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Semerád, Vojtěch ; Pelc, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
The submitted master thesis deals with the issue of regulation of participation in a criminal offence, i.e. criminal liability of persons who participated in a criminal offence, as a wide range of perspectives on the question of how to build a system of criminal liability of persons participating in a criminal offence can be observed across legal systems. Thus, the primary aim of this thesis was to analyse the current legal regulation of participation in the Czech Republic, which allowed to identify the strengths as well as the problematic points of the Czech regulation. Since an integral part of the analysis is a de lege ferenda perspective, the logical outcome is to compare the results of the analysis with the regulation of participation in France and to look for intersections and differences between the two regulations. The thesis is internally divided into 4 chapters. The first chapter provides a general introduction to the issue of criminal complicity, i.e. it includes the definition and differentiation of participation and other forms of criminal complicity, which has led to the creation of a working framework within which the issues of the following chapters will be analysed. The second chapter is devoted to two theoretical approaches to the regulation of participation, namely monistic and...
The issue of the crime victim in criminology
Ulrychová, Kristýna ; Pelc, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
The issue of the crime victim in criminology Abstract This thesis deals with the issue of the crime victim in criminology. It aims to introduce the reader to this issue not only through describing the development of the view of the victim throughout history, but also by taking the reader through the process of victimization and introducing them to, among other things, the role that the victim's behaviour or the relationship between victim and offender may play in this process. I also outline what factors can influence anyone to become a victim and the impact a crime can have on a victim. Finally, I describe the current state of victim protection in selected legislation and the types of assistance provided to victims. I also pay attention to victimological prevention, its types and forms. In the text of the thesis, I also mention several de lege ferenda proposals. The method I have used in my thesis is mainly descriptive and analytical. This thesis is divided into an introduction, five additional parts, which are then divided into chapters and some into sections, and a conclusion. The first part is devoted to the definition of criminology and then victimology, its subject, a brief history of its development and the changing view of the victim. It also looks at the concept of the victim in criminology and the...
The crime of money laundering
Minařík, Martin ; Pelc, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
1 The crime of money laundering Abstract This Master's thesis on the topic of legalisation of proceeds of crime aims to offer a complex analysis of the problematic aspects of this crime in its narrower sense, under the provisions of section 216 (2) and its negligence form in Section 217 (1) of the Criminal Code. The thesis in its opening part focuses on the terminology used in Czech law and the differences between the terms "legalisation of proceeds of crime" and "money laundering" and explains why it tends to use the latter term. The second part of the thesis is focused on the historical evolution of this crime in Czech criminal law and explains reasons for its incorporation in the old Criminal Code, and all the changes this crime has gone through, during the time in which the old Criminal Code was effective. The following part of the thesis focuses on the evolution of the crime of money laundering in the currently effective Czech Criminal Code with a special focus on the most recent amendment, which resulted in the merger of crimes of money laundering and crime of participation on the proceeds of crime in the Section 216 of the Criminal code. The third chapter of the thesis is focused on the most important international organisations and international documents which have built the foundations of...
Crime of murder and killing under Section 140 and 141 of the Czech Criminal Code
Zelenka, Michal ; Hořák, Jaromír (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
The title of the thesis: Crime of murder and manslaughter under section 140, 141 of the criminal code Abstract: This thesis focuses on the offences of murder and manslaughter under sections 140 and 141 of Act No. 40/2009 Coll., The Criminal Code. The crimes of murder and manslaughter are classified among the most serious crimes against life and both of these crimes can be subsumed under the broader term of intentional killings. The aim of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the crimes of murder and manslaughter, with particular emphasis on demonstrating the fundamental differences between these offences and also what makes the offence of manslaughter a privileged offence over the offence of murder. The aim of this thesis is also, among the other things a brief excursion and comparison of the differences between the domestic legislation of these offences and the English legislation. The first part of the thesis deals with the development of the legal framework of intentional killings in the Czech Republic from the time of Great Moravia until the adoption of the current Criminal Code. Increased attention is then paid to the most important legal regulations, whether of later or more recent date. The second part of the thesis deals with the general characteristics of the individual...
Plea bargaining
Kolář, Ondřej ; Mulák, Jiří (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
Plea bargaining Abstract This thesis deals with plea bargain in Czech legal system. Primary goal of this thesis is to analyse plea bargain in the Czech Republic de lege lata and to evaluate potential possibilities de lege ferenda. This thesis examines current problems of plea bargain as a legal instrument and it also evaluates in detail practical application of plea bargaining in Czech criminal procedure. Particural attention is dedicated to Act no. 333/2020 Coll., which significantly widened the use of plea bargain to felonies, abolished compulsory defence and also established possibility of negotiation plea bargain in court hearing. Act no. 333/2020 Coll., also implemented entirely new legal instrument called Declaration of guilt, which is closely related to the plea bargain. Secondary goal of this thesis can be seen in analysis of European Court's of Human Rights judicature related to the issues of right to due process regarding plea bargain. This thesis consists of five chapters, which divide more minutely further. The first chapter defines the term "diversion" since significant part of professional public considers plea bargain a diversion. History of plea bargaining is described in the second chapter and also technical classification of plea bargain is examined in detail. The third chapter consists of...
