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The significance of teacher-student dialogue, the possibilities of its computer reinforcement
Vetchý, Radim ; Ohlídková, Blanka (referee) ; Mlčková, Marie (advisor)
This thesis deals with possibilities of encouragement and intensification of communication of pupils with disturbed communication ability due to their endeictic speech malfunction. The theoretical part consists of the terms connected with this issue and their defining.The practical part focuses on communication encouragement of five pupils with endeictic speech malfunction chosen from "Basic school for pupils with special needs" in Lanškroun. There are alternative and augmentative systems of communication, special software and peripheral parts of a computer used to support communication with these pupils.
Realisation of Foster Care in Austria
Vlasatá, Marie ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
The graduation theses considers the solutions to foster care in Austria. It describes the con- ditions for realisation of foster care in a given country, explains the preventive importance of ambulatory services for children, youth and their families and presents available forms of substantional care in institutions and family foster care. Practical part of my work demon- strates one of the available forms on an example of a particular institution. The aim of this work is a description of current system and presentation of principles of foster care in Austria, so that it could serve as a possible inspiration for development of foster care in the Czech Republic.
Causes of behavioral disorders leading to compulsory institutional correction or controlled education.
Poplšteinová, Lucie ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
The aim of my work is to provide a comprehensive overview of the possible causes of behavioral disorders that lead to the placement of individuals into correctional institutions. The work is primarily concerned with the influence of the family in the formation of the child's personality and with the other equally important factors from the external and internal environment of the individual.
Delinquency of children and youth focusing on prevention
Sedláková, Jana ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
In this thesis we would like to deal with reasons, which might lead to future delinquent behaving, to focus on legal provision concerning delinquency of children and youth, to show the particularities between children and youth offenders and find out the methods of their investigation. The inseparable part is also the chapter on prevention, in which we try to find out the types and possibilities of prevention exist and mention the particular preventive programs of Mestska policie hl. m. Prahy (The Police of the Capital of Prague). In analytical part our goal is to compare and confront the development of illegal activities of children and youth in 2004 to 2009.
Low-threshold institutions for persons dependent on addictive substances
Melzerová, Lucie ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
Thesis deals with education and treatment approaches for persons dependent on addictive substances, specifically low-threshold programs for drug addicts. In the theoretical part of the defined terms Public Health, Harm Reduction, low-threshold institutions are discussed in detail online and telephone counseling centers, contact centers and street work. Work is generally focused on low-threshold programs, their history, professional team and clients. The empirical part is touching lives of drug addicts and their "drug career", which is reflected in areas such as family and partner relationships, health, housing, financial situation, crime, attempts at treatment, and more. Information was obtained on the basis of questionnaires and information gained from direct experience with clients. Key word history of low-threshold institutions, internet consulting, contact centers, low threshold, drug policy, access Harm Reduction, access Public Health, telephone counseling, tertiary prevention, street work, exchange programs in prisons, health policy
Educational - therapeutic Approaches to Addicts
Reslová, Eva ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
Die Diplomarbeit wird wie die Fallstudie gemeint, wann das Thema Erziehungs und theraphetischer Zugang zu den Suchtkranken ist. Mein Ziel ist, übersichtig zu informieren, wie und wo das in Praxis bei uns und in der Schweiz funktioniert. Die Arbeit wird in zwei Teile geteilt. In dem theoretischen Teil werden die Problematik und Geschichte der Betreuung für Drogenabhängigen, besonders abhängigen von Opioide, allgemeine Eigenschaft heutiger selbsthilfigen Institutionen bei uns (SANANIM), Sozialsituation der Klienten und ihrer Familien in der Tschehchischen Republik und Arbeitsmethoden im Vergleich mit der Schweiz (Zürich), die modern und liberal in dieser Problematik ist. In dem theoretischen Teil wird auch die Legislative entwerft. In dem praktischen Teil habe ich die Methode von dem Gespräch und der Beobachtung gewählt. Ich möchte mich nicht nur an Klient, sondern auch an die Familie und psychisch-sozial Auswirkung orientieren. Ich möchte des Praktikums in SANANIM ausnützen. Mit meiner Arbeit versuche ich die Situation verbessern, die in Praxis in grösseren Städten entdeckt und ich möchte mich von den modernen und efektiven Zugänge anderes Landes inspirieren zu lassen.
Analysis of chosen forms of primary prevention of communication disorders
Jirsová, Jana ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor)
The thesis focuses on primary prevention of communication disorders and its means. The goal of the theoretical part is to describe the ontogenesis of speech from several points of view, both traditional and modern, and to introduce communicative disability and its basic categories. It also delimits the issue of communication disorders prevention in general, characterizes its specific features and introduces its methods and means. The goal of the practical part is to analyze the quality of information about children speech, language and communication included in various information sources, whose main target group are parents, and consequently to find out, to what extend this input really gets to the target group. Keywords: ontogenesis of speech, communication disability, prevention of communication disorders, analysis of information sources
Contribution of Romany language and pedagogic assistants to Romany pupils of primary schools
Krchová, Alžběta ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
Diploma thesis discusses the contribution of the Romani language and the importance of teacher's assistants for Roma pupils in primary schools. It characterizes the Romani language, its origins, dialects and grammar, describes speech education of Roma children in the family, bilingualism of Roma. Diploma thesis points to the language barrier of Roma pupils and a conceptual world of pupils entering first grade of primary school. It suggests how to use the Roma language to strengthen the confidence of pupils and provides appropriate literature for Roma pupils in primary schools. Diploma thesis also writes about the development features an assistant teacher at an elementary school, his responsibilities and the criteria to be fulfilled on his education. The practical part of the work tracks how Roma pupils at primary school on Havlíčkově náměstí in Czech Republic dominated Romani language and how do they relate to it. Key words: bilingualism. language barriers, educational assistant, romipen. Roma literature, literary competitions Roma. Romani language
Efficiency of voluntary children stays
Tulach, David ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
Ústavní péče představuje sekundární úroveň prevence, a tudíž se zpravidla jedná o opožděný zásah do výchovy problémově se vyvíjejících dětí. Děti umisťované na DDP přicházejí častěji se závažnějšími projevy poruch chování, než těmi, které bychom mohli nazvat drobnými přestupky. Výzkum přesto ukazuje, že úspěšnost těchto pobytů přesahuje hranici 55%. Osobně tedy nemám nějak zvláště velké pochybnosti o jeho smyslu. Navíc děti, přicházející v důsledku protektivní, merkantilní či příliš liberální výchovy, vykazují téměř stoprocentní úspěšnost pobytů, jelikož atributy ústavní péče (značný osobní diskomfort, pevný režim a řád) jsou dostatečným důvodem k ukončení neakceptovatelných experimentů. I přes výčet mnoha neduhů má tedy prozatím intervence na úrovni státních institucí své opodstatnění.
Abuse of addictive substance in context of stay at diagnostic institution for youth
Martinková, Hana ; Mlčková, Marie (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor)
Graduation theses processes the theme of drugs from a view of diagnostic instution for youthfull clients. The objective of these was charting an attitude of the Czech Republic towards of young people's problems from the point of view of placement to diagnostic institution. It is aimed at works with group of this age, reports real view of clients and their problems. Inquiry at diagnostic institutions was done by questionnaires. Clients expressed their experience with drugs, attitudes to drugs and to stay at diagnostic institution.

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