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Edge detection and representation in point clouds
Večeřová, Alena ; Druckmüllerová, Hana (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
This thesis discusses edge detection and representation in point clouds. For the detection of edge points was used clustering of normals. The RANSAC method is used to represent the line edges. Within the work, the edge points of one model are also interspersed with a circle using the least squares method and projective space. All methods were implemented in MATLAB and tested on real data obtained on the ATOS CompactScan 2M scanner.
Colour extension of image Fast Point Feature Histogram
Markovsky, Aleksander ; Druckmüller, Miloslav (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
Diplomová práce se zabývá rozšířením Fast Point Feature Histogramů o barevnou informaci za účelem vylepšení registrace mračen bodů. Popisuje proces registrace mračen bodů pomocí Iterative Closest Point, jakou roli v ní plní FPFH a diskutuje, jaké barevné prostory jsou vhodné pro registraci mračen bodů. Pro vyhodnocení přínosu zahrnutí barevné informace práce prezentuje implementaci ICP a FPFH algoritmů v Pythonu a navrhuje metodologii evaluace registrace mračen. Závěr práce je věnován diskuzi výsledků experimentů, které demonstrují, že použití barevné informace v registraci mračen snižuje počet iterací potřebných ke konvergenci ICP.
Human Hand Geometric Parameters Measurement Using Numerical Methods of Image Processing
Vanžurová, Anna ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with a matematic model used for estimation of the surface of a human hand. By using the theory for digital image processing, analytic geometry and numerical methods a model for proccesing a photografy of a hand was created. This model further calculates the surface in the software Matlab. The model uses tools such as median filter, adaptive tresholding or conditional erosion. Interesting is the usage of the curvature of a curve, which can be used to find the peaks and bases on the border of the hand. Dependencies between the calculated results and the measured real surfaces can be found. Therefore a regression function could be found, which gives us a point estimation of the human hand surface.
Surface approximation using B-spline and T-spline
Pálková, Tereza ; Loučka, Pavel (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on B-spline representation of surfaces and its generalization Tspline. The work is divided into three main parts. The introduction lays down the theoretical foundations of both surfaces and presents their mathematical properties. The second part deals with the implementation of algorithms in Matlab software. The final part contains the application of the algorithms on real data obtained by 3D scanning and a comparison of both surfaces in terms of utilization.
Mathematical modelling with L-systems
Janoutová, Růžena ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Martišek, Dalibor (advisor)
This work deals with L-systems and their practical utilization. The work can be devided into two parts - theoretical and applied. In the theoretical part, i.e. in the first chapter, the L-systems are discussed. There can be found their introduction and classification. Apllied part includes second and third chapter. Second chapter contains review of L-system's utilization and third chapter is dedicated to program attached to this work, his description and manual.
Point cloud clustering
Mrkvička, Daniel ; Štarha, Pavel (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the point cloud clustering. It focuses on surface detection in three-dimensional space. It describes in particular the methods that are used for plane detection. It also describes the concrete implementation of one of these method, the RANSAC, and examines its practical application for roof detection.
Algorithm ICP and its usage for 3D registration
Fiala, Zdeněk ; Hoderová, Jana (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
This thesis deals with the ICP algorithm used for point cloud registration. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part summarizes the basic concepts needed for the topic. The second part describes the basic ICP algorithm and its improvements. The last section contains the implementation of the algorithm in the C# programming language and the results of testing on real data.

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