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Reconstruction of road II/605 Holoubkov - Rokycany (Borek)
Němcová, Klára ; Charvátová, Marie (referee) ; Kosňovský, Michal (advisor)
The topic of the master’s thesis is reconstruction of the the road II/605 between municipality of Holoubkov and municipality of Rokycany (Borek) including local adjustments of the road in urban area of municipality of Svojkovice. The reasons for this reconstruction are insufficient parameters of current condition of the road. In Svojkovice are solved adjustments of crossroads, bus stops, parking bays, pavements and bicycle paths.
Comprehensive design solutions for transportation construction
Němcová, Klára ; Stehlík, Dušan (referee) ; Kosňovský, Michal (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to design connection of the industrial zone on the existing second class road into the specified focus. And structural road design according to the diagnostics and traffic intensity.
Destination Prácheňsko on the tourism market
The aim of this work was to evaluate the primary and secondary offer of the Prácheňsko destination, to determine the competitive advantage of the destination and to propose a method of its implementation. Primary and secondary data were used to analyse the current situation of the Prácheňsko Region. Primary data were obtained from the survey, the results of which areelaborated in this work. Two structured interviews with experts, who have experience with the tourism in Prácheňsko, were also conducted. The results of the researchare summarized in the synthesis of the results and findings. On the basis of the results of the survey and structured interviews, measures were proposed that would contribute to the developmentof the tourism in Prácheňsko. It essentially concerned aproposal to createabrand and a logo of Prácheňsko. A draft of the official website of Prácheňsko was created with an offer of tourist destinations based on the use of all thesenses (sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste) and the areas(Strakonicko, Písecko, BlatenskoandVodňansko) that are part of Prácheňsko.
Albinismus ve světě zvířat
The subject of this thesis was to prepare an overview of the information on albinism in animals, characterize its different types and origins. Albinism can be divided into full or partial. This depends on whether the affected individual is all white or whether only some body parts are affected. Another type of albinism is leucism. These animals have affected fur and feathers, but skin is pigmented normally. Albinism is a hereditary disease, but it can also arise during the life, for example, due to stress or illness. It is caused by the absence or lack of dark skin pigment - melanin. As melanin protects skin and eyes from sunlight, affected animals suffer from skin diseases and photophobia. In this thesis, the diversity of this disease is documented on examples of various animals - invertebrates and vertebrates.
Proposal of a Process Optimizing
Šafářová, Jitka ; Němcová, Klára (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
Diplomová práce se zabývá návrhem procesů oddělení System Activation & Deactivation společnosti IBM Česká Republika, s.r.o. s cílem zlepšení těchto procesů a navýšení efektivity těchto procesů v rámci firmy.
Concept of communication strategy of The Coca-Cola Company´s new plastic bottle
Němcová, Klára ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Šiser, Roman (referee)
The thesis relates to theorethical principles of marketing and commercial communications. The application part of the thesis relates to a concept of communication strategy of The Coca-Cola Company's new plastic bottle
Nurse and obligatory reticence
This Bachelor Thesis deals with the duty of professional secrecy in the occupation of nurses, becoming acquainted with it and observing it in practice. In the theoretical part, I focused on various sources that the duty of secrecy is based on, who it concerns, exceptions from it and sanctions resulting from breaching it. Based on theoretical knowledge resulting from law, a number of ethical codes and other documents forming this duty, two questionnaires were compiled. The data obtained and processed from the questionnaire survey were used to verify the validity of three hypotheses defined. The objective of the essay was to point out the difference between theory and real life and to find out information about given matter.
Forms of Regional Co-operation in the Light of the Promotion of Production
The main aim of the thesis about "forms of regional cooperation in terms of production aid" was to analyze activity and definition of the potential of selected local action groups. For my thesis I chose a local action group operating in the South Region, MAS Třeboňsko o.p.s. The theoretical part is aimed at describing the basic concepts of tackle. The analytical part describes selected local action group. The main task was to determine the hypotheses and then evaluation. To evaluate the hypotheses used two questionnaires. The first questionnaire was designed for members of local action groups and one for entrepreneurs who are not members.
Prevalence of intestinal parasites by piglets in litter stabling.
Pooled faecal specimens of pigs were collected from the floor on two farms (A and B) and parasitologically examined. Investigations were divided into the five period: winter 2005 (A), spring 2005 (A), autumn 2005 (B), winter 2006 (B) and spring 2006 (B). In total, we collected 249 faecal specimens of pigs, of them 91 specimens were collected from farm A and 158 specimens from farm B. In farm A we collected 32 specimens from post-weaned piglets and in farm B 20 specimens from post-weaned piglets. Piglets were housed on litter stabling on both farms.

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