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The term of Palimpsest and Intertextuality in the Antropological-ethnological analysis of urban space
Ondrák, Vít ; Marcelli, Miroslav (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
The thesis called The term of Palimpsest and Intertextuality in the Antropological- ethnological analysis of urban space focuses on examination of urban space from the point of view of the metaphorical conception of the term text, intertext and palimpsest. By extending the meaning of the term text from the original concept in literary science to broader layers of reality, it is possible to apply it to urban space, and then read it as an urban text. Due to the fact that the urban environment consists of many layers, it becomes an interesting solution for its complex grasp to use the term palimpsest and intertext. The first theoretical part aims to explain these concepts. The second theoretical part deals with anthropological and ethnological approaches to urban space, while the perspective of the individual who walks through the city and lets it affect becomes essential for this walker. The content of the third, applied part is then the specific space of the Nuselské údolí (Nusle valley) and its immediate surroundings, within which the individual becomes a player in the game between space and his perception. The individual layers of the environment are examined from the perspective of concepts and anthropological-ethnological approaches, which, however, do not provide a complete and exhaustive...
Theory and reality in Teige's Manifestos and in Poetry of Representative Poets from Devětsil Artistic Federation
Ondrák, Vít ; Wiendl, Jan (advisor) ; Vojvodík, Josef (referee)
This thesis is devided into two parts. First part is theoretical and it is focused on the four specific manifestos of artistic movements by Karel Teige which were written in 1921, 1924 and 1928. I tried to focus on the comparative reading and interpretation of theses texts. The second part is about specific realization of representative collections of poems based on these Teige`s manifestos. Authors of these collections of poems are Jaroslav Seifert and his Město v slzách and Na vlnách TSF, Vítězslav Nezval with his Podivuhodný kouzelník and Pantomima and Konstantin Biebl's S lodí jež dováží čaj a kávu and Nový Ikaros. Key words: proletarian art, poeticism, Teige, avant-garde, poetry

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3 Ondrák, Vlastimil
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