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3D-surface smoothing
Mácha, Radek ; Sterzik, Marek (referee) ; Pergel, Martin (advisor)
The present work deals with 3D surface subdivision methods. The key areas are the quality of subdivision sequence outputs and the development of methods that measure it. The Catmull-Clark and Butterfly (8-point stencil) outputs are being measured for edge length, face surface and angles between adjacent faces. Furthermore, combined sequences of subdivision algorithms are being discussed, as well as the selection of one that meets custom criteria.
Construction of Periodic Railway Timetables
Kalický, Andrej ; Pergel, Martin (referee) ; Babilon, Robert (advisor)
In the propounded thesis author studies the periodic railway timetable. The aim of this thesis is to construct time shifts among train lines so that transfers between lines would be planned in the best possible way. Author discusses the problem to solve, and its differences from standard processing of periodic railway timetable construction. Author propounds and code 2 algorithms for optimization of given timetable. At the end of thesis the solutions and algorithms are compared based on statistical data related with the process of periodic railway timetable construction.
Integer programming and its applications
Eliáš, Marek ; Hladík, Milan (referee) ; Pergel, Martin (advisor)
In this thesis we present and implement several graph algorithms. In the rst part, we discus algorithm for the minimum weighted perfect matching in bipartite and general graphs based on the primal-dual method and their modi cations. In the second part, there are algorithms for the max-cut in planar graphs and Christo des' heuristic for TSP. We present full descriptions of these algorithms providing either proof of correctness or reference to the literature. The last part deals with two approaches which we use to visualise these algorithms with di erent degree of interactivity both allowing custom graph on input.
Data consistence in shared environment
Vitásek, Matej ; Spousta, Miroslav (referee) ; Pergel, Martin (advisor)
The focus of this work lies on two problems emerging in systems allowing concurrent access of multiple users to shared data. Small amounts of data have to be locked to ensure serial access, synchronization of bigger volumes requires a versioning mechanism. Firstly, a way of implementing shared data locking using the means of RDBMS is proposed. Secondly, a synchronization mechanism is demonstrated, which allows a part of data to be managed "off-line" and seamlessly synchronized back to the database. An implementation of both algorithms is demonstrated on a multi-tier budgeting application.
Hamiltonian cycles in cubic graphs
Melka, Jakub ; Pergel, Martin (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
In this work we study the complextity of Thomasson's algorithm over a special class of cubic graphs. This algorithm nds another hamiltonian circuit, if it starts with a rst one. An open problem is the complexity of this algorithm, but a class of cubic graphs has been found, where for each graph in this class, there exists a hamiltonian circuit and an edge on it, for which Thomasson's algorithm needs exponential number of steps. The goal of this work was to gure out, if Thomasson's algorithm needs exponential number of steps for any hamiltonian circuit and any edge on graphs from this class. We succeeded in proving, that indeed is so.
Visualisation of phenomena related to linear programming
Gregor, Jan ; Hladík, Milan (referee) ; Pergel, Martin (advisor)
This thesis introduces design and implementation of scripting language especially focused on visualization of phenomena related to linear programming. We describe a construction of an interpreter and a theory around it. Further we specify what the linear programming is and we show the simplex method. Regarding requierements of manipulation and visualization in vector space of dimension greater than three, there could not be used standard methods, e.g., from computer graphic. That is why there is also a description of modified algorithms used in this cases. Namely projection, transformation and drawing of n-dimensional polyhedron. This thesis also contains examples of scripts showing possibilities of the language and its interpreter.
Spread of delay on railway network
Straka, Martin ; Babilon, Robert (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
The subject of this work is a simulation of late trains spreading in railway net. This program shows the single simulations and creates their statistics according to different criteria (for example changing waiting periods or changes in crossing of the trains). This work evaluates and compares the results. Next point of this work is an effort to suggest the most appropriate criteria in order to prevent the train lag. Another element of this work includes searching for weak points in grafikon, which includes the trains that are late more frequently than other or do not wait for an arrival of the previous ones on their way because of the great lag.
Timetable generation for public mass transportation
Trenkler, Pavol ; Pergel, Martin (referee) ; Babilon, Robert (advisor)
In this work we study two problems arising in transport planning: the vehicle scheduling problem and the duty scheduling problem. We present the most promising algorithms for solving these problems optimally, based on the minimum cost multicommodity flow problem and the set partitioning problem. Then we discuss an implementation using freely available integer programming libraries, within the context of a transit scheduling application developed.
Analysis and implementation of algorithms for secondary school timetables scheduling
Cigler, Luděk ; Surynek, Pavel (referee) ; Pergel, Martin (advisor)
Scheduling represents an interesting and difficult problem of combinatorial automated secondary school timetabling. We describe an implementation of a timetabling system, which combines constraint programming with local search techniques. The system allows user to make manual changes in the timetable during the computation.
Software Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Retail Companies
Hlavatý, Martin ; Pergel, Martin (referee) ; Bulej, Lubomír (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to describe a warehouse management system and an Internet shopping website suitable for a small to medium-sized retailers. The thesis analyzes the needs of such companies, the most commonly performed operations and the persons required to carry them out. Based the results of the analysis, a software solution and its implementation is proposed. The suggested solution is built on a three-tier architecture using web services and implemented mostly in the Java and PHP languages. It is platform-independent, open-ended, and easily manageable (due to a group- and role-based authorization system).

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