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Problematic Behaviour in Personalities with Highly-Functional Autism and Asperger?s Syndrome
Gnanová, Eva ; Strnadová, Iva (advisor) ; Mužáková, Monika (referee)
This diploma thesis investigates the problematic behaviour of adolescents and adults between fifteen and thirty years of age who have high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome. The goal of this thesis is to define the most common deficits in behaviour of the chosen group of people and their causes. It also attempts to record the parents' level of awareness about various types of intervention. The major method of my work is processing the "questionnaires on problematic behaviour" that interrogate parents of the selected group of adolescents and adults. I also conducted two case studies where I used methods of interview, observation, anamnesis and analysis of the documents of speciál pedagogy. I carried out an analysis of the questionnaires and case studies from which I obtained all the information necessary to accomplish the aforementioned goals of this thesis.
Elderly persons with intellectual disabilities living outside the family The quality of life and the role of social service providers
Stárek, Lukáš ; Mužáková, Monika (referee) ; Strnadová, Iva (advisor)
This thesis has been dedicated to the issues of aging of people with intellectual disabilities, in particular to the role of social services in this field. In Chapters 1 to 3, the author's focus will be on the aging of the society in general, further on the specific items concerning aging of people with intellectual disabilities, which are related to the quality of their life, furthermore, he will briefly describe the functioning of social services in the Czech Republic. In Chapters 4 to 8, he will evaluate and summarize the survey carried out on the basis of a questionnaire. The goal of this survy is to evoke discussion concerning the researched issue, to gain the opinions of providers of social services on the given questions. It should also give data about the preparedness of social institutions for the population growth of aging people with intellectual disabilities. Powered by TCPDF (
Respite care in the social system for families of persons with autistsm
Buřičová, Jana ; Mužáková, Monika (referee) ; Strnadová, Iva (advisor)
Die Diplomarbeit befasst sich mit der Entwicklung und Problematik der Entlastungsdienste in der Tschechischen Republik seit dem 1. Januar 2007. Der praktische Teil wird eingestellt auf die Enlastastungsdienste leisteten den Personen, die eine verminderte Selbstgenügsamkeit aus dem Grund gesundlichen Betroffenheit und für die normalerweise in seiner natürlichen socialen Umgebung besorgt wird. Als Zielgruppe die Klienten mit Autismus gewählt sind. Die Basis für meine weitere Aktivitäten bildet die gesammtstaatliche Forschung und vorher noch eine Erforschung, dann verbünde ich mich mit Zentrum des Besorgungsdienstes. Dem verfolgten Kriterien nach, mache ich einen Auswahl der Zentren und ersuche um die Erfüllung des Fragebogens, der nach den Bereich Sozialdienstes orientiert ist. Das Forschungsziel wird, eine neue Erkenntnise in die Problematik des Besorgungsdienstes für die Klienten mit Autismus vom Ansicht des Arbeitsgebers, bringen. Im Rahmen dieser Erforschung gehe ich folgendermassen vor: das Bedarf und die Stellunsnahme dieser Arbeitsgebers zum Besorgungsdienst feststellen, empirische Informationen rücksichtlich der Gewährung des Dienstes für gegebene spezifische Gruppe der Betroffenheit summieren. Durch die Schlussfolgerungen bemühe ich mich ebefalls um die grössere Aufklärung und Informationnen unter...
School beginnings of teacher Augustin Bartoš
Kolář, Petr ; Mužáková, Monika (referee) ; Titzl, Boris (advisor)
This work describes an unknown early life, study, pedagogical actions and scientific reports of Augustin Bartoš (1188-1969), the famous Czech teacher, writer and educator of children with disabilities. He was born in Červený Kostelec, Eastern Bohemia and after attending local schools he was admitted to Teacher Institute in Hradec Králové. Graduating in 1908, he started to teach in schools around the city. During time, he promoted the activities of industrial arts and active school movement between local teachers. In 1912, he joined to Educational Institute for Boys in Hradec Králové and during 1919 helped to manage Educational Institute for Depraved Girls in Jilemnice. At the end of the year he was invited to be manager and school-master of Jedlička Institute in Prague. 176
Attitude of social excluded Roma in Kolín towards education
Slavíčková, Tereza ; Mužáková, Monika (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
The subject of the following thesis creates a part of Roma education area. Roma education is considered to be crucial in the frame of social integration processes. Integration of Roma is embarrassed by a phenomenon which is called social exclusion. Social exclusion is defined as a limited access to the social, cultural and economical sources in society. Social exclusion is a high risk factor for both the excluded individuals and families and society as a whole. Social exclusion escalates a social conflicts. Education is perceived being a remedy for a social exclusion if only Roma people accept the value of education as being valid. Otherwise the integration strategies implemented in education system do not produce any results. Empirical part of the bachelor degrese thesis presents the Roma attitudes towards education. The research informants were sorted out of social excluded inhabitants who live in Zengrova block of flats in Kolín. This area is characterized by a higher concentration of Roma people. The attitudes towards education predict the position of an individual in a social structure.
I will focus on the ways of support adolescents, particularly the students of high schools, with dyslexia in Dys-centrum Praha
Wagnerová, Jitka ; Mužáková, Monika (referee) ; Strnadová, Iva (advisor)
ln my bachelor work I will focus on the ways of support of adolescents, particularly the students of high schools, with dyslexia in Dys-centrum Praha. The aim of this bachelor work is to compile case studies of two c1ients of Dys-centrum Prague and to show how important is to support the high-school students with dyslexia. I will present the adolescence as an important part of human Iife, and also the profite of high-school students with dyslexia and its symptoms. The assessment methods for adolescents and adults, and the system of support of adolescents with dyslexia will be introduced. Finally, I will describe how I could obtain information for the case studies followed.
Senior citizen problematics from the perspektive of domiciliary services
Šobíšková, Soňa ; Mužáková, Monika (referee) ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor)
Subject of diploma thesis is administration minder services for seniors. Aim of coming services is, among others, provide for seniors full-value life in their native environment. On the basis of peruse literature I present terms like age, senescence and communication. I point out communication specialities and techniques for choice groups of seniors. In practical parts I go out of own working experience in administration field minder services for seniors. In my diploma thesis I concentrate for the period between 2006 - 2008, when the legislation of administration minder services was changed.

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