Criminological aspects of domestic violence and their impact on the victim
Bartáková, Veronika ; Pelc, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
Criminological aspects of domestic violence and their impact on the victim Abstract This thesis provides the reader with an insight into the issue of domestic violence and its current forms. Currently, this phenomenon is receiving more and more attention, both from politicians and from non-profit organizations existing to provide assistance to victims. In the light of the above, the aim of this paper was to describe this phenomenon in terms of its impact on victims of domestic violence and the possibilities of using de lege lata to protect them, and then to offer possible solutions to some of the problems with a focus on the future, i.e. de lege ferenda. In its introductory chapters, the thesis provides a comprehensive description of the course of domestic violence and what forms it can take. It then focuses on describing the victims, among whom it lists mainly women, but also men, children and the elderly. It then shifts its attention to the typology of perpetrators and various criminological theories regarding their psychology and character. The criminological section is followed by a section on legal protection options. First of all, the thesis enumerates the instruments that exist and are frequently used in the Czech legal system. However, it also points out some institutes that are not used at all,...
Criminal proceedings against legal persons
Gebauer, Jan ; Pelc, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
1 Abstract The thesis deals with selected procedural issues of criminal proceedings against legal persons, especially those procedural institutes that are controversial in theory or application. The aim of this thesis is to point out and analyse these procedural shortcomings, which stem not only from the strict legal regulation of Act No. 418/2011 Coll., on criminal liability of legal persons and proceedings against them. To this end, the legal regulation is evaluated and the author bases his interpretation on the opinions of the professional public. To achieve this goal, the method of description, analysis, including linguistic interpretation is used. This thesis is divided into 4 parts in which the author elaborates on the procedural aspects of criminal proceedings against legal persons. The introductory part describes the basic concepts that are necessary to grasp the procedural issues and without which the interpretation would not be complete. The second part is devoted initially to the substantive law institute of "evolving from criminal liability" of a legal person, which, however, has an overlap into the procedural law context and thus deals in detail with the problem of shifting the burden of proof to a legal person, and in its conclusion states that it cannot be accepted in criminal proceedings...
Crime Reporting and its Significance in Criminology
Urxová, Dominika ; Hořák, Jaromír (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
Crime Reporting and its Criminological Significance Abstract The subject of this thesis is the interdisciplinary issue of crime reporting and related latent criminality, especially from the criminological, victimological and criminal-positive perspective. The diploma thesis is divided into four parts that as a whole are intended to answer the question whether the Czech legislation is sufficiently effective in contributing to the achievement of low figures of latent criminality. The first part is devoted to the definition of the key concepts of this thesis and the question of what are the most common factors determining the decision of certain persons to report a crime to law enforcement authorities. The answers to this question are then provided mainly by the examination of the fields of criminology and victimology. In the second part I examine in detail the criminal law regulation of the institution of crime reporting. This part contains chapters on the procedure prior to the initiation of a criminal prosecution, the filing of a criminal complaint itself and its significance, and the actions of law enforcement authorities related to the filing of a criminal complaint. In this part I also deal with the issue of the general and special obligation to report, the institutes of the Criminal Procedure Code...
Current issues of money laundering
Krulcová, Aneta ; Krupička, Jiří (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis deals with current issues of the phenomenon of legalization of proceeds of crime, popularly known as money laundering. Money laundering is an illegal act intended to disguise the criminal origin of the proceeds of crime and to create the appearance of legally acquired income. In recent decades, it has qualified as one of the most pressing and serious global criminal issues. The ambition of the thesis is to contribute to a better understanding of this complex phenomenon. The thesis also aims to analyse in more detail recent legislative changes in the area of substantive criminal law and to assess whether these are an appropriate step to ensure more effective combating of money laundering. The thesis is divided into four parts. In the beginning, the thesis explains the terms of legalization of proceeds of crime and money laundering. It then presents how money laundering is carried out in practice and highlights the evolution of laundering methods from the traditional simpler domestic methods to modern highly sophisticated offshore laundering schemes. The second part of the thesis provides an overview of the legal regulation of money laundering, with an emphasis on domestic criminal law, as well...
The title of the thesis: Crime of murder and manslaughter under section 140, 141 of the criminal code
Masná, Kateřina ; Hořák, Jaromír (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
7 Abstract The title of the thesis: Crime of murder and manslaughter under section 140, 141 of the criminal code Abstract: This thesis focuses on the most serious crimes against human life, namely the crimes of murder and manslaughter under sections 140 and 141 of Act No. 40/2009 Coll., The Criminal Code. The aim of this work is to describe both of these crimes in detail, to explain the importance of punishing these crimes, to explain the reason for introducing the crime of manslaughter in our legal system, its significance, and how it differs from murder and makes it a privileged crime to the crime of murder. The purpose of this work is also, among other things, to describe the procedure of criminal investigators in the investigation of these crimes and the methodology of the investigation of intentional crimes against life. In the first part of this thesis I deal with the historical development of the legal regulation of intentional killings in our territory, starting from ancient Rome and ending in 2009, when the current Criminal Code was issued. I focus on the most important legislation that has been issued throughout history and how it regulated intentional killings. The second part copes with the crime of murder, which first outlines a general introduction to this crime, then I describe the nature of...

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