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Možnosti využití mikroorganismů pro výrobu tuku z odpadních materiálů
Novotný, Jonáš
The aim of the work was to use special strains of microorganisms to produce lipids and lipophilic substances using wastes and by-products of the food industry. Lipids are a valuable component of food and their increasing consumption has an impact on the growth of input costs of plants. Some strains of yeast and bacteria can accumu-late high concentrations of lipids in the cell. The composition of these lipids has a si-milar character to commercially used fats and oils. The work focuses on the production of both equivalents of e.g. cocoa butter or palm oil, and specific products such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are used for example to enrich foods. For the cultivation of oleaginous strains of microorganisms, waste and by-products of the food industry are used as a carbon substrate. Individual substrates, which are often subject to disposal in incinerators, are described as potential low-cost media for microbial production technology. Some of the carbon sources discussed include whey, fruit and vegetable pomace and waste cooking oil. Furthermore, the extraction of microbial lipids by chemical and physical methods is addressed. In particular, microbial lipid production appears to be the future of food industry. The technology is still in its infancy and the biggest problem is the cost of the resul-ting products, mainly related to the treatment of substrates and extraction processes. Until costs are significantly reduced, microbial lipids and their products will not be compe-titive.

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