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Plastic Waste management in Bali
Nováková, Kristýna ; Pokorný, Ondřej (advisor) ; Budiman, Michaela (referee)
In recent years, considerable attention has been paid to the phenomenon of plastic waste management and the issue of plastic pollution. Together with climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, and careless and inefficient resource management, environmental pollution, especially plastic waste, is considered to be a major factor negatively affecting global biodiversity. Indonesia, along with China, is one of the world's largest producers of marine plastic waste in the oceans. The presented bachelor thesis deals with the issue of plastic waste management on the Indonesian island of Bali. Its aim is to find out whether there are specific methods limiting the use of plastics and at the same time procedures dealing with its recycling, both formally and practically. All information is based on the legal regulations of the Republic of Indonesia, a search of professional articles and literature, but also on the conducted field research further elaborated in the practical part. This part is used to analyze and interpret the data obtained from a targeted questionnaire survey, which was intended to find out how local residents approach the issue of plastic pollution. Based on the information obtained, the final part is devoted to the current and future possible development of the plastic economy of Bali.
Evaluation of client satisfaction with harm reduction progamme No Biohazard
Nováková, Kristýna ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Janíková, Barbara (referee)
Background: In this work, I deal with adequacy of services and needs of clients within the No Biohazard program. The purpose of the evaluation is important particularly for directors and program managers. It is the directors and managers who are often asked to justify the need for their programs. Client satisfaction is believed to be a concept that is well understood by clients, the public, public authorities and other institutions that provide funding to these organizations (WHO, UNDCP & EMCDDA, 2000). Aims: The main goal was to find out the satisfaction of clients with the offered interventions offered by the No Biohazard program to clients, optionally how particular aspects of interventions could be improved. Research questions identify sources of dissatisfaction with the interventions offered. Partial goals also include finding out the level of client satisfaction with the local and time availability of No Biohazard, creating a proposal to increase the level of No Biohazard and finally designing an inventory of Harm Reduction material that could be offered to outreach program clients. Research file: The research sample is drug users who should meet the EMCDDA definition of problem drug users. I chose respondents to the research through institutions - it was an institutional selection with a...
Rights from defective performance in consumer contracts
Nováková, Kristýna ; Elischer, David (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
1 Rights from defective performance in consumer contracts Abstract This diploma thesis deals with rights from defective performance in consumer contracts, with both the general regulation of the rights of defective performance in the contract between the entrepreneur and the consumer, as well as the specific rights of defective performance in this contract in the case of the purchase contract and contract for work. The thesis contains definitions of the basic subjects of consumer law, as well as legal terms, which are often associated with the application of legal rules of consumer law. Such terms are defective performance, as well as individual types of defects, or even the disputed warranty under the law or voluntary contractual guarantees provided by the seller. This thesis deals in detail with the rights of defective performance, which belongs to the buyer in case of conclusion of the purchase contract. A special focus is given to the special subsection of civil code on the sale of goods in the shop. The part of this thesis is also the definition of the term of complaint, the exercise of the right from defective performance in terms of its content, manner or form, or the work also represents the persons entitled or compulsory to complain. The thesis also solves problems with proper application of the...
Zero Waste lifestyle mapping
Nováková, Kristýna ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Orcígr, Václav (referee)
The work explores the perception of Zero Waste lifestyle from the perspective of people who live this lifestyle. The main aims of the research are to map the perception of Zero Waste lifestyle in terms of what the lifestyle means for informants and how they perceive it. I also deal with the motivations that these people have for their lifestyle, whether it be external or internal, and I try to map the negative or positive benefits that Zero Waste brings to the lives of its followers. The work is based on qualitative research, namely on seven interviews with people who live in the Zero Waste lifestyle, with whom I conducted semi-structured interviews. Using a thematic analysis, I have identified ten categories that characterize Zero Waste lifestyle: the pursuit of change, the conversion / change of thinking, the voluntary modesty / the fight against consumerism, the saving of money, the fashion trend, the education, the spiritual / religious aspect, the fulfillment / joy / happiness, community sharing, moral contradiction. The main findings of the research are precisely the Zero Waste lifestyle characteristic that builds on authentic information taken directly from people living in this lifestyle. My findings mainly relate to characteristics of Zero Waste, how these people perceive their lifestyle...
