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High School Computer Network Design
Jarolímek, Roman ; Petr,, Pospíšil (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is the design of a computer network for the secondary school GPOA Znojmo in order to completely reconstruct the existing network, which is outdated and insufficient for the current capacity. The thesis is based on an analysis of the current situation and a theoretical part that provides information about the shortcomings of the existing network and key factors for understanding the project. The output of the work will be a complete documentation for the subsequent implementation of the network.
Primary School Computer Network Design
Rozlílek, Radim ; Novotný, Vít (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the development of a complete computer network design for a primary school. The building in which the project is implemented has two floors, which house classrooms, offices and classrooms. The starting point for the thesis are the documents in the form of a floor plan of the building and the specification of the investor's requirements. The main parts of the work are the analysis of the current situation, the detailed design of the new network infrastructure, the development of the project documentation, the risk analysis, the Gantt chart of the project and the economic evaluation with the presentation of the benefits of the project.
Primary School Computer Network Design
Soukup, Dominik ; Petr,, ROZEHNAL (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design of a functional computer network for a primary school in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou. The thesis analyses the current state of the network and based on this analysis proposes its own solution. The aim is to create a network that will not only be functional, but also easily expandable and will fully meet the requirements of the investor.
Data centre expansion proposal
Zvolenský, Samuel ; Martin,, ŽÍDEK (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of a part of the data center from the point of view of its expansion. Due to the constant expansion of the internet, as such, more and more demands for data space are being made by individuals, companies, organizations, or institutions. Data centers take care of the continuous operation of computer technology, especially of the server type. Data centers are still developing not only in the Czech Republic and their expansion is desirable. The bachelor thesis contains theoretical background, analysis of the current state of the data center to provide the basic pillars of expansion and the actual proposed solution. The investor's requirements and procedures for elaborating the desired goal are included.
Implementation of basic security standards of the parent company
Valný, Jakub ; Petr,, LEXMAUL (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This thesis deals with the implementation of the basic security standards of the parent company. The first part of this thesis is the theoretical starting point, in which are described and explained all the necessary concepts. The second part of this thesis is an analysis of the current state, in which is discussed the current state of security within the domain of the subsidiary company and also the requirements of the parent company. The third part of this thesis is the actual design of the solution, in which is detailed my proposal for the implementation of all requirements. Implementation management, economic evaluation and benefits are parts of the solution design as well.
Implementation of Selected Technology for Network Management
Fábryová, Bianka ; Sedlák, Petr (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This thesis deals with proposal of implementation of chosen technology for computer network management within a particular company. The introductory part of this thesis focuses on a summary of theoretical background in the field. The next part of this thesis is focused on the analysis of the current state of network management in the company and the possibilities of a suitable network management solution. In the practical part, based on the application of theoretical knowledge, there is formulated a proposal for the implementation of the selected technology including technical, managerial and economic aspects that must be assessed during implementation.
Detached House Computer Network Design
Fabo, David ; Sedlák, Petr (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The thesis is focused on designing a computer network in a new family house. The first chapter is focused on analysis of the current state of the object, where the computer network is going to be build. The second chapter is focused on explaining theoretical basis that are related to the issue of designing a computer network. The last chapter is focused on choosing the right parts and putting them together to create a functional computer network.
Company Computer Network Design
Psota, Michal ; Zdeněk,, Zapletal (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the design of a functional computer network in a selected company. The analytical part of the thesis deals with the analysis of the state of the original computer network and the needs of the investor for the development of the business activities of the company. This is the basis for the summary of requirements defined by the investor, which define the conditions for the proposed solution. The solution includes the most suitable design of a structured cabling system with required parameters of data network transmission properties, use of passive and active elements, distribution of switchboards in the building, cable routing and location of connection points. The design of a stable data network, which takes into account the technical possibilities of its individual components, is supplemented by the economic budget of the related costs for its construction.
Security Monitoring of Applications in Azure
Doležal, Vojtěch ; Petr,, Svojanovský (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This thesis combines two major topics of today's IT. Security and cloud computing is something that every company is dealing with today and entire countries are aware of their importance. The thesis deals with the monitoring and security of services in Microsoft Azure secured exclusively by native services. The goal of the thesis is to find out whether native Azure security services can replace the shortcomings in the security of the applications themselves. If these services are not able to do that, it must be decided whether their usage is beneficial. The theoretical part deals with cloud computing and information security. The analytical part describes Skoda Auto and the Microsoft Azure service, including the important services it offers. The design part documents the testing and the results obtained by it. The result of the work is the finding that the deployment of monitoring and security in the cloud does not solve the problem of insufficiently secure applications. However, it can contribute to security, not only to the security of the applications themselves, but also to the security of the entire cloud environment.
Design of a Computer Network for Storage Facilities
Jaroš, Petr ; Sedlák, Petr (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with a complex design of a new computer network for a building in reconstruction. The building will serve as a background for the client's trade activities. The network design is based on an analysis of the current state, client requirements and theoretical background in the field of computer networks. The resulting design meets the client's requirements and should be used as a basis for the implementation of network hardware.

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