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Selective isolation of the genus Bifidobacterium bacteria from foods
Mizerovská, Lucie ; Šárka, Havlíková (referee) ; Rittich, Bohuslav (advisor)
Probiotic lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are very often used in food procesing industry, such as milk products, cheese and fermentsd salami production in nova days. In diploma thesis were tested symbiotic food supplements from different producers. Bacterial DNA was isolated from crude cell lysates of six food suplements by magnetic particles P(HEMA-co-GMA). PCR-ready DNAs were isolated. from all products The detection of Bifidobacterium bacteria identified by PCR was in agreement with those declared by the manufacturers. Magnetic particles with immobilized antibodies against Bifidobacterium were used in the next part of thesis. These particles were used for the isolation of target cells from two products with cell identification by genus specific PCR.
Characterization of elder juice on the basis of some chemical parameters
Mizerovská, Lucie ; Vespalcová, Milena (referee) ; Hrstka, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to determine selected chemical parameters of elderberry juice namely its wild variety and four cultivated types Albida 08, Albida 09, Dana and Haschberg. The relative density was the lowest for cultivar Albida 09 (1.0149) and the highest for the wild variety of elder from the surroundings of Padochov (1.0337). Values of pH ran within the range of 3.62 for cultivar Haschberg to 4.85 for cultivar Albida 08. The highest titrating acidity was determined by cultivar Haschberg (13.12 g l-1), the lowest content of acids was determined by cultivar Albida 08 (3.47 g l-1). The highest content of reducing sugars had cultivar Albida 08 (9.64%) together with the wild variety of elder from the surroundings of Padochov (9.47 %), the minimum amount of sugars was determined by cultivar Dana (4.79 %). The content of citric acid varied between 4.76 g l-1 by cultivar Dana and 13.48 g l-1 by cultivar Haschberg. The total amino acid content, expressed as a formole number, was the lowest in cultivar Haschberg (12.9) and the highest in the wild variety of elder from the surroundings of Padochov (59.2).

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2 Mizerovská, Lucie
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