé právo during 1966 - 1971" deals with the activities of the Rudé právo editors and the development of this periodical at the time in Czechoslovakia, when there were great upheavals in the functioning of the state and especially in the current and cultural life. Society and political power in the period has rapidly changed and the Rudé právo had to respond to this occurring changes. As the central press organ of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia was bound by the Communist Party directives, content had always to be adapted to the political situation, will of the state representatives and communist ideology. However, even in the way of the editors work occurred in this period of the changes, that were affected of not only their opinion conflicts within, but also of changing legislative regulations in the media. The exceptional period in the development of the Rudé právo is represented by the August days immediately following the intervention of the Warsaw Pact armies, when the sheet has ranked beside the other periodicals that supported political reforms leading to democratization of Czechoslovakia. The thesis analyzes the selected content of the sheet and characterizes it in the context of contemporary political, cultural and social events. It also describes the...
Erosion control against water erosion on reclaimed areas
Tomanová, Irena ; Petrů, Jan (advisor) ; Kalibová, Jana (referee)
The Bachelor Thesis topic "Erosion control against water erosion on reclaimed areas" is literature review dealing with, as the name suggests, erosion control and reclaimed areas in the Most region. The first part outlines the problem of erosion, which is obviously not avoid even reclaimed areas. This thesis also shows the forms of used erosion control and describes the reclamation methods. Then it characterizes the ways of reclamation with the set up erosion control on individual plots of Most area. Bachelor thesis also introduces us the several variants of usage of the interest area according to an older study from 1991, which will be in the conclusion of this thesis compared to the currently available more recent literary sources. Thesis will provide an overview of the erosion problems in the Most region, but also the idea of the direction in which is developed and still developing reclamation sphere this area.
Erosion control geotextiles on slopes along roads
Stoklasová, Lucie ; Kalibová, Jana (advisor) ; Petrů, Jan (referee)
The thesis is focused on erosion control on steep slopes along roads, primarily using erosion control geotextiles. The first part of the thesis provides a review on water erosion. Next, the thesis emphasises the importance of erosion control and describes possibile methods of mitigation or elimination of soil erosion on steep non-productive slopes using geotextiles. Another chapter is focused on the classification of geotextiles and how to use them in practice. The second part of the thesis presents three specific projects where erosion control geotextiles and geocells have been applied. In the end, the author discusses the suitability of methods applied in the examined projects and suggests a chronological classification of individual geotextile-products according to their effectiveness. This ordering may serve as an useful tool during the decision-making process when designing erosion control measures on steep slopes along roads.
Methods of Measuring Rainfall Characteristics
Holubová, Nikola ; Petrů, Jan (advisor) ; Gregar, Jan (referee)
Atmospheric precipitation is the most important meteorological phenomenon on the Earth. Therefore, more and more studies about its structure and properties have been created. Many researches describing characteristics and measurements of the precipitation have been created for more than one century. The first manual techniques, such as the method using a filter paper, which were used by the end of the 19. century, were very inaccurate. Demands on more modern techniques of measurement were rising during the 20th century. Many fully automatic devices for measuring of the precipitations characteristics were developed. Advances in technology have also had a lot of shortcomings. Some of them have been resolved, but some still exist. The first part of this research work is focused on the precipitation and its importance, origin and extremes. The second part of the work deals with the precipitation characteristics, offering a comprehensive overview about the sizes of drops, their shape or the speed of the fall. The methods of measurement and their advantages and disadvantages are described in the third part.
Measurement rainfall kinetic energy using laser disdrometer
Jelínková, Petra ; Petrů, Jan (advisor) ; Hrabalíková, Michaela (referee)
The issue of water erosion is spread all over the world. It is closely related with soil aggregates breaking up and the subsequent soil nutrients loss. The total and intensity of rain are important parameters for determining the kinetic energy of rain. The measurement of rain characteristics was done in the laboratory at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. To obtain the data rain simulator and laser disdrometer were used. With its help the intensity, volume, spectrum, even size and falling velocity of rain was found out. Overall 90 measurements were taken which describe the simulated rain characteristics in detail. Each measurement took 5 minutes. The kinetic energy was found out from the size of raindrop and its falling velocity. The average intensity of rain was 58.6 mm/h and reached KEtime 706,6 J m2/h. The droplets diameter median of all measurements was set in range of 0.375 to 0.5 mm.
Botanical survey of a restored segment of the Jedlový stream (Šumava National Park)
The thesis is part of project "Bohemian Revitalization of wetlands and peatlands". The aim is to catch up the current state (before revitalization) of vegetation and flora with possibility of the existence of rare endagered species in Fir Stream plains in the Southern Bohemia, district Prachatice, cadastral area Volary. There was engaged generic list of plants in this interest locality. There was defined by the 6 permanent areas with dimensions 4x4 m. I made a complete inventory of all found species. Overall, it was found 38 plant species: 11 monocotyledonous plants, 25 dicotyledonous plants and 2 bryophytes.

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