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SMV-2020-38: Mauting_lasweld_heat_exchanger
Mrňa, Libor
Development of laser welding technology for a given large-scale cushion heat exchanger.
SMV-2020-37: BUT_FME_3D_print_WAAM_steelG3Si1
Mrňa, Libor
3D printing of experimental samples by WAAM method, metallographic analysis.
SMV-2020-36: Siemens_laserweld_parts_steam_turbine
Mrňa, Libor
Testing the possibilities of using laser welding technology for homogeneous and heterogeneous joints of steam turbine components from various types of austenitic, duplex and martensitic stainless steels.
SMV-2020-35: Lexron_laser_weld_turbine_housing_repair
Mrňa, Libor
Contract research in the field of overhaul of large-scale steel casting using laser welding technology, including metallography of welds and measurement of dimensional deviations caused by welding.
SMV-2020-34: Tecpa_laser_weld_chamber_austenite_ferrite
Mrňa, Libor
Verification of weldability of supplied assemblies of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels (eg AT-0493-A) using laser welding technology.
SMV-2020-33: Lascam_laser_deburring
Mrňa, Libor
Testing the possibilities of using a laser beam to melt the edges (laser deburring) of delivered samples of steel parts, including metallographic assessment of the change in the geometry of the edge.
SMV-2020-32: Tescan_tube
Mrňa, Libor
Development of permanent joints using laser welding, implementation of test samples, vacuum-tightness tests.
Inspection of welded joints of loading ramps
Ertl, Roman ; Mrňa, Libor (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
This master's thesis is focused on problem of welding of loading ramps and inspection of their welded joints. The aim of this thesis is to inspect the welds of loading ramps with regarding to the appearance of defects. The literature review of the research issues of the MIG welding technology and welding of aluminium and its alloys is described in this thesis. There is also described destructive and non-destructive inspection of welds that can be applied to inspection of loading ramps. Theoretical description is followed by an experimental part of the thesis. Experimental part is focused on the three destructive tests (the tensile, the macroscopic and the hardness test) of samples of loading ramps, which are made of EN AW-6005A T6.
Welding of 22MnB5 steel using Laser-TIG hybrid technology
Krejčí, Adam ; Sigmund, Marián (referee) ; Mrňa, Libor (advisor)
This thesis deals with usage of hybrid technology Laser-TIG for welding of boron enhanced steel 22MnB5. This thesis evaluates the influence of preheating using technology of TIG arc welding to a weld quality in comparison with laser welds. In practical part of thesis there were 1,8 mm metal sheets of 22MnB5 welded. This metal sheet specimens were welded by using constant parameters of laser with varying parameters of TIG technology. There were 12 specimens of sheet metal created including 3 specimens using only laser and 9 specimens using Laser-TIG hybrid technology while varying magnitude of current (I=20 A, 40 A a 60 A). Welds created this way were evaluated by tensile test and strength limits compared. Then metalografic survey was carried out examining macro and microstructure. Results of metalografic survey were confronted with Vickers hardness test.
Welding of martensitic stainless steel using hybrid technology Laser - TIG
Novotný, Jan ; Sigmund, Marián (referee) ; Mrňa, Libor (advisor)
Theoretical part of this thesis includes overview of laser welding technology and possible combinations with arc welding methods for meeting desired properties of the weld. It also explains mechanical testing and metallographic examination on welds. The experimental part deals with optimisation of process parameters during welding of martensitic stainless steel, used in energetic industry using hybrid laser - TIG technology in regard of mechanical properties of the weld, its structure and proposal of technological parameters.

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