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The assessment of change in the water balance of Hačka catchment due to the climate change
Moravec, Vojtěch ; Hanel, Martin (advisor) ; Ladislav, Ladislav (referee)
In the presented paper the changes in mean runoff, temperature and precipitation totals in an observed period 1962-2015 in the catchment river Hačka are assessed. The paper further presents the analysis of climate change impact on mean runoff between the periods 1984-2014 (control period) and 2035-2065 and 2068-2098 (scenario periods) using the projections of three regional climate model simulations. Thin Plate Spline interpolation was used to estimate basin precipitation and temperature. Modified hydrological analogy was used for precise quantification of naturalized runoff (i.e. not affected by water use). Climate change scenarios were derived using simple delta change approach, i.e. observed series of precipitation and temperature were adjusted in order to give the same changes between the control and scenario period as regional climate model simulations. Hydrological balance was modelled with a conceptual hydrological model Bilan. The parameters of the hydrological model were estimated using observed data. These parameters were subsequently used to derive discharge series under climate change conditions for each regional climate model simulation. Results showed a 1.7 °C average increase in mean annual temperature in the scenario period 2035-2065 and a 2.8 °C average increase in the scenario period 2068-2098. The seasonal cycle of precipitation in the scenario conditions is shifted, although mean annual precipitation totals remain practically unchanged (max changes -8.1 %; +9.3 %). The mean annual discharge decreases by 5.7% in average (most 20.3 %) in period 2035-2065 and a significant decrease of 25.5% in average (most 45.9 %) in annual mean discharge is expected in the period 2068-2098. Frequency of minimal runoff is expected to increase up to two times. Precipitation increase is expected from the beginning of the fall to the beginning of the summer, with a slight decrease in spring. Increase in precipitation is followed by evapotranspiration increase, caused by increase in temperature. Summer precipitation is expected to decrease as well as summer runoff. Due to the temperature increase, time shift of the snowmelt is expected from the periods between March-April to January-February. This will also affect the increase of the discharge in this period. This knowledge can be applied in water management planning in the future.
Simulation and control of a flying robot
Moravec, Vojtěch ; Gábrlík, Petr (referee) ; Šolc, František (advisor)
This work describes multi-rotors aerial vehicle, known as copter. The first part is summary of types of copters and its construction. Control system is designed on dedicated mathematical model. Both control system and model of copter are implemented in MATLAB/ Simulink environment. There are implemented common effects such as drag force or errors of sensors and uneven mass distribution. Simulation of flight of copter is visualized and there is possibility to control flight of copter manually with connected joystick.
High frequency signal injection method for PMSM position estimation
Moravec, Vojtěch ; Veselý, Libor (referee) ; Pohl, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the design of vector control of interior permanent magnet synchronous motors. The first part of this work deals with vector control transformations and mathematical modelling of synchronous motors. Furthermore, algorithms of sensorless control are discussed, especially HF injection sensorless methods. One of these methods was used for torque and speed control. Problem of phase delay caused by filters and it’s compensation is also discused. One of the HF injection sensorless method was implemented on both motors. The results of simulations in MATLAB/Simulink and tests of real motors on dSpace are included.

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