Comparison of accounting statements according to Czech accounting legislation and IFRS and their applications for financial analysis
NOVÁKOVÁ, Kristýna
The aim of this master thesis is to compare selected statements prepared in accordance with IAS / IFRS with statments prepared in accordance with CAS and to analyze the impact of different reporting on the financial analysis of two selected companies. The theoretical part draws on specialized literature, defines IAS / IFRS reporting and CAS reporting, and describes the basic concepts, methods and procedures for financial analysis. In the practical part are presented selected enterprises, which are applied the knowledge from the theoretical part for the period 2012 - 2016. In conclusion, it is made the assessment of the objectives.
Road safety inspection in the 0lomouc region
Nováková, Kristýna ; Nečas, Zdeněk (referee) ; Matuszková, Radka (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on a road safety inspection of selected intersections in Olomouc Region. The first step of the diploma thesis was to select 20 intersections, then each one was subjected to accident analysis. The intersections were compared by accident indicators, which were the basis of selection 11 intersections for visual inspection purposes. Based on visual inspections, the selection was further reduced to 4 intersections in Olomouc Region, which were subjected to detailed road safety inspection, then the potential risks influencing the origins of accident were identified and corrective measures were proposed in order to remove or eliminate the intersections problems.
Non-cash transactions in connection with the handling of property from the perspective of income taxation
Nováková, Kristýna ; Vančurová, Alena (advisor) ; Finardi, Savina (referee)
This bachelor thesis about Non-cash transactions in connection with the handling of property from the perspective of income taxation, whose main purpose is to evaluate the impact of this transactions on the tax base and cash-flow of tenant and owner, consists of four chapters. The first part defines the basic concepts of non-monetary income, non-cash income and rental income. The second chapter deals with the differences of technical improvement, repairs and maintenance. The third chapter focuses on the description of possible solutions and the fourth chapter deals with the influence on tax base and cash-flow in model situations. At the end of the chapter the results of individual situations are synthesized ant the most suitable solution is suggested.
Needs analysis of clients and staff of dropin centres for drug users in Zlín Region
Nováková, Kristýna ; Pavlovská, Amalie (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Resources: Needs analysis is an important tool to determine the demands and needs of target groups whom we offer or want to offer particular services. In 2015 there were reported 17, 029 users in communication with drop-in centre services (Mravčík et al., 2015). However, there is a lack of feedback on behalf of the clients, which would help create, develop, and also adjust current programme or service. Similar analysis in Zlín region was made in the year 2010 (Radimecký, 2010), next analysis with recreational users was made in Mělník area (Přádová, 2015), and with clients of drop-in centres in Prague (Miovský, 2003). Targets: The research is focused on needs analysis aimed to reveal which services are available for clients, how appealing offered services are, and whether services on offer meet the demands of clients. In this I also concentrate on the characteristics of local drug environment. Another target is to determine how the needs of target group have been changing since 2010 and the possibility to compare whether and to what extend the needs of workers and clients differ. In 2010 recommendations to establish a new kind of service were published, and my aim is also to compare these recommendations with my results, and create a new list of recommendations and proposals. Research unit:...
The Reaction to the French Revolution in England
Nováková, Kristýna ; Kovář, Martin (advisor) ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deas with the reaction to the French Revolution in England. The first part summarizes the internal and foreign policy of Britain at the period preceding the storming of the Bastille. Then it examines the response to the revolutionary events on the political scene connected with the declaration of the war. It focuses on three significant politicians: William Pitta the Younger, Charles James Foxe and Edmund Burke. The final part is concerned with the positive and negative influence of the ideas of the Revolution on the English radical movements in the first half of the 19th century and the opinions of selected radicals, particularly Thomas Paine.
Interakcion of media and marketing media discourse on the media image of musician Tomáš Klus
Nováková, Kristýna ; Hejlová, Denisa (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
This diploma thesis Interaction of media and marketing discourse on the media image of musician Tomáš Klus examines the influence of the corporate agenda through the marketing and PR department of a record label Sony Music Entertainment Czech Republic s.r.o. on the agenda of the media, which represent the work of three full-scale Czech newspaper MF Dnes, Právo a Blesk. The theoretical approach is being built on the basic theses of media construction of reality and construction of media image, the concept of agenda setting and issue of the music industry. Thus, areas involved and influence the marketing and media world and form the basic framework of the theoretical structure of media reality. The empirical part is devoted to a particular process of agenda setting on an example of the media image of a Czech musician Tomáš Klus over three years through marketing and PR department of a record label Sony Music Entertainment Czech Republic s.r.o. sampled for analysis of print media - newspapers MF Dnes, Law and Flash. The goal is to trace how and to what extent the marketing discourse influences the media discourse and how does this interaction influence the musician's final media image.

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