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Building Designer and Generator
Jurka, Zdeněk ; Kubíček, Radek (referee) ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work deals with design and creation of 2D editor for fast transfer of bitmap building plans to a vector representation. Emphasis is placed on an object oriented design of editor allowing extension of the automatically generating 3D object representation obtained from the vector form. The thesis describes an important part of the design of the user interface and an equally important mathematical background of the implemented 2D features. The work also addresses the description of the intended generation of 3D models with a choice of appearance of the resulting 3D model.
Animation Library Focused on Skeletal Animations
Dokoupil, Petr ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (referee) ; Štancl, Vít (advisor)
This thesis proposes an architecture of animation engine flexible enough to support large scale of animation algorithms with unified approach to each one of them. One of the major goals of the engine is to support creation of very complex animation seqences with high degree of animation execution control. The main animation technique used in the engine is skeletal animation and some variants of this technique are already implemented within, but it was never meant to be skeletal animation only engine and is designed that way.
Algorithms for Model Simplification
Pokorný, Jan ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (referee) ; Pečiva, Jan (advisor)
This paper is dedicated to simlification algorithms of polygonal models. First chapter deals with common principles of model simplification - features of polygonal models are explained here along with operations used in simlification. Next chapters introduce three simplification algorithms - Uniform Vertex Clustering, Floating Cell Vertex Clustering and Vertex Decimation. These methods are tested on a number of models and compared in various aspects - visual quality, aproximation time and geometric error of aproximation.
Interactive 3D Terrain Editor
Synáček, Jan ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The subject matter of this work is a concept of an interactive 3D terrain editor. Its basic functionality, graphical user interface and possible extensions are defined. There are a lot of existing terrain editing tools, therefore presentation of some existing systems capable of editing and generating computer terrain is also included. The editor is implemented and it is capable of performing simple editing, such as raising, lowering or levelling the terrain. Graphical user interface is also a part of the implementation. The editor allows inserting 3D models into the scene so it was easier to represent some objects displayed only in the texture in 3D space. Models can be edited using some simple transformations. Performance tests are undertaken and possibilities of extending the program discussed.
Streaming of 3D Geometry over Network
Rozehnal, Jaroslav ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis is oriented on problematics of streaming 3D geometrics over network. Main importance is seen in efectivity of streaming, for what there is presented special protocol, working over protocol UDP, and adaptation of Level of Detail. For visualization of transmitted geometry trivial graphical engine is developed. In the end there are presented results of tests, oriented on protocol's efectivness.
Animation in 3D Studio
Černý, Miloš ; Žák, Pavel (referee) ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The goal of this project is to inform readers about options of character animation. In theoretical part we discuss key-frame animation, forward and inverse kinematics and also the ragdoll technique. The aim of this work is to create a complex animation using 3D Studio Max with some of previously mentioned techniques.
Optimized Ray Tracing
Zamazal, Zdeněk ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes analysis, design and implementation of an application for reneding pictures based on optimized ray tracing. As the main optimalization is used the method of uniform space subdivision.
Multi-Dimensional Data Vizualization
Jambor, Marek ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (referee) ; Vyskočil, Michal (advisor)
This work deals with the problems connected to the visualization n-Dimensional data, where n>3, includes the retrieval of elementary methods, incl.field possibilities of an application. Further this work deals with problems connected to the projection and implementation of the module of visualization of n-dimensional data. Implementation was applied in programming environment Java with upgrade Java 3D.
Advanced Editor of 3D Scene
Bišof, Martin ; Žák, Pavel (referee) ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work describes important periods of making application on editing 3D scene. It concerns a program which makes possible visualization of objects and simulation graphic scene. The introduction of this document is dedicated to theorical analysis, which is oriented on objects presentation in computer graphic with detailed orientation on Boundary Representation. The following chapter is about transformations and manipulators. Design part introduces basic problems and apprises with exercise solutions on general level. In the part of the implementation, we find detailed description of actual solution for particular phase of proposal. It states description of advanced camera system and transformation of objects by the help of graphic manipulators. The next chapter discuss implement effects, modifications and solution for graphical user interface.
Visualization and Simulation in Graphics Scene Using Delta3D
Martanovič, Lukáš ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (referee) ; Pečiva, Jan (advisor)
Goal of this thesis is to describe the process of creating a visualisation and simulation application using Delta3D. First chapter contains description of library structure, followed by familiarization with basic mechanics and features of the engine in chapter two. Content of third and fourth chapter is an example creation of simple graphics scene and description of development of more advanced application using wider spectrum of features off ered by Delta3D library.

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