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Multifunctional building, Morasovice
Němec, Jan ; Kalánek, Jiří (referee) ; Kacálek, Petr (advisor)
In this project, there is processed complete documentation of a new multifunctional building, Morašovice. This project is solved as operative project. The house is a three story building, partly with a basement and with attic room, which is used. The house is bricked, partly with skeleton construction elements and with wooden saddle roof. This project of the multifunctional building is focused on architectonical solution and implementation into an existing rural area. This project solves relation between disposition and static, fire protection and energy savings. All blueprints are elaborated by ArchiCAD software.
Design of single-cylinder diesel engine
Němec, Jan ; Ramík, Pavel (referee) ; Píštěk, Václav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the construction of the whole combustion engine, the crankshaft design, the piston and the piston rod. It also outlines the central lubrication, the cooling, the injection pump, the movable pump and the gear pump as well as fuel filtering, injection, engine timimg, etc. The four-cycle engine has four working cycles. During the first cycle the "clean" air is drawn and the piston moves from the bottom centre to the top centre and it comes to compression in the cylinder thanks to the adjusting of the advance and the fuel is injected into the cylinder. As the piston moves rapidly to the top centre, the pressure and the temperature increase so much that the fuel ignites. The pressure is about 26 atm (2.634Mpa) and the temperature is about 600°C. The fuel burns ideally in spherical wave fronts. The fuel is injected under high pressure as aerosol generates. As the fuel expands, the volume increases and the piston moves to the bottom centre. And it is its only working cycle.The piston moves from the bottom centre to the top centre and the exhaust valve opens through which the hot gases of combustion leave - and everything repeats. The design of the particular components is shown in the animations. Modelling and simulations were produced using CAD system. Everything is supported with calculations.
Study of Stirling Engine
Němec, Jan ; Kloss, Ondřej (referee) ; Kaplan, Zdeněk (advisor)
This work deals with the structural design of the Stirling engine beta modifications for increasing the thermal efficiency of the regenerator. This work is an attempt to propose a regenerator, or propose ways of working fluid through the heater and the heat exchanger to cool the chamber. All using different design elements. Furthermore, this work deals with stress analysis using computer software.
Experimental design of asphalt mixtures
Němec, Jan ; Zajíček, Jan (referee) ; Varaus, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on an experimental design of low-noise asphalt mixtures. The theoretical part describes the problems of noise and methods for noise measurements. There are also specified the characteristics of various low-noise asphalt mixtures. The practical part addresses the experimental design of SMA 8 LA. Subsequently, the mixture is exposed to functional testing and the results are afterwards compared with the conventional type of stone mastix asphalt SMA 8 S. The second part is focused primarily on an experimental mixture design of a specific asphalt mixture type - coated macadam. There is especially solved the issue ofbinder drainage and the proportion of cracked grains during the compaction. The advantage of this mixture is the lower price demands cause by lower binder content and a smaller amount of fine aggregate. This mixture should be used as a base layer for low-loaded (traffic) roads. In the conclusion are thereafter evaluated the knowledge and the experience with the testing and designing of individual mixtures gained during the testing.
Sludge pretreatment and its further utilization
Němec, Jan ; Dlabaja, Tomáš (referee) ; Elsässer, Thomas (advisor)
The thesis deals with methods of pre-treatment (disintegration) of sewage sludge, which offers an opportunity for better operation of a waste water treatment plant. The introduction is aimed at sewage water and sludge dividing, and then at their characteristics. In this thesis a current state of sludge disposal within the reference to the legislature and how to divide the methods of disintegration is also marked. Afterwards a description of selected methods of sludge disintegration, their comparison and the applicability of thermal disintegration to pasteurization of sewage sludge is included.
Tisknutelné matrice na bázi složek mléka
Němec, Jan
The aim of the thesis is to introduce to the topic of 3D printing, milk components and their mutual connection. It explains individual technologies from the most common to the less well-known. Furthermore, the thesis deals with a review of current studies on this topic and their conclusions, progresses and complications. It focuses on individual components of milk, such as casein, micellar casein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey proteins and lactose, which have potential in 3D food printing. The thesis aims to provide a review of the information needed to understand 3D printing as it is used in other industries, as well as to understand the complexity of food 3D printing with a focus on milk. The main contribution of the work consists in providing comprehensible information and in the summarization of the indicated paths where 3D printing of milk has gone. Alternatively, it also reveals gaps that can be addressed and thus move development forward.
Markowitz model with constraints
Němec, Jan ; Lachout, Petr (advisor) ; Hurt, Jan (referee)
Title: Markowitz model with constrains Author: Jan Němec Department: Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Petr Lachout, CSc. Abstract: Composition of an optimal portfolio from available tradable comodities is very frequntly a discussed issue. One model, which considers not only the yield of the portfolio, but also its risk, is Markowitz model. Bachelor thesis will consider this ap- proach in cases when the searched portfolio is bounded with additional restrictions. This thesis will primarily address the constraints that are determined by legislation to conduct various banking entities investing in the stock market. Keywords: Markowitz model, portfolio constraints, banking regulation 1
Solar energy and its financial and legal aspects
Němec, Jan ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
Resume in English language Solar energy and its financial and legal aspects The topic of this thesis is the production of electricity from solar light and its legislation in the Czech Republic and European Union. The objective of this thesis is to analyse the whole development since the year 2005 until today, because it is full of interesting aspects. After the introduction the first part of this thesis is focused on the legislation of the European Union, which created foundation for Czech laws, i.e. Directives 2001/77/EC and 2009/28/EC. It is followed by the analysis of Czech laws, which were valid at that time, especially the Act no. 180/2005 Coll., and the Act no. 458/2008 Sb., Energy Act. As for the Energy Act, there is also added part about its current amendment and also the Act on income taxes is mentioned. Following part is focused on the solar boom, its causes and consequences. Because of the fact that the implemented solutions has provoked large discussions, this chapter is focused also on individual implemented solutions. Third part of the thesis is crucial and it is focused on the analysis of key court decisions in this field, i.e. three main court decisions, which are related to the solar tax. Those are interesting decisions of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Administrative Court of the...
Contemporary Typography in the Context of Art Education
Němec, Jan ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Magidová, Markéta (referee)
The aim of this study was to summarize the theoretical content of the Ty- pography/Writing lesson. The theoretical part focuses on world and the Czech typography in the 20th and 21st centuries. It summarizes its most important personalities and adds new ones that are not yet included in any publications about the evolution of typefaces. It also introduces the reader to current trends, events and publications. The theoretical part includes a recapitulation of the development of typography since the mid-15th cen- tury. The development includes key personalities and technological ad- vances. The didactic and practical part is based on the theoretical part. The didactic part is devoted to the search for connections in the field of typography in the curriculum framework. Afterwards, individual cur- ricula of secondary art schools with the educational field of graphic de- sign were examined and compared. The focus was on the time allocation to this subject. From the information gathered, a thematic block was suggested, treating the topic of contemporary typography consisting of three parts - explanation of theory, discussion and practical application. In the practical part, a digital survey was designed to collect informa- tion about the knowledge of the typography lesson. The digital form was prepared...

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