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Ukrainian Integral Nationalism, "Banderites" and Their Place in the History of Europe
Ondrák, Vlastimil ; Rychlík, Jan (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee) ; Šmigeľ, Michal (referee)
The thesis presents the problematic of the Ukrainian (integral) nationalism and the activities of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (so called "Banderites"), especially the topic of their activities in Czechoslovakia, according to the pre 1989 authors and publicistic scene predominantly violent and nowadays exploited in attempts to discredit the contemporal Ukrainian regime. Chapters follow in chronological order and analyse the problematics of the birth and evolution of Ukrainian nationalism, its formative period, ideological background, activities of the nationalists in Czechoslovakia and abroad in 1918 to 1960 and the propaganda and myths that surround the topic from its inception. The essential research task can be formulated as: Who were the so called "Banderites" and what was their history? The thesis is primarily based on archival research in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Secondarily on the literature written by the Ukrainian nationalists and scientific literature, predominantly Polish, Ukrainian and English. The research has come to the conclusion that the problematic of violent activities of the Ukrainian underground structures both in Czechoslovakia and abroad is exaggerated, on top of that by structures that declare their continuity to...
SNB Emergency batalions in campaign against UPA
Ondrák, Vlastimil ; Rychlík, Jan (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
Anotation Pohotovostní prapory SNB v nasazení proti banderovcům The thesis focuses on the creation and campaign of special forces of Sbor národní bezpečnosti against Ukrainina Insurgent Army which invaded the territory of Czechoslovakia in the period from May to October 1947 and further to April 1948. The offers a compact view on the largest military operation of Czechoslovakia in scale since the Second World War, including armaments, equipment and tactic. In addition, the political aspect of the campaign and the political involvement of the SNB commanders with respect to the events of February 1948 are examined. Furthermore, the creation and activities of Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army are covered. The thesis encompasses materials from Archive of the Museum of the Police of the Czech Republic at Praha Na Karlově and Archive of the Security Corpses.
National Security Corps 1945-1948
Ondrák, Vlastimil ; Šedivý, Ivan (advisor) ; Rychlík, Jan (referee)
The thesis unravels the problem of creation of Sbor národní bezpečnosti in Czechoslovakia in both of its sections, Public Security and State's Inner Security. The thesis observes the period of 1945- 1948. The intention of the thesis is to form a compact view on a development of the most important office of inner security whose the most important parts had fallen under the control of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and had become the basic pillar of communist rule until 1989. The thesis also unravels the organisation, counts, decrees, equipment and function of SNB and its relation to the law system including illegal actions commited by members of SNB. The thesis relays on materials located in Security Units Archive Praha Na Struze and Siwiecova Ulice, its extention in Brno Kanice, Archive of the Museum of the Police of the Czech Republic and a publication of J. Dvořáčková "Státní bezpečnost v letech 1945-1953". Keywords National security corp, police, security, February 1948, intelligence service, secret service, totality

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2 Ondrák, Vít